We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ylenia Mino | Artist & Entrepreneur

Hello, My name is Ylenia Mino and I am the founder of PAINT FOR A PURPOSE. We organize painting parties, art classes and we bring smiles to people through Art. We believe that Art is a powerful way to bring joy and peace to people especially in such times as these. Read more>>

Heather Glick-Atalla | Estate Planning & Nonprofit Law Attorney

One of the main focus areas of my law practice is forming and representing all different types of nonprofit organizations and charities. In addition to serving as outside counsel to nonprofit organizations and helping them stay in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, I advise nonprofit Boards of Directors on governance policies, conflicts of interest, compensation strategies, and other transactional matters. It gives me great joy to be able to help people plant seeds that eventually grow into organizations that are affecting change all over the world. I work with nonprofits both large and small, with a wide range of purposes, including animal rescues, educational nonprofits such as schools and after-school programs, arts and musical groups, environmental causes, and more. Every charity that I work with is different, and impacts society in its own unique way. Read more>>

Alyssa “Lia” Mancao | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am in the business of helping people find their own internal healer and connecting with their inner child. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. It is my full belief that when a person can learn how to tend to their emotional hurts with love and compassion (versus anger and judgment) then they can enhance their ability to relate to themselves and others. When a human being heals, this has a ripple effect: their relationships improve, they model healthy communication to others, and this can inspire those close to them to work on themselves as well. Converse to the old saying “hurt people hurt people” the opposite “healed people heal people” is also true. When we learn to approach ourselves and our emotions with compassion and kindness, we can then extend that to others, and this has very healing effects on our relationships and our communities Read more>>

Simona Grace | Founder

Moms in Office is a political organization on a mission to break down barriers that prevent women from becoming the policy makers we need. Moms don’t have the fundraising network like many independent wealthy candidates or incumbents do and they also have a harder time convincing voters that they can balance family life when elected. We are fighting against this bias and also helping women get elected with endorsements and fundraising. If we want to see women equally represented in politics, this must include moms. We would all benefit from living in a world where laws are just and not based on gender. Read more>>

Micah Morgan | Content Creator & Fitness Trainer

NILE is a small black-owned company and Strength Of Seduction is one of our flagship products. SOS is a couples based workout program to help bridge the connection between love and fitness. Our business is mostly for black couples to improve their health and relationships. We take passion in keeping the black family together, happy, and healthy- why? Because that’s our family too! We believe through our system of exercise, communication, diet, and touch therapy, we can improve everyone that utilizes our products. Our Strength Of Seduction program has been used by over 4,000 couples and has received national recognition and raving reviews. We are being coined”The BLACK BeachBody” of our industry. We have a streaming app on Vimeo, DVDs, and Blu-Rays available. Read more>>

Joanna Stanford | Dog Behavior Expert

My business helps the community in a fundamental way. I teach people how to fulfill the needs of their dogs to create happy relationships. Through this knowledge, they become calmer and empowered. I like to think that we could use more calm yet empowered, mindful pack leaders out there in the community. Read more>>

Diana Hinek | Photographer, Artist & Birth Advocate

There are several faucets when it comes to birth photography ( or photography in general): There is a fun component, when we think about the mean to dress up or put make up on for a special occasion as a photo shoot. It can be fun and light to ‘be something or someone’ just for the camera. There is an artistic component. Depending on the angle, the light, and the expression of the subject, photography can certainly mean one thing vs another and in that sense it can be extremely subjective as often art is. But when we look at Birth photography there is a documentary part to it that is above and beyond the art and the fun. Read more>>

Shavon Speaks | The Confidence Coach

Girl Influence is a brand and online sisterhood that was created to help women of all ages find the confidence to help find their vision and gain clarity on life and to keep them empowered. Read more>>

