To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Hannah Strenger | Queer Guide

To me, it comes down to my why; the reason behind starting my business and the impact I want to create in this world. When times get tough and I feel like throwing in the towel, I tap into my why. If it’s still strong, I keep going. If the meaning behind the work is no longer there, it’s time to move on. Read more>>

Camilo Sanchez | Musician, Composer and Producer

Life is too short to give up. I think we all have a mission on this planet. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, a doctor or an accountant. We just need to follow our inner light. Nothing is written and never is to late to keep pushing our dreams, to keep going and learning new things. Read more>>

Kimberly Cowan | Jewelry Designer & Sketch Artist

I truly believe in “trusting your gut”. Awesome that you have people you can go to for advice, but rather why not consider sitting with your feelings and trusting your own decision? There are many times when giving up would be the “easier” thing to do but why not try and push yourself a little bit further? Go for one more week? Hang in there a little while longer? Soon enough, that feeling may subside and you think “yea this is my passion”. This shows that it is not time to give up just yet. Read more>>

Kathie Quintanilla | Celebrity Make-Up Artist

You may hear this from plenty of successful people about how they were at the verge of giving up, and suddenly that moment change their entire life whether they gave up or continued on. Two years ago towards the beginning of COVID, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, not only about the pandemic but also my career as a makeup artist, I thought to myself. “this where my career ends,” I am sure I am not the only one that had those thoughts especially when the entire city was in complete shut down. Read more>>

Mike Axe | Producer | Visionary | Creative Operations Pro

A famous – forgetful fish – repeatedly said, “Just keep swimming.” I think that is a good mantra to have in life – giving up should never be an option. Changing course? Sure! Starting over? Absolutely! But giving up? Nope. We must take everything that comes our way as an experience to learn and grow as people. We are built through adversity. And no matter how challenging that adversity might be, it’s not an excuse to give up. Let’s be real for a second — having hopes and dreams will require losses and failure. Read more>>

Anastasia Kolie | Photographer and Creative Director

I believe that every artist burns out too often. And asks himself/herself: “does it worth it?” For me the answer is pretty simple. I can not not doing photography!
I feel that nowadays new photographers want to get famous and earn huge amounts of money staring first day and if they don’t get it, they just give up! We all have social media and the worst thing we can do is to compare ourselves with others. Read more>>

Flux Psyche | Independent Musician; Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer

Never give up. Maybe slow down, but don’t stop unless you want to. Remember that you don’t have to pour your whole being into everything you do. You can still play a guitar every once in a while without being a full time musician. You can still use a law degree to help friends and family decipher important documents without being a lawyer. You can still bake without owning a bakery. What you love to do doesn’t always (and shouldn’t always) have to be your career. It’s good to have hobbies without expectations. Read more>>

Charlotte Kennett | Director & Writer

Working in the entertainment industry has its glittery moments… but truthfully there are more dark and dull moments than glittery ones (at least in the beginning of one’s career). This might come as a surprise to hometown friends and family who see Hollywood as a land full of glitz, glamour, sun, opportunity and ease. But the bottom line remains true: Hollywood is a tough place. Many creatives (myself included) constantly play mental Russian Roulette with ourselves: Do we keep going? Or do we give up? Read more>>

Brandi Bee | Dancer/Athlete, Educator, and Founder of Dazzled By Bee

The true answer is you’ll never come to a stern agreement with yourself on whether to keep going or give up. There will be days where you feel unmotivated, days that are the best, days where you question your reasoning for continuing. It’s about the journey overall, the process behind whatever it is you’re doing and most importantly the belief in yourself that you can do it. Read more>>

Diana Dinerman | Writer/Performer

Quit when it’s not getting better. The quitting and sticking debate is something you have to feel out. When it comes to jokes, there are some you can never get right and you have to let go when no one is laughing. When it comes to life, it’s a lot harder to know when to stop doing something when you’ve spent a long time rationalizing it. Read more>>