We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Harrison Stone | Actor

Funny enough, it’s just good old fashioned consistent hard work. Growing up I was a competitive tennis player and I was eventually ranked #1 in the state of Alabama. From my sports days I learned that I had to work every day at my craft in order to be great. I also feel one aspect that has helped me have success is not being satisfied. Though I have had some success, I also know that in order to achieve my goals I have a long way to go. I don’t want to ever feel I’ve made it. I want to always be striving to be better tomorrow than today. When it comes to auditioning, I’ve legit done some tapes where I’ve done a hundred takes before sending. While that can be excessive, I want to push myself until it’s the best it can be. Read more>>

Derek Liang | Creative

As a photographer, there has been many habits that I believe have valuable in helping me grow my business. The first one is consistently spending time every day to improve my craft, from a few minutes fine tuning my editing workflow to learning new skills from other creatives. Another would be planning out my work day so I would prioritize tasks that add the most value to my business first. In general, habits have been a crucial part of not only my freelance and creative photography career but also my life. I hope to maintain them and add new ones to continue to help transform my career and life. Read more>>

Chris McElroy | Film Composer and Orchestrator

To succeed in writing film scores, it is assumed and often guaranteed that the person scoring is talented at music and charismatic with people. Those who aren’t either very rarely rise in this trade. What is needed to succeed that isn’t guaranteed, and what I feel helped me succeed is organization and efficiency. To keep track of a hundred moving parts and a team of collaborators is a job in and of itself- without careful planning and getting everything said in writing, the process can come apart at the seams. Efficiency is also a key factor- filmmaking is a world of tight deadlines and precious funding- neither time nor dollar can afford to be wasted, and learning to balance my art with my craft is what helps me succeed as well. Read more>>

Veronica Wood | Filmmaker and Creator of Light&Noise

It’s the boring things, the habits and the systems, that have supported me the most. Sometimes it’s the things we make the least fuss of that keep us afloat at that act two “all is lost” moment. One of the most stabilizing and ship-saving habits is my accountability partner check in. Every Monday to Friday at 7am, I call my friend who also has his own, very different, business he’s also building. We ask each other whats working/not working and why? Read more>>

Jessica Valentine | CEO (Chief Energy Officer) Money, Mindfulness, Meditation

Choosing to step outside of the normal 24/7 cycle and implementing a 168 hour week routine. What works best is: 1) Setting an intention – how do I want to feel this week? what’s my vibe? how can I elevate the environment in my workspace?n2) Choosing 3 priorities – what is the ideal outcomes I want to generate? what deliverables need to be created? how can I rest?n3) Reflection session – Friday or Saturday morning ask myself, what did I receive this week (intrinsic, extrinsic, micro or macro), what do I want to release (lessons, learnings, challenges), and what results did I create (# of workouts, savings goals, energy evaluation – did I spend my time wisely)? SUCH A GAME CHANGER. I call it a weekly rhythm and it has changed how I approach work, well-being, and interact with the world around me! Read more>>

Kathleen Crawford | Makeup Artist, Permanent Beauty Specialist and Para Medical Tattoist

Movement is a big one for me. Sometimes when you feel a door in front of you is closing, if you just take a few steps sideways or even a small step back you will almost always see a better door that is just opening up for you. I’ve had many struggles but having tenacity and the habit of movement to just keep moving towards my goals has definitely helped me to overcome any obstacles that have come my way. Somedays I feel like I’m on a slingshot going a million miles an hour and sometimes I hit the brick wall but I just keep moving and eventually I get where I want to go. Read more>>

Diana Schoenfield | Choreographer / Dancer / Director

As a movement artist based in Los Angeles, a city embellished by a vast array of opportunities, I have found myself developing habits which allow me to feel grounded amidst the chaos and anxiety that sometimes can accompany such a place. As beautiful as it is to be surrounded by many creatives and artistic communities, it can also be overwhelming. Professionally as well as personally. Creating a sense of peace for myself has been essential to my journey, both as a creator and simply a human hoping to learn more about herself and the world around her. Read more>>

Kasie Dike | Published Makeup Artist

I would definitely say being persistent and consistent! My passion for creating and making people feel beautiful has always been the driver, but I would say that consistency is key! With the creative industry being as big as it is, I found that it was easy to just hold back or even consider giving up because there are so many other artists out there. I’ve learned to accept that while there’s several artists out there, there’s only one you. Read more>>