Jenna Reiss | Breathwork Meditation Coach

This is hard for me to answer, but it feels important to answer at the same time. My business helps people get out of their own way, heal from their past stories, live life more intentionally, and in doing so, when people help themselves, they’re more able and likely to help create change in the world. We have to be willing to grow. It’s the only part of life that is inevitable, and as individuals grow, they make changes, grow out of old beliefs, heal from their pain, they are more likely to show-up for their loved ones, and friends. This becomes the ripple affect of healing. As people see the light that you become, they themselves are drawn to it, want some of it for themselves, and that is how we create change in the world. Read more>>

Ashalee Fann | Dance Instructor

SURFACE LA is a community based project committed to encouraging our youth to break free from a sedentary lifestyle and infiltrate creative spaces. Growing up in the 90s youth were surrounded by community programs that provided multiple options for extra-circular activities. As technology advances we are seeing more youth opt for internet based hobbies instead of those that require physical activity with peers. As a result, obesity, lack of communication skills, and an increase in mental health disorders, have filled our homes without any promising or affordable solutions. This program will provide a balance between modern and traditional ways of taking on hobbies. Read more>>

Kate Katz | Soft Skill Developer

All Hands In see’s our contribution to world in shifting culture towards compassion, authenticity, and connectivity. The focus of our work is based in soft skills training by helping individuals and teams expand skills such as awareness, adaptability, communication, problem solving, and collaboration. Empowering participants to creatively engage with these skills produces more effective leaders, connected communities, and purpose driven people. All Hands In believes the world improves greatly when everyone feels seen, heard and valued. Our workshops give individuals and organizations practical ways to master the skills that lead to a more compassionate, authentic, and connected society. Read more>>

June Suepunpuck | Joy Guide, Energy Healer, & Speaker

Before I even came up with the name “Joy Guide June”, I knew my main goal was to make a positive social impact on the world. I just didn’t know at the time what that would look like or how it would come about. However, now I see my calling very clearly and this “why” fuels my heart and soul every single day. Joy Guide June’s mission is to help people who feel lost or stuck find their way towards a more joyful, magical, and purpose-driven life. There is a lot of pain, suffering, and grief in the world, but I truly believe the human experience is meant to be enjoyed. What often holds us back is a lack of awareness for how life moves, which makes joy feel unattainable or even impossible. However, there’s a key that could unlock a sea of potential. Read more>>

Emer Kinsella | Music composer & Violinist of Emersion Music

A goal for my business has been to use music as a vehicle to bring people together, to explore unique stories and to brighten up the world we live in. I am also passionate about creating a dialogue for discussion through music and to connect communities by creating new spaces and avenues to experience music and stories. Through the creation of pop up concerts, writing the music to films and contributing music to interactive installations, social impact is always at the forefront of my artistic goals. I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with other artists who have a similar sensibility to exploring stories and coming up with creative ideas to create impact in everyday life. Over the last year, I created an immersive site-specific concert called Intrinsic Strings. Read more>>

Kristina Wong | Performance Artist, Comedian & Elected Representative of Koreatown

We aren’t a business, but it certainly feels like we are an empire. We are the Auntie Sewing Squad (ASS!). I am the “Factory Overlord” of this national network of volunteer Aunties, Uncles and non-binary volunteers who sew and distribute homemade face masks to the most vulnerable of communities in the wake of the Federal Government’s failures to prepare us for this pandemic with proper PPE. On March 20, I sewed my first face mask using scraps of fabric I found in my house. By March 24, I had an “overwhelming” list of 200+ requests (many were seniors, essential workers and medical workers) to sew masks and created the “Auntie Sewing Squad”. Read more>>

Bee Coleman | Radical Non-Binary Creative & Changemaker

To Be Loved conceives of ourselves as a resource who provides caring, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy pet care that is as good for our community’s pets as it is for their families and as our shared neighborhoods. By using love, creativity and reciprocity as core values, our newly formed worker-owned cooperative will be an example of what is possible when everyone knows what it means to be loved. In undertaking this just transition, we reflect a radical commitment to caretaking, for self and for community, as a tool for community building. We believe cooperatives stand as a powerful demonstration of a reality that does not center, celebrate or remain dependent upon capitalism – and we believe anything that undermines the extractive, exploitative greed of capitalism, that recenters love and care for community, is good for the world. Read more>>

