We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Maxie Bishop | Human Hair Supplier

The most important lesson I have learned from being a business owner is never give up. During the first two years of being in business for myself I constantly doubted my decision to become an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Rhonda Salazar | Dog Accessories Boutique Owner

The most important lesson i have learned during my business/career has been to trust the process. All our journeys are different! Some people may experience immediate success in their business/career but other may have to wait a little longer. You have to have a lot of patience and keep the eye on the prize. The most important thing to me is enjoying the process and not forgetting why I started my brand. I think a lot of us small business owners can feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times when we see others thriving, but instead I find encouragement and hope in their success stories. For anyone considering starting a business be patient and trust that your timing will come. Read more>>

Zach Thomson | Producer & Director

Be kind to everyone. Everyone has intrinsic value. A wealthy businessman said, “figure out who you can trust and take them all the way”. To the best of your ability create a family you can trust and take them all the way with you. Read more>>

Marcella Graham | Founder of The Root Remedy

One of the most important things my small business has taught me is that we as a society have a lot of limiting beliefs about what we can achieve. Starting my business has been the greatest personal development journey I’ve ever been on. My views around money, personal success, and problem-solving has completely changed over the past year. Read more>>

Sara Rewienska | Founder of Larimelle. International marketing specialist &Model

Believe in yourself, because anything is possible. Moreover, I’m convinced that having a positive self-image and attitude is very important. I believe in “law of attraction” we absolutely do attract the things we focus our efforts on. I can give you here few examples, when I was 20 years old I came to the USA for a very first time. It was my biggest dream to finish master’s degree there. For a person who grew up in Poland, it’s very difficult because first of all – tuition is extremely expensive in compare to education in Poland, and also it’s not easy to be accepted to the university, passing exams not in your native language is a challenge too. Read more>>

Derrick White & Marvin Thompson | Take A Shot Podcast & Yafeelsme Co.

Derrick: The most important lesson I’ve learned is to never give up, no matter what it look like whether good or bad keep going or you will resent yourself later. Your ideas is just that, YOUR IDEAS, not anyone else’s. Marvin: The most important lesson I’ve learned is to have faith and believe in yourself, avoid procrastination at all cost! I’ve had plenty of ideas for years that are just now going into production. There has been plenty of times when I made a personal item for myself and others wanted it. Read more>>