Alizabeth Bean | Photographer

My mind doesn’t stop, I am constantly thinking of ideas for photoshoots, locations, outfits, etc. When an idea comes to me that I can’t get out of my head, I make it a priority to bring this idea to life. Next thing you know I’m shooting that idea in a week. Ultimately, I do not ignore the ideas I have flowing in my mind. Read more>>

Melissa Bandli | Photographer & Artist

After I finish a session I’m super pumped up about showing my clients their amazing photos while everything is still fresh in everyone’s minds.
I love riding the photography high, so one thing I like to do after every session (assuming time allows for it) is to get started working on their images right away. Culling through all of them, picking out a few favorite sneaks to send or post online and then surprising them with a full gallery immediately. I always find that if I wait longer than a day to go through the images, I get anxious and then it feels more like work to edit them. In the end- my clients are always so incredibly grateful – happy to recommend me and it’s one less thing on my plate, allowing me to be mentally fresh for my next client. Read more>>

Cindy Latin | Artist/Songwriter/Music Producer/Arranger

I find that instead of working on perfecting every project I work on, that creating as much material as possible helps me the most. Only a small percentage of anything I create is going to “good enough” for me, so the more I write, the better that small percentage will be. I allow myself to create work that I ultimately won’t release or want to use, knowing that not everything I create is going to be my best and that it’s okay as long as I am ultimately working and making new things as much as I can. I’ll be learning something no matter what the end result is of that particular project. Read more>>

Carolina Rizzotto | Content Creator

Even when I don’t feel super motivated, I make sure to do at least one productive thing per day. Let it be brainstorming ideas of videos I want to create, preparing a schedule for the month, or reaching out to co-workers to meet for coffee and catch up. Getting in the habit of pushing myself even in my most uninspired days has helped me to continue pursuing my dreams and to stay out of a creative rut. In order to succeed, especially as an artist and freelancer, it’s essential to be disciplined and consistent. Read more>>

Brittany Veney | Brand + Website Designer

The habits that have helped me to succeed thus far are consistency, setting boundaries, networking and simply asking questions. Being consistent, in my opinion, means me showing up every day no matter what and giving it my all. Setting boundaries means that I have happily said “NO!” to anything that does not fulfill me and bring me joy. It means that I am serving from my saucer and not my cup. it means that I am taking care of me. Read more>>

Hannah Go | Product/Graphic Designer & Interior Design Consultant

Being able to find balance in my life between work, friendships, family, and love has helped me succeed. Balance also takes shape in figuring out when to create for myself vs. creating for others. Read more>>

Jessica Lee | Model, Actress, Self-Improvement Coach and Humanitarian

My name is Jessica Lee, and I am an adopted Korean American actress and model, most widely known as Deal Or No Deal’s briefcase #16 aka Sweet 16. I pursued acting and modeling as it has been my passion and love since childhood. Ever since I was a kid, I loved putting on shows and doing photoshoots. I thrived on the creative process of character development and being a part of an overall vision. I love every aspect of the creative process and hope to continue being a link that helps share or express a story. Read more>>

Daniel Aceves | Multimedia Artist & Supports Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

As a person with an interest in multiple forms of media, whether it being graphic design related or illustrative work with a pen. I just couldn’t commit myself to completing things entirely. I felt frustrated with the lack of results I was getting while trying to multi-task too many thing’s all at once. This frustration led me to reflect on my current situation and reassess my objectives, discovering new methods and habits to help me obtain my goals. Read more>>

Amanda Reyes | Doctor in Nursing Practice (Executive Leadership) & Manager of Nursing Education

I believe that my success has been due to my positive attitude, resilience, and belief that everything I do makes a difference. I have a positive attitude. When I was a new nurse, I remember walking around in the hospital and smiling. Someone told me, “you must be new because you are always smiling.” Well, I’ve been a nurse for 12 years now and I’m still smiling. I bring that attitude to work with me every day. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated. Now that I am a Nurse Manager, I keep this attitude because I want to be an example to my staff and the new nurses joining the workforce. Read more>>

Hyunjung Yi | Illustrator & Visual Development Artist

I think a combination of a positive mindset and driving force is key to my success. Read more>>