Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Vic Quiroz | Real Estate Brokerage Partner & Entrepreneur

I was an enterprising kid starting my first business when I was 14 years old. I don’t think there was much of a thought process behind it as much as I aggressively wanted to find ways to earn some money at a young age. As I gained more experienced, eventually I realized the goal was to carve my path and take control of my life’s work rather than have my work control my life. Read more>>

Nicole Rutsch | Reiki Master and Soundhealer

I always knew from early on that I was somehow different from most other people. I never liked staying within the lines, and just following the crowd. I always felt that I could best express myself if I had the freedom to create and share my own vision. However, It took quite some time for me to realize how this would manifest itself. But bringing out my vision to its fullest and brightest form required no less than a transformational journey. I always enjoyed working with my hands, whether this was painting on canvas, helping my grandfather in his workshed, or learning how to cook traditional German meals in the kitchen with my mother.  Read more>>

Nisha Todