Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so worklife balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic.  We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Nazgol Seyedi | Interior Designer & Leadership Coach

One of the most important factors of feeling fulfilled and happy is to have a balanced life. Once we prioritize our goals and values, we have a better chance in achieving the dream of having a work-life balance. For me, my priorities have changed over years as my family, especially my 7 year old son, is evolving. The way I think about the balance is to think about my values and what my vision for my life is for now and for future. Then I introduce the desired balance into my weekdays and my weekends. Therefor, I am able to address any counter productive behavior, transform them, and manage stress. Read more>>

Jessica Guerrero | Therapist & Artist

I’ve always have tried to make a clear divide between my work and my hobbies. However, in light of the pandemic, it has been increasingly more difficult to separate work from home, since I spent half of work time working from home. The other half is spend in the office. Since I work in the mental health sector, more individuals have been seeking community mental health services due to the growing mental issues that stem from the stressors of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This translates into a higher caseload for myself and my colleagues, and overall more work and overtime. I got to a point where I realized my own mental health was in jeopardy trying to save others mental health and I asked for help due to emotional fatigue and burnout. Read more>>

Taylor Gelbrich | Owner

I think my work life balance has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. When I first graduated college, I was working at a national sports network and my schedule was terrible. I was working random days between the hours of 3pm and 12am. The schedule was never the same and every week you worked different days. So one week you’d work Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the next week you’d work Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. I never was really able to have a life because the majority of my friends work Monday-Friday and I was working almost every weekend. No one wants to hang out on a Monday. Read more>>

Melanie Riccardi | Photographer

Work life balance is something that has always been important to me, but I didn’t do a great job of it at first. When I started my business, I was married with no kids and life looked much different. I had a lot more time to work and my schedule was much more flexible. I would work whenever my clients needed me, without even thinking about it. Once I became a mom I had to rethink everything when it came to finding that balance. I knew that I was supposed to continue working, but that I also wanted to be home with Luna. I quickly made the decision to create a set schedule, which at first seemed impossible. I was so used to being available whenever my clients needed me. I think as a freelancer it’s easy to feel like we need to work around everyone else’s schedule, to keep work and our clients. Read more>>

Kimberly Myers | Designer, Artist & Maker

I’ve been a chronic workaholic for most of my career, which might sound like a great attribute, but what is my greatest strength is also my weakness, as I tend to work until I physically burn out. The experience of forced rest due to Covid-19 has really made a huge impact on how I now view a day to day work life. Rest has been re-introduced into my schedule, and I honestly don’t see myself going back to any sort of grind mentality. I am so much more happy with a more easy going schedule. Read more>>

Emma Manning | Photographer & Blogger

Learning how to balance work and personal life is something I have to constantly put in check. When you work primarily from your phone it can be hard to turn off from work mode and just be a regular person. My husband and I are both very good about telling the other when it’s time to put the phone down and just be together. On date nights phones are not allowed during dinner and during a movie you put your phone turned over on the coffee table or in another room. It’s very easy to get caught up in social media and therefore we sometimes miss out on simply being together. I’m currently an expecting mom and I’m sure work/life balance will be tested again as I learn to navigate motherhood and being a business woman. Read more>>

Ivana Dama | Artist

When Covid-19 came, many artists, including myself, lost access to studios or creative environments, but most importantly, we lost a sense of community. Being locked in one space allowed me to reflect on the fragility of the body and mind— it is moments like this that forced me to prioritize what truly matters. I believe that artists are always working, and by work, I mean constantly observing everything that is around us. Not just by simply seeing something, but rather by carefully processing the overload of information. Our job is to absorb and respond to the current context, to feel and share experiences, to learn and research. Read more>>

Demetra Jiova | The Quantum Life Mentor & The 5D Miracles Method Creator

Work Life balance – I came to realize- is the most important factor for a happy fulfilled life. And so, yes, it did change over time significantly for me. I used to express a lot my “male” energy (we all have both male and female energy in us) the energy of needing to succeed, to make a name for myself, to make it, and I was neglecting the having fun along the way, the taking care of me and slowing down and finding time for all things that I enjoy not just work and career. The funny thing is that once I came to realize that, and once I started relaxing more into life and finding time for all I liked, that is when success in my professional life came too. Ancient Greeks used to say: “Μέτρον ἄριστον” which means: “All things in moderation”. That is the key to a Fulfilled Happy Life! Read more>>

