To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

Lara Solomon | Photographer

NEVER give up on yourself or your dreams! Being an entrepreneur is challenging and you must be prepared to make mistakes. You have to own your mistakes and pay for them. You have to constantly modify your methods, but when you find something that works it’s worth it! If other people can do it, so can you! Read more>>

Lorraine Devon Wilke | Writer, Performer & Entrepreneur

On some level, this question has been a “guiding conundrum” throughout my entire life (I say that with a slight wink and in all seriousness!). Whether workout programs, career paths, artistic projects, or bad boyfriends, the mantra of “keep going… you can do it!” sometimes clouds the wisdom to know when it’s time to move on (and I like “move on” better than “give up”). Particularly as an independent creative entrepreneur, I’ve been dogged throughout my life, always the tenacious, resilient one willing to hang on until the bloody end of whatever end I was hanging onto, and that tenacity has proven to be both admirable and, at times, utterly foolish. I can look back at various chapters of my life and recognize there were times when the urgency of my goal—and how much I identified it with ME, not just what I do—pushed me past points of productiveness or realistic fruition. Read more>>

Morgen Hooper | Portrait Photographer

I think most entrepreneurs will tell you that this is a question that comes up periodically in particular when the self doubt starts to creep in and we question if we’ve made the right decision. What’s interesting though is when I was a kid, both success and failure wasn’t even a thought. It didn’t matter. I didn’t even know what those things were. I just dreamt about doing something that made me happy, fulfilled me or made me look to the future with excitement. I take that same approach now as an adult with a small business. I LOVE what I do, and as long as it fulfills me and brings me joy I’m going to continue to do it. If that ever stops I’ll know it’s time to pivot and re-invent. I don’t believe in giving up. Read more>>

Moustapha Ndiaye | Creative Designer

I have never thought about giving up on my passion. Everyday, i woke with the mindset of this african proverb: “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running” This mindset helps me stay discipline to get up everyday and to keep on going and be the best creative i can be. I understand that success does not come overnight and that eventually hard work pays off. With a quality product It is just a matter of time. To quote John Lennon ““Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. ” so never give up pursuing your dreams, dig deeper. Read more>>

Kady Weatherby | Placement Specialist & Owner

How could I ever give up? Pacific Elite Nannies provides nannies who offer personalized child-care that can improve the lives of each individual child. This also improves the wellbeing of the children’s family. My business allows parents to create a stress-free environment where the child thrives. Not only are our nannies being attentive to the children, they are helping raise the children into beautiful citizens of the world! This is why I keep going and I’ll never give up. Read more>>

Elizabeth & Rosa Ruvalcaba | Co-Owners

During our early years in business, we found ourselves questioning whether we should keep going or give up quite a bit. We believed strongly in our ability to create videos to help our clients share their stories, but we were a new businesses and had to work on building our network and getting our name out there. When we hit rough patches such as cash-flow issues, the question of “should we keep going?” came up more often than not. We thankfully searched for and found a community that has supported and pushed us. We have two business advisors that we check in with often, and they have helped us keep accountable to ourselves. With their assistance, we identified and faced our biggest fears and challenges and put together a game plan to address them. Read more>>

Jenn Page | Film & TV Director

As a filmmaker who has been working in showbiz for over two decades, I ponder this question often: Give up or keep going? This business definitely weighs on you. It’s a business of rejection, of wait and see, of disappointments. However, in this business when you have a high it’s through the roof. There is no feeling like it, except maybe winning the lottery. That’s how it feels with every success. If you love what you do—I mean truly love it—then I don’t think you can ever give up. However, you can change your direction or methods for achieving your goals. Oftentimes we keep pushing ahead doing the same thing and feel frustrated when our careers don’t seem to be advancing. If I realize I’m doing that I will change direction, try something completely new. If that doesn’t work, I reevaluate the parts that moved me forward, keep using those, and change up my direction again. Read more>>

Caitlin Richardson | Owner & Founder

Wow. What a time to answer this question. In its simplest form, the answer would be to call upon your intuition and your core value for guidance. In this case they are of equal importance. I would hope at any point of owning a business that you would have a strong idea of what your core value or core values are. When shit gets stressful and confusing, a look to them can help provide a glimpse into how things could pan out. Staying strong to your core values/beliefs keeps your mind connected to your inner knowledge/intuition. If you start going against your beliefs, you will lose touch w your intuition- and if you don’t follow your intuition, you will lose touch with your beliefs. What is your body’s physical reaction to a certain thought about your business? Have you been still enough to feel this? Have you vocalized all of your fears or nagging thoughts by saying them OUT LOUD so you can feel your body’s reaction to them? Read more>>

Frank Meyer | Musician, Author & Filmmaker

As an artist, I realized a long time ago that some of us are just lifers. I have met many incredible artists along my journey who, for some reason or another, have decided to give up their craft. They just put down the guitar, or the paintbrush, or whatever is the tool of their trade, and move on. For me, that’s not an option. I am in this for life. I will always write songs, always record, always play live (when the pandemic is over, fingers crossed), always make content, always be creative. When it pays the bills, that’s great. When it doesn’t, I find other work. But not being creative is no longer an option in my life. I am in this for the long haul. Read more>>

Janet Robin | Musician

If you absolutely love what you do, you must not give up. If you can’t support yourself completely by what you love to do, then you must subsidize it perhaps with another job, but you still have to keep your priorities on making what you love to do as your main living. If you work hard and you make all your decisions carefully, things will work out. Make friends, make allies, help people and people will help you, but be wise about who you help. Keep humble. Take opportunities but don’t be an opportunist. You can’t take anything for granted. If you reach a point where you are not enjoying the job you’re doing then it may be time to give that up but only do that after you’ve tried your best and you’ve extinguished all other possibilities. Read more>>

Gina Balit | Child Psychotherapist & Art Therapist

Firstly, I’d like to say how much I love this question. This was very real for me last year. Many know it took me a long time and several attempts to pass my licensing exam, which put me in a position that made me question my goals and dreams. The only thing that was clear to me was that giving up was not an option (even though I wanted to sooo bad!) so, I just knew I had to keep going and thus would inspire people to keep going. Looking back, I think I would say it’s about making a judgement call about whether or not to keep going. It’s never clear cut, but I think it’s definitely a matter of choice. I chose to show up despite how defeated I felt so I can defeat IT in the end. It’s also a matter of time. I always had my future in mind. I could envision it clearly, see my practice in place and kids happy. I was going to be patient no matter how long it took me to get there. This was motivation for me to keep going. It was not a matter of if, it was a matter of when. Read more>>