There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Nathan Peppers | Content Creator

I have been blessed with a great deal of support throughout my journey. Encouragement is never something I have lacked. Surrounding myself with the right people has played a massive impact on how I am able to achieve excellence. This is a foundation that I will never take for granted. Read more>>

Mariah Jarrett-Mouton | Photographer & Digital Banking Specialist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is going against the status quo. As a Photographer, we’re told to do certain things if we want to be “successful.” What most people forget is that sometimes you have to go outside of the norm to get noticed. Over the years, I developed a unique style of shooting and how I present my brand. I don’t post on social media every day, I don’t force people to book with me, or buy prints after sessions. I simply do the opposite and I have been very successful with it. Read more>>

Ned Sherman | Dealmaker at the Center of LA’s Burgeoning Tech-Media Scene

Balance has always been a priority. I think of life as weaving a tapestry of experiences, relationships and work that reflect the person you are at different stages in your life. As I have aged I have found that there is an increased connectivity among the patchwork of the tapestry. Experiences I have had, relationships I have built, work I have done. I’ve always been conscience of when balance is off, when things don’t seem right. It’s partially an instinct but relies on observation and listening. Read more>>

Zane York | Painter

As a painter, there are numerous external, quantifiable measures of success (gallery and museum exhibitions, sales, critical acclaim, etc.), but these external factors do not necessarily align with the ultimate success of the artist; in fact, they often run counter. I see success as growth by way of a deepened understanding of existence, and distilling and communicating that insight through paint. These insights tend to be hard-won through diligence, exploration, and application, as well as accepting the role of failure. I am at my best when intuition guides my vision and a delicate combination of arrogance and humility forms the base of my craft (on their face, these ideas align with the romantic notion of the starving artist, but I am not romantic and I don’t have much patience for starving). Read more>>

Nina Randolph | Pleasure Advocate & Marketing Strategist

I first started @iamempwr with my co-founder because we realized that having conversations with others who have experienced a form of trauma similar to our own helped us feel seen, less alone, and ultimately aided in our healing journeys. We wanted to recreate this feeling of support and community for all of those lacking the people to talk to or the words to talk about what happened to them. Read more>>

April Stearns | Indie Magazine Publisher, Editor, and Writing Instructor

In a word: pivoting. Pivoting my business changed everything, and is the most important factor behind my success today. In April 2020, at the start of the pandemic, as the world grappled with the arrival of a novel virus and school children and workers alike shifted to staying home for safety, I found myself waffling between worry for my family and wondering: is it ethical to continue to do business in this new environment? When everyone was scared of covid-19, could I continue to charge for my goods and services? Would people even have money to spend on non-essentials in light of this new threat? Read more>>

Nakya Westbrooks | N.C.W. Productions, LLC

In my first stages of choosing to press and continue growing daily, One day my father told me to ask myself “What does success truly mean to me?Through life experiences and obedience, I understand success is beyond me. Considering the things that it takes to not only receive the plan but walk in the plan already purposed for my life. In other words, the most important factor behind my success is that I encourage the world every chance I get to want Jesus Christ in their lives. Living for God to get the glory out of their lives. Everything will flow leading the success in my brand many unique ways. Read more>>

Khadejah Chrysostom | Fashion Designer & Community Activist.

The most important factor behind of the success with Freshmen is keeping my brother dream alive. Freshmen was born on February 1st, 2011. The creator passed away in 2016, from than till now our mission is to “represent anyone who dreams big while striving an extra mile for success” As a Fashion Designer and a Community Activist, i strive everyday to live, breathe, and pray the Freshmen message to the world. Seeing others succeed and expand is our success! Read more>>

Jenn Isbell | Bespoke Lighting Designer and Fiber Artist

The word bespoke has long-since been used to describe the design and creation of a product tailored to a specific individual. This has been the foundation of my brand from the very beginning. With more than 30 hours of labor in the creation of a single light, my dedication to bespoke craftsmanship has been the single largest contributing factor in the success of the Sand+Suede brand. Read more>>

Danny Medina | Creator/Writer of Below Sycamore

This is a great question , I believe the most important factor to the success of Below Sycamore is that I write what I know. I didn’t write about the cartel because I have never had any experience with the cartel. I have been a hopeless addict and I have found hope in that hopelessness. I came face to face with real demons and they had me in their grip dragging me around my life. The addict or alcoholic comes to a point where even the most precious people in their lives are unable to get through to them and most addicts or alcoholics are unwilling to ask for help. Read more>>

Vashmere Valentine | Film Director & Screenwriter

The most important factor behind my success would have to be my ability to see the world with blind eyes. You might be wondering what that means, so allow me to explain. To see the world with blind eyes to me is to see the world without prejudice. The stories that I create as a writer are filled with people of all ethnic groups. I don’t choose the characters, the characters choose themselves. I have written works that star African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, and even stories that have Asian leads. I don’t want to be classified as a filmmaker that only creates films for his ethnic background, but a filmmaker who creates films for the world as a whole. Read more>>