We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Valerie Ramirez | The Lab Studios Founder & Creative Director

There are 3 habits that have led me to the greatest success are: 1. Purpose & Intention – making short term and long term goals with purpose and then working backwards to figure out what my next step should be. Each goal helps clarify the next. 2. Consistency in work – recognizing that it is the mundane day to day work that will ultimately lead me to the greatest success. Doing it whether I feel like it or not is the key to leveling up and getting ahead of the competition. 3. Tenacity – unwavering determination and relentless work ethic are key. Also, making the “recharging” of myself part of the job. I have come to realize that the energy I bring to the workplace really dictates how fast the car will go. Taking ownership over everything and being solution-focused has yielded me the best results. Read more>>

Tasneem Islam | Music Artist and Vocal Producer

Developing balance by improving my time management skills has been crucial in my development as an artist, and management of my own business. Earlier in my career, I needed to find a balance between my “day job” and my dream. Being overworked only took away from my musical aspirations, so I created a schedule that would be realistic but also give me enough wiggle room for life’s surprises. This took a few years to solidify, but practicing patience with myself has been another habit that has helped me, in tandem, succeed. Read more>>

Alvin Lee Sealy | Serial Entrepreneur & Visionary

My success thus far has definitely required some habits, a couple of those habits are meta-thinking, which is monitoring my thoughts independent of the thoughts themselves; our thoughts have direct influence on our emotions, so getting ahead of possible emotional reactions makes for more rational decisions. Another habit is meditating everyday. Meditation helps me from an intuitive place in analyzing & moving strategically, not to mention an overall increase in my calmness. One more habit I enacted was, engaging in self help material everyday, creating the habit of studying successful habits only makes sense for business. Read more>>

Rashunda Rene | CEO & Business Consultant

One of the best habits I think helped me succeed is sticking to a schedule. As an entrepreneur and ultimately a business owner it is critical that you manage your time efficiently. Now that is not to say I get it right every day (because I don’t), but having the foundation of a schedule sets the tone for my days. It started when I was young and growing up my mother made sure I was on a schedule. As far back as I can remember she would make sure I woke up every day at the same time, got ready for school, had breakfast, etc., even to our evening routine being scheduled and then having a bedtime. As I got older in high school and beyond I found myself still sticking to that schedule even though my mother didn’t expect me to. Moving forward to my adult years and starting my career in the corporate world, again, I was still on a schedule. I say all of that to say, as business owners we often want to be an entrepreneur because we can make our own schedule, or not have to follow anyone else’s timeline, but in reality, it is at this point when you should be your most discipline with your time and have a schedule. Read more>>

Wanda Wen | Soolip Co-Founder and Creative Director; YogaLand Game Co-Creator and Chief Visionnaire

I am an optimistic person by nature, and feel that optimism, looking at a glass half full, is the single most important outlook or habit that has helped me succeed. Whenever I have come against challenge, seeing the “bump” in the road as a gem, or a stepping stone to get where I need to go, I always seek the diamond in the rough. There is always a diamond. Read more>>