What kind of parents did you have and how did their parenting philosophy or style impact you and your life?  We share responses from the community below.

Christie Huff | Country Singer & Songwriter

When I think of my parents the first word that comes to mind when describing them is supportive. From day one they have supported me in every aspect of my life whether that be in school, sports, and even my career. I have only realized since growing up what their parenting style was and how it really affected me. My parents disciplined but never in a way that seemed like they were punishing me, they had expectations but never made me feel less than for not achieving certain goals. In fact they built a strong foundation with me and my sisters and spoke to us like a friend. That made us want to come and talk to them about our problems and success stories. The strong easy going relationship my parents built with me as a kid has followed me into adulthood. Read more>>

Rebeca Pulido | Artist & Business Owner

I had two loving parents until the age of four, when we lost our father to a drunk driver. Our mother was always there to encourage and instill the driving force to do well in school and in all of our endeavors. She showed us that by doing right by others one could achieve not just personal success, but inner peace. We apply the same philosophy to our business transactions as well as our everyday life. Read more>>