We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Cole Smith | Writer & Director

From 2012 to 2017, I worked as a nuclear missile operator in the US Air Force. Today, much of my work as a screenwriter is aimed at restarting a conversation about nuclear weapons in a world that has largely forgotten about them. Read more>>

Jon Madray | Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, DJ, Filmmaker

As a successful business, it is your responsibility to give back whenever you can. Sometimes, even the simplest gestures can make the world of a difference. During the pandemic, I started INSPXRE originally as a passion project to give back to communities in need. We made it so that 5% of our net profits would go to the charity of the customer’s choice. With every canvas sold, we helped communities in need around the world. Read more>>

Latanya Sherman | CEO of Project EDUCATE

Project Educate helps the community by not only serving those who are underserved and often not seen or heard, but also by bringing together a community of people who have a passion for service and are motivated by values of compassion, fairness, integrity, and respect. Read more>>

Artie Terra | Artist & Creator

My community is a body positive, lgbtqia+,erotic artists, cannabis activests and introverts. As I was introduced and integrated into this fabulous community, I had many others hold me up, inspire me and be a platform for others to communicate their struggles, successes and solutions. Read more>>

Nikki Nguyen | Community organizer & marketing professional

Trans Defense Fund LA is an example of how sustainable mutual aid is. By supplying Black and brown trans folks with safety tools and self-defense classes, we empower people to feel safer and gain basic self-defense skills without having the financial burden of these resources falling on the community. Read more>>

Winnie Chan Wang | Traditional Medicine Healer

One time I had a client who had breast cancer for the fifth time. Each time after chemotherapy, the cancer would grow back. I asked her, “It seems that the cancer keeps coming back. Would you be interested in exploring the possible ROOT cause?” Read more>>

Tiffany Jones | Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Everyone has a brain, which means we all have mental health that we need to manage. In addition to that, we all need to eat to stay alive. Our society is steeped in diet culture, so that leaves a lot of people confused about how to eat to feed their body, then there’s the other group of people who don’t pay attention to their health and let it deteriorate. Read more>>

Eric Boockford | Chicago Creative

I will provide some background but mainly want to highlight other organizations in Chicago that Inspire me. Everything that I do falls under my name. My day job, my creative business and all that I do with my time and energy throughout the city all flows up to my name. Read more>>

Elisa Bocanegra | Actor and Founder/Artistic Director of Hero Theatre

This is such a loaded question! Hero Theatre is a social and environmental justice theatre company. Last year we launched an initiative that is dear to my heart called “Nuestro Planeta,” which means “Our Planet” in Spanish. Read more>> 

Robbin Turner, M.Ed. | Founder & Botanical Formulator

By purchasing the bulk my raw ingredients from a supplier in Gaborone, Botswana, Violet Botanical Skincare helps women wild harvesters in rural southern Africa earn consistent and fair wages to provide meaningful income opportunities to help improve the lives of their families. Read more>>

Jennifer Aos | Eco-Friendly Interior Designer & Owner

As a LEED accredited interior designer, I am dedicated to sourcing sustainable, eco-friendly materials and supporting local businesses and suppliers who share these values. It’s important that the interior of a home is toxic-free, cruelty-free and creates a healthy and harmonious environment for the client. Read more>>

Latanya Morrison | Grandmother of a Superhero

Our Foundation creates “WONDERFUL DISTRACTIONS” for Superhero Kids fighting life threatening Childhood Diseases. Which in turn creates BEAUTIFUL EVERLASTING MEMORIES for the entire family. Read more>>

Scott Stevens | Founder, The Hero Workshop

At The Hero Workshop, our primary business is organizing and running tabletop role playing games for kids. We have a ton of fun, and we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact something as simple as having a regular game day can have on the kids in our program. Read more>>

Antonia & Nate Cotterman | Antonia, Marketing, Design + Sales, Nate, Artist, Owner

I think anyone that dedicates time & energy to learning a skillset, like mastering a material, inevitably can share that gift with their community. We live in an age of being able to instantly interact with our community & world via social media. This opportunity gives us a platform to share & connect with individuals from all over connected through a love & appreciation for art. Sharing our craft enhances the audience by showing that dedication and talent can grow into a sustainable lifestyle. Read more>>