Rebecca Ustrell | Artist, Founder & Editor in Chief

Here at Curious, we create Art-books and journals which directly reflect the stories and work of the diverse population of young artists which reside throughout Southern California. Where major Magazine titles say no to submissions from new artists, we say yes, and give a professionally curated platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with their community. We believe in social responsibility and take care in each of our publications to accurately represent the artists who thrive in our own backyard. Through our self titled magazine, CURIOUS, we choose socially relevant topics which artists are open to interpret through various mediums including painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, digital art, video, dance, poetry and more. Read more>>

Jessica Hernandez | Empowerment Advocate & Entrepreneur

La Verseau ( Lah*Ver*Sow) represents the story of a creative outcast who turned learned to make dirt into pixie dust. My brand represents a kid who spent hours at the book store researching and learning about ancient practices, colors , and numbers. A kid who was bullied because of their color of their skin and intellect. La Verseau showcases how a kid’s creative dreams can become realities. La Verseau was birthed through my need to give, and I would first make jewelry for myself and find too often giving my bracelets away to strangers i’d share compassionate stories with. My brand represents the creative who doesn’t fit in a box I started making jewelry as a therapy to cope with my heavy work as a human trafficking social worker. I found refuge in the use of alternative forms of wellness to use with my clients. Read more>>

Emma Nilsson | Artist

As an artist and a photographer, I think that the work we create can have some of the most profound impact on the world that we live in. Something I have always thought about is the representation of women in the media: young, white, skinny girls. It is so rare that we see full-figured women of color at all different ages. My goal as an artist is to photograph the essence of the people who are before me. I do not concern myself with the question is someone is a “model” or not. We are all people, and everyone deserves to be represented, not just those who fit into society’s standards of beauty. Everyone has a story, and photography is a unique medium because you can capture a moment of someone telling you their story. Read more>>

Kiara Chambers | Boutique Owner & Stylist

Pretty Bold Boutique, not just a clothing boutique but a brand and movement! Our mission is to ameliorate the wardrobe of women worldwide with a bold sense of style and self-awareness that promotes personal growth spiritually, mentally and physically. Women all around the world live lives that can be hectic and revolve around helping others. Quite often that leaves little to no time to spend on themselves and that’s where we come in. Our main objective is to make the lives of women as easy as possible. The services that we offer takes the stress off and makes showing up just that sweeter. We have been known for our trendy fashion pieces and styling but earlier this year we expanded our brand with personal shopping and closet cleanses. Read more>>

Georgianne Cowan | Movement Artist, Performer, Conscious Dance teacher & Poet/Writer

Now, more than ever, freedom of expression, connecting to nature and promoting artistic and creative engagement are ways to connect to our souls and sense of belonging. I offer a space where we may return to authenticity, to the simple enjoyment of moving and dancing freely. And even more, this work opens a portal to a spiritual sensibility where we all feel a part of a grander scheme. At best, moving meditation and free form dance opens up the boundaries between people and allows us to celebrate life and each other in a safe a joyous way. Dance is about wholehearted expression,, connecting with others (and ourselves) and about propagating LOVE. Read more>>

Michael Lane | Animal Communicator & Healer

My business is all about service to animals. Giving a voice to the voiceless. It’s all about them–and I LOVE that! By doing this work, I hope that people see that the emotions, the thinking, the desires, and the very lives of animals are just as important as ours. That animals are our brothers and sisters. At the very least, the common refrain I hear from my clients is that “I feel like I understand my dog better.” (Or “cat,” or “horse,” or whoever the animal may be.) I also hear, “I feel more connected with him (or her) than ever.” This is the sweet music to my ears. This tells me that I am helping to create ripples that hopefully spread further out into the world. Read more>>