We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kati Hernandez | Cuban Dance educator, choreographer and producer.

Coming from a place of resilience, I created Oricha dance Therapy, a pioneering Cuban dance, music and art program. Available In Studios around the country and Online worldwide. Read more>>

RACHEL LIU | Filmmaker

My academic background is in bioengineering – I wanted to make an impact by finding solutions to the world’s problems in science. After working in the field I started to appreciate how incredible the work already being done was, and how much we already knew, Read more>>

Sharet Garcia | Educator, Career Coach, Consultant & Entrepreneur

UndocuProfessionals is revolutionazing the career services, programs and spaces by including undocumented students, individuals and professionals. For the first team we have a network of professionals and aspiring professinals in the many fields to talk about careers, have career resources, mentorship and networking. Read more>>

Jeanette Reza | Founder & Creative Director

I am proud to be a Minority Women Business Enterprise in New York City. The JIU JIE studio is in the East Village where I have also built my life for the past 7 years. The social impact of my enterprise is in part, being an example that our ethnic and gender background doesn’t determine what we can do culturally and as a business. Read more>>

Mario Miguelito | Artist, Fashion Designer & Creative Director

Void Asylumº is defined as: the space where light enters and becomes the creation of its own imagination. This definition takes direct influence from the universal phenomenon of the a prism. Read more>>

Summer Forlenza | Licensed Psychotherapist and Content Creator

Building a world that is more compassionate, patient, and caring starts by giving people the knowledge and tools to understand themselves and others without judgement. Read more>>

Sara T Russell | Business owner & Botanist

LA Pierogi is 100% vegan, cruelty free and non GMO. If this resonates globally or locally, we are helping. How being a vegan business helps: Read more>>

Amie LEadingham | Master Certified Relationship Coach

All over the world, people struggle with their love lives. They might be single and looking for someone special, or they might be in a relationship but having difficulty communicating or dealing with conflict. These struggles can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and even depression. Read more>>

SKY Palkowitz | Multimedia Performance Artist/Actor/Director/Producer

ART MATTERS. Making Art is essential to the growth and development of the Planet. Artists are the people who truly change and heal the World. The Artist’s role is to enlighten, engage, experiment, challenge consciousness, raise it to a higher level. Read more>>

Gary You | Denim Educator/Developer & Concerned Global Citizen

My business is to sell denim fabric to fashion brands. I want to be able to sell responsible raw materials that can help the environment, the community and provide a win-win situation for all … economically & socially. Read more>>

JC Calciano | Filmmaker, author, podcaster

My business and passion are filmmaking, writing, and podcasting. I believe that a timely tale can pave the way for change and, most importantly, bring awareness. Years ago, it seemed that movies only portrayed gay people as tragic, villains or the punchline of a joke. “Gay” films were almost exclusively about coming-out stories, over-the-top camp, or dramas. Read more>>