We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Jamie Lee Ruiz | Intuitive Life Coach + Professional Dancer

The most important factor behind my success is my intuition. My intuition guides me in everything I do. If I feel called to do something or pulled in a direction, it is because I am supposed to do that thing or go that way. It keep me authentic. It keep me in alignment with myself and my values. And it always guides me in the direction of what is best for me. If something is not a “Hell Yes!” in my gut, then it’s not for me. Learning to trust my intuition and the nudges wasn’t necessarily easy, but once I did, it led me everywhere I was supposed to go. Read more>>

Tori Meskin | RNC-NIC I Nurse I Blogger I Podcaster

Providing value! Eight years ago, when I started my career as a nurse, there were limited to no examples of the person I am as a person. My journey into healthcare wasn’t easy and I did not have access to someone to help me navigate this crazy world. When I started my blog, social media outlets, and podcast I have always focused on bringing value to my community. Providing access to conversations, topics, specialties, and hear (the #realtea) behind a person of interest’s journey has become my biggest passion. Creating The Cellfie Show Podcast was a way for me to give back, provide someone else the opportunity to explore new topics through the lens of a guest. Creating the blog (www.tipsfromtori.com) has been the most rewarding experience in terms of helping future nurses land their jobs, gain insight into the messy healthcare world. and what it is like to be a NICU nurse. Maintaining value as my guiding light has been the biggest piece to my success. Read more>>

Katie Diasti | Founder & CEO of Viv

One of my favorite things about Viv and our team is the fact that we are our own target audience. Viv was built when I could not find a period care brand creating sustainable as well as toxin-free products that spoke to me as an eco & socially conscious consumer. So I decided to build one. I wont doubt that starting a company in such a traditional space predominately owned by the large players in the market is bold for a 21 year old at time time. One thing I did understand how to do was become an expert in my space. I spoke to everyone about their cycles, conducted tons of research with the help of professors from my university, and called everyone from farmers to material scientists to marketers. I was so open to learn from others and never let ego get in the way of that. Read more>>

Benjamín Perez | Perez The Advisor

As I reflect on the success of my work, I think about my family, I think about my journey, and I think about every person that has impacted me in my life. When I think about success, I can’t help to think about my experience as a first-generation and how self-doubt is still very present in my life. It prevents me at times to really see that I am actually reaching success. I struggle with that, but I am forever grateful with the amount of opportunities and beautiful messages I receive which makes me feel that I am making a difference in my own way. When I made the decision to put myself out there with social media, I never expected to be here 18 months later and be in this position. I would attribute that my success is because of my authenticity, intentionality, honesty, and passion. Read more>>

Justin Erinn | Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Futurist

Communication! A lot of people in my line of work forget that music is still a service based industry. Even if you think something sounds good, the person you’re working for/with also has a say in whether you’ve completed a job well done. Though art is always subjective, communicating with my clients and collaborators BEFORE starting to make the music changes everything. It helps us to get on the same page regarding what our end goal is and helps alleviate any unnecessary frustrations down the road. I spend a lot of time talking to the people I work with; we talk about life, relationships, inspirations, trauma, our fears and doubts. Read more>>

Tia Brisco | MS, LMFT, SAP, Expert Mental Health Trainer

Networking. When I first started my business, I worried a lot about how I would get clients and how I would provide for myself and my future. Networking and conversations were the secret ingredients. I have a genuine interest in learning about others; this makes it easier for me to network with people without feeling like it is forced. My Motto: “Tell me about who you are, then about your business” Building those bonds with others allowed people to see me as not only a good person but a reliable resource. Every business opportunity I have ever had was given to me by simply conversing with someone about their dog or their grandmother’s favorite recipes. Read more>>

Adam Slobin | Automtive Consultant, CEO and Owner of DriveWise Auto Inc, the first and only Charity Driven Auto-Buying and Leasing Service.

The truth behind the success of DriveWise Auto and our brand is that we treat people the way that we want to be treated in life, and as consumers ourselves. I grew up with my father telling me to ‘do unto others as you’d have them do unto you’. It stuck, and it’s meaningful to me, so it’s something that I purposefully and intentionally weave into my personal life, my professional life and the brand of DriveWise Auto. Read more>>

Krystal Barrett | Owner + Artist, Peace Petals

The most important factor behind the small, but steady growth of my business, Peace Petals is the support of my loved ones—hands down. I know it’s said by many often, but it very much rings true for me: without my family and friends, I would not be where I am today. As someone who has always been a perfectionist and my own worst critic, especially in regards to my art, I have carried a lack of self-confidence and been very hesitant in starting my own small business. I frequently say that those closest to me have supported me since before day one of Peace Petals though. Without their continuous encouragement, I’m not sure that I’d even be creating. Read more>>

Billy Dunston | Actor / Stuntman

like like to shout out Jack Murillo and Billy Jay. Both of them have acted as mentors to me while navigating the industry. Jack has bee there to give me encouragement and guide me in front of the camera. He’s helped me examine my work with a fine lens leading me to make necessary and some times uncomfortable changes. Bill Jay has been my guide to off camera mentorship in the film industry. He has help me with more mundane stuff like how to file taxes as an actor to leading me to signing with my agent Mary Dangerfield. Without both of them I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am as an actor today. Read more>>

Thando Skwatsha | Musical Artist

Consistency. I pride myself in allowing my artistic journey to run its course and try my best not to dictate it. Working hard at my craft and enjoying what I do are also what further enhance the success of my brand Read more>>

Rajon McCoy | Luxury Real Estate Specialist

I would say my passion is the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand. Having that motivate me to step out on faith and follow my dream to become a Realtor selling the most beautiful Luxury Real Estate in Southern California. I truly enjoy what I do and I thrive on being able to help my clients find their dream home! Another factor that contributes to my success is that I am young and a next-generation Realtor. I easily tap into resources including technology and my network of young professionals to help me successfully move forward in my career. Read more>>