Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Masiela Lusha | Actress, Humanitarian & Author

The most important revelation I’ve shared with my son, Landon, would be that success and failure are pages from the same book, and we must honor each narrative with equal opportunity for growth and wisdom. Quite often, it is not a sudden success that defines us, as success can be accidental and, frankly, jarring. It is more likely that our characters are forged inside the flames of loss, humility, and resistless passion. We know ourselves not when we bask in linear growth, but when we face adversity, vulnerability, and uncertainty. My goodness, there is so much poetry in failure, and I hope to keep reminding our son that his greatest strength comes from failure and success, equally and reverently. Read more>>

Andrea Orbeck | Fitness Specialist

For me personally, it was to wait to have a child. I was 43 when I gave birth and will never regret my choice. It was not perfection I was seeking but preparation, and for me personally, I needed this much time to know it was the best time. Waiting to have my daughter afforded me the ability to know so much more about myself and take inventory of my experiences and how they would all amount to me as a parent. I just wasn’t ready until then. I’m now completely certain of myself and in turn its made me capable of being a role model. Read more>>

Clyde Goins | Actor, Director, Florist & Small Business Owner

As a parent I absolutely know that it is extremely important to pay attention to your childs needs and interests. They are natural and if nurtured at an early age it inspires confidence, self worth, and creative freedom for the future. I have three daughters, Leilah 14, Brianna 7, and Gabriella 6, and they are the joys of my life. They are my “why”, the reason I wake everyday and attack the day. I’ve watched them as they grow and look for what they tend to ask for the most. Coming from and arts background myself, I grew up singing alot around the house and I’ve noticed that all of my daughters express interest in that as well. The gifts and talents will show themselves though their passion, look for the signs. Read more>>

Dr. Anastasia Lander | Chiropractor

In my thirties, I decided to switch careers, go back to college and pursue a career as a chiropractor. My daughter watched me study with her, continue to study after she went to sleep, and still work and take care of the home. She would often ask me ‘mom, why are you working so hard’ and my answer was ‘because I can and because I am passionate about wanting to be a chiropractor’. It’s been over 14 years since I graduated and to this day, she tells me she is proud of me for not giving up and showing her that it is never too late to pursue your dream. Read more>>

Whitney Smith | Creative Director & Founder

I think I’ve made a great impact on my daughter when it comes to hard work and discipline, and teaching her what it means to produce a product in exchange for income. She is seeing first hand the work it takes to make money, the concept of producing a product, getting it ready to ship, and also when the product is on the shelves inside the store, she is learning the process of trade and commerce. She is always watching my every move, especially while she is home from school. She has definitely gained interest in being a creative entrepreneur, she already creates her own “shipments” and “orders to drop off in store”, it’s quite cute! Read more>>

Bill Bracken

Hand’s Down, Bracken’s Kitchen: When I redirected my life from chasing fame and fortune as a successful and semi celebrity chef to feeding the less fortunate I never realize the impact it would have on my children, my youngest especially. He has been ringside since day one watching as we not only build a business but build a nonprofit business who’s sole purpose is to help others. I lived the first part of my life for me and my own success and have chosen to spend the second part of my life committed to others. I would like to think that this has and will continue to have a lasting impact on all my kids so show them that there is so much more to life then self. To find complete contentment and happiness by living a life of service to others. Read more>>