There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Aisha Momoh | 2D Character Designer

There are many habits that I pick up and drop, but I do have a few main ones that I follow daily. Over the years these have developed into more efficient methods which I find have helped me succeed. My number one habit has got to be to-do lists. Ranging from a random card of paper to my agenda, calendar and whiteboard, to-do lists are my main method of keeping the mind clear. Read more>> 

Katianna Hong | Chef/Partner of Yangban Society

I run my schedule and both my professional and personal life as one big ongoing “to do” list. I am constantly removing and adding items. I check it every morning before I start my day and decide what I plan to tackle and what my goals are for that day or sometimes week. It my way of holding myself accountable.
If i left everything to my memory i would be in trouble! I also religiously send myself calendar reminders …. Read more>>

Michael Weiss | Figurative Artist, Educator & Biophiliac

Curiosity, Empathy and Socializing. These habits have helped me to be able to quickly conect with new people, be curious about their stories, views and experiences and create strong bonds across the globe. Reaching out and interacting with like-minded people or people that inspire you often creates a snowball effect that almost magically brings opportunities your way. Read more>>

Denise Moreno | Pastry Chef & Business Owner

I worked under a Chef that would always tell me “Learn from this”. He constantly reminded me, no experience is good or bad as long as you learn from it. Learn what you should do and what you should not do. Every job I have had, I went in with that mentality of learning as much as I can. Whether or not I liked the job, I would always try and learn every aspect of the business I could. I even worked in different types of bakeries/pastry places to see how I can learn something new from them. I also treated every job as if it was my own business. I have always taken pride in my work ethic. I would give everything to whatever job I had. Read more>>

Lulu Fall | Singer, Award-Winning Songwriter, Broadway/TV Actor

My parents always instilled two things in me: express yourself, and take it one step at a time. Of course, one can take these two pieces of advice and apply it to all areas in life. For me, these two pieces of advice have become a bit of a mantra for me, personally and professionally. I have always had big goals and aspirations. I also suffered from self-sabotaging due to being too overwhelmed to even attempt approaching these goals. The habit of being present, taking on one task or step at a time, gives me tunnel vision and an amount of focus that is geared towards not only reaching my goals, but continuously manifesting the desires I have for my professional future. Especially since I have anxiety, it is easy to feel worry and fear when it comes to future endeavors. Strategic day-to-day goal-setting keeps me rooted in the present; the present moment is the optimal time to manifest positive change and growth. Read more>>

Patricia Alvarado | Group Practice Owner & Licensed Mental Health Therapist

One of the habits that has really helped me succeed has been creating a routine for myself. Being a business owner, I quickly realized that no one is going to hold me accountable but myself. When I began understanding this and looking at things from this perspective, I started to pay close attention to what I need to do to help me stay on track. Having a routine in place really helps me get things done in an effective way so that I can still make time for my own self care as well as spending time with love ones, guilt free. What this looks like for me is having a wake time and a bedtime to notice when my day starts and when my day ends. Read more>>

Sophia Mateo | Model

I think that success starts out with a strong drive to succeed; then following up with a healthy lifestyle. Daily habits of exercise, eating healthy and practicing your skills. It is also important to have positive attitude and have fun. Read more>>