Dan Dobi | Filmmaker

Oh, I think it’s been pretty consistent since day 1… I think the balance falls on the fact that I’ve never had a 9-5 so I’m often ALWAYS “on call” with my work. It’s something a lot of filmmakers and creatives subscribe to. Don’t get me wrong, I take breaks, I work out, I play with my dogs, I go to the beach, but during the week, I’ve been known to be in my office till the moment I hit the pillow at night. Read more>>

Michelle Endo | Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Balance. Work-Life Balance. Something that was ALWAYS a challenge for me. If you imagine Work on one end of the scale and Personal Life on the other, it was always teetering with more weight over here, then when more weight was added at the other end, MORE weight was added on the other side, I think you get the idea. A constant struggle between “Work/Life Balance”, an even share of both to be a well-rounded person. Being an entrepreneur and being a mom, managing my professional profile, and being a wife, the constant struggle of “balance” left me draining, losing sight of who I “AM”. Read more>>

Tanya Mikaela | Artist, Author, Spiritual Practitioner & Leader

You know, it took me years to understand the importance of balance! Now, I’m such a spokeswoman for this, I’ve even written a book! For a long time, I dove head-on into life, juggling whatever came my way without any boundaries at all. I was artist, designer, mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, career-woman, yogi, caregiver, domestic-goddess, spiritual goddess, goddess of “having it all together, all the time” …it was ridiculous! Then one day, out of overwhelming exhaustion, I let it all drop. When I realized that the world didn’t end and that, in fact, I felt kind of light and giddy – I set off to find my soul again. I returned to my studio and made lots of art. I also spent five years training to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, which is like a spiritual life-coach. Read more>>

Jeana-Marie Allan | Clinical Psychologist

In the Psychology world, work life balance has often become synonymous with “self-care.” It’s a buzzword that everyone knows…some of us do it really well, and some of us are constantly striving for a better grip on it. For me, my conceptualization of work life balance has shifted dramatically over the last few years. When I took the leap of faith to open up my own private practice, I had to adjust to a new level of responsibility as a business owner. I was excited about the possibility of setting my own schedule and, you know, having the privilege of taking a pilates class in the morning if I felt like it. However, even though work hours were no longer rigidly set, steady pay was also no longer guaranteed. Read more>>

Zsuzsi Steiner | Family Photographer

Finding balance has always been a top priority for me. As a mother to two amazing boys, it can be a challenge to keep my family-time and my business-time separate. Apart from the family-photo sessions, I work mostly from home. I often have to fight the temptation to sneak into our home office to go and respond to a client’s email, or to edit photos. When I first started my business, the lines here were smudged and it led to me feeling frustrated and to my family feeling neglected and put-off. It wasn’t until I carved out specific times in the day for my business and stayed true to them, that I found the balance I was looking for. Read more>>

Michelle Minarik | Dice Maker & Ceramicist

Before starting our own business, maintaining a work-life balance that reflected our priorities was something that we tried really hard to do, working out exactly how much we needed to work to achieve our goals and limiting ourselves to that. Since going full-time with our art, we work a lot more hours, but since this was the thing we were making time for while working jobs it doesn’t feel like it at all. Making art is what we do for fun, and the business exists mainly to facilitate that. Making it into a business has definitely changed the way we think about timetables and deadlines for finishing projects, and that has introduced a level of stress to the process, but it’s nowhere near as stressful as trying manage people and working customer service. Read more>>

Natacha Gaymer-Jones | Co-Founder

I used to always be about the word “hustle” in every area of my life because I thought it was the most productive thing for me and my personality type. Overtime I realized that the hustle mentality was actually not allowing me to worker smarter, but I found myself working harder and feeling really burnt out. As an example, when I was having trouble solving a problem, I would find myself checking email again, subconsciously hoping that a distraction pops up that prevents me from getting any real work done. Or I’ll open Instagram, and scroll mindlessly through the feed. After making these realizations after feeling really “burnt” out I realized that the hustle mentality is about knowing when it’s time to rest and when it’s time for work. Feeling refreshed when you start your day of work is way more productive then trying to push the needle. Balance comes with more awareness when you check-in with yourself more often. Read more>>

Brenda Hendricks | Hair & Make up Artist

Work Life balance has always been a struggle, but also my motivation. It seems as if, just when I feel like I have a good routine or balance going, life throws you a curve ball. I guess that’s why they say “work hard, play harder” right? I am a wife, a mom and a business owner. I am also very involved in my daughter’s, school as I am part of the Parent Faculty Organization. During the school year the way I schedule my clients revolves around my girls school schedule, needless to say there’s a lot of driving back and forth to and from the salon. I do my best to manage my time so that I may accommodate my clients while still being present with my family and friends. Read more>>