We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Keegan Fleigner | Creator and Host of “Sports on the Spectrum” Podcast

My podcast “Sports on the Spectrum” helps the world in many ways, but it’s particularly helpful for the neurodiversity community. This is because “Sports on the Spectrum” provides a forum for those who, like me, are neurodiverse because they have a mental health challenge or developmental disorder. This includes Autism, ADHD, bipolarity, and other conditions. In addition to providing a forum for the neurodiversity community, “Sports on the Spectrum” works specifically to highlight the benefits of using sports to help cope with the challenges associated with neurodiversity by having members of the community discuss how sports has helped them. Read more>>

Delvin Breaux Sr | Athlete/ Entrepreneur/ Published Author

It helps the world , by expressing my past experiences that helped me get through adversity and it can help someone else along there journey now Read more>>

Derrick Botts Jr | Confrence Host & Event Planner

Instruments of Praise creates a space that is inclusive for all believers. Our job is to encourage all to bring their talents to the King of Glory as we celebrate him together. We first look to those in our community to promote local artists ,dancers and bussiness owners. IOP values education and our community. Annually we give scholarships to youth of various backgrounds. In addition we are developing more ways we can show our love those around us. Read more>>

Agent Erik | Digital Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur

My company REVLI the Agency, has helped over 150+ startup businesses scale their business with branding, digital marketing, and advertisement within the last 3 years. The most rewarding part is that 70 % of those businesses are black owned.. Read more>>

Rudy Patel | Vice President, Business Development at beyondGREEN biotech, Inc.

beyondGREEN does its part in helping the community by manufacturing sustainable product alternatives to environmentally harmful, traditional petroleum-based plastic products. Though, I must say that it is not the only business in the market which uses biopolymers to manufacture sustainable products, it certainly is the only one which provides consumers with a solution to product end-life. What I mean by this is that not only does beyondGREEN biotech manufacture plant-based products through extrusion blown film and conversion along with injection molding but it also develops and assembles in-house, home-use electric composters. Read more>>

Melissa Rivera | Child Care Provider and Actress

Before engaging in child care I had no idea of the intricate connection between it and the economy of a community. Simply put, everything starts if parents can go to work. Parents need affordable care and children need a safe space to grow. I feel a sense of purpose in providing both to parents. I feel I am helping to raise a generation of more conscientious, self-aware, and highly social individuals. Read more>>

Jen Haddix | Yoga Teacher and Self Love Coach

One of my biggest messages on my platform is “heal yourself, heal the world.” So many of us look at the state of the world and feel helpless, and wonder “what can I do to help?”. And the answer is simple: work on yourself. Show up for yourself every single day and learn and grow, and that will light up the rest of the world and help it heal, too. My business focuses on yoga, meditation and self love/self discovery, so this is a big part of what I help my clients do every single day. Read more>>

Jennelle Gordon | Tantra Intimacy Coach

Shame is the lowest vibration under the planet, it’s destroying relationships and peoples ability to have healthy fulfilling prosperous lives. Many people’s shame stems from sexual trauma, pain or fear. My business helps people remove those blockages around sex and shame giving them the gift of true intimacy in their lives. Read more>>

alexis Williams | Author

My book helps both the community and the world by providing advice to college students on how to navigate through college, what to expect, and how to make good decisions. My book is also intended to help high school students, anyone going back to college, parents, and educators. The cover of my book is a vision board for individuals to visually see some of the obstacles they may go through while in college such as stressful study days, partying, walking into the right direction, receiving your cap and gown, etc. Read more>>