The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Marclesia Karim | Artist/Singer-songwriter, Arranger & Producer

Balance has always become my principle of life. I would say it is one of the most important thing that every individual should have in their life. As a musician, an artist, I would prioritize maintaining and developing the gift that God has given me which is my voice. Read more>>

Jared White | Photographer and Cinematographer

One of the most important lessons my creative career has taught me is the power of rest. A lot of times, hustle culture can influence the way we perform our craft to the point we don’t give ourselves the proper time to recharge. Read more>>

Lettie Younger | Photographer & Stylist

My work/life balance has improved dramatically over the years, as has my understanding of self care in the work environment. In the past I’d repeatedly run myself into the ground, often underpaid and feeling guilty if I had down time. Read more>> 

Matthew Grabelsky | Artist

As an artist there’s not much separation between my work and life. I think about painting all the time whether or not I’m actually painting at the moment. Making paintings is my main passion in life and it’s percolating in the back of my mind whenever I do anything else. Read more>>

Harper James | Record Producer & Mixing Engineer

Making a career as a record producer can be an all consuming task. Especially when you’re starting out it can be common to spend 12-15 a day in the studio five to even seven days a week if things are really busy. Read more>>

Meghan Robertson | Westcoast Woodburning Artist and Mama of 4

I always find this question so interesting, and I think I’ve come to view the idea of work-life balance as a constantly shifting state; kind of more like a pendulum swinging from one side to the next than an attempt to do all things at once in balance. Read more>>

Lexi Cline | Professional Pop Recording Artist

As an independent pop artist I am constantly thinking about what I am going to do next. Whether it’s releasing a new single, shooting new content, networking at shows or live events, Read more>>

Sara Spadacene | Actor/Producer

I would say my work life balance perspective has changed because my perception of success has changed. When I first got out here, I really used to beat myself up. Read more>>

Elizabeth Barlow | Artist

I love this question! I think about it often — but in a slightly different way. I try to view my daily studio practice, the business side of work, my life with my husband, relationships with friends and family, Read more>>

Catherine Bradshaw | Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Fitness Model

Prioritizing a work life balance is the key to achieving excellence. I’ve had times in my life where my focus was 100% on work and I would take any and every job that came my way. Read more>>

Christian Leon Guerrero | Freelance Illustrator and Printmaking Assistant

I find my workflow to be reasonably intuitive, at least during the process of creating. It caused me to work in spurts throughout the day. Ideas would come and go, and I would be excited to execute the best I could. Read more>>

Bihzhu Foo | Singer-Songwriter

I don’t wanna pull the astrology card here, but I’m a Libra, and you could say that a need for balance is inherent in my being. I find that I thrive the best when my work and my life co-exist harmoniously – the better I do at work, Read more>>

Megan Haly | Actor/Writer/Director

My work life balance is something that is constantly evolving. So much of being an actor can feel like a waiting game; waiting for that phone call or email from your agent about a job. Read more>>

Brenton Oechsle | Filmmaker & Cinematographer

As many freelancers will probably attest to – the concept of a work / life balance can tend to be very elusive. The question of how to establish a routine in a business that is anything but predictable still confounds me to this day. Read more>>

Dani Richardson | Homebased Baker- Cookie and Cake Decorator

My work life is very time consuming. At first when I started baking and taking on so many custom orders I would never say no. Read more>>

Trécha Gay Jheneall | Transdisciplinary Artist

I am very used to juggling everything at once and now recognizing there is anxiety in that approach which ultimately leads to self-sabotage — Read more>>

Amanda Sachartoff | Psychic Energy Healer & Apothecary

When I first started my business I was still working a 9-5 marketing job and had most of my life predetermined for me. I didn’t have to worry about making my own schedule because my job dictated it for me. Read more>>

Sheenee Cotton | CEO & Vegan Chef

Typically, as we grow older we gain more wisdom and that has truly been the case when it comes to my perspective on work-life balance. In my early adult years, I was team “no sleep,” Read more>>

Cassidy Benadum | Founder & CEO

I don’t think of work-life balance as something that is achieved; rather, I think of it as an ever-evolving journey. To me, balance is about being able to come back to center – not as much about staying there. Read more>>

David Thomas | Barber Stylist

Work life balance is huge for me right now. Life in the big city with a wife, 2 kids, my current business plus my new business adventure and my health journey can get hectic at times. Read more>>

Danielle Wakin | Filmmaker & Projectionist

I feel the way I answer this question has changed so much over time. When I was much younger I would be very rigid about putting my art over everything else. Read more>>

Anthony Qureshi | Videographer & Creator

I feel that I have learned to look fulfillment in life like a 2 sided coin: one side is progress – some tie this to career; and the other side is personal relationships- some tie this to significant others or a community. And Balance is the key to keeping coin up. Read more>>

Vanessa Sacks | Health and Wellness Coach

I used to approach things in a very intense way, driven by the idea of perfection. It would get so that I would sacrifice my personal health and joy in order to achieve a level of success that I perceived as necessary to prove my worth. Read more>>

Fernanda Martinez | Painter & Muralist

My work/life balance concept has shifted over the time. I have worked tons the past 6 years to build my art business, but it wasn’t until recent months that I realized how much unnecessary burden I was adding to my life every day. Read more>>

Jess Varley | Filmmaker

I love this question! Work life balance obviously looks different for everyone, and as we all know, isn’t always easy to maintain. I have a a few daily habits set on repeat in my phone’s calendar that have helped me with it, but disclaimer: Read more>>

Claire London | Singer, Songwriter, Artist

I’m a Mom now so balance has become more important and more challenging than it’s ever been before. I certainly don’t have as much time as I did to work on my music and creative projects, Read more>>

Billy Kheel | Artist

My work life balance has definitely changed over time, especially when I had kids. I moved my workspace to behind my house so that I could be more available for my kids and so that I could return to work easily if I was in the middle of a big project. Read more>>

Ryan O’Quinn | Film producer and actor

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was focused on the acting side of my career. I had a good agent and manager and spent my time trying to get the next audition in order to get in the room and get a shot and booking the job. Read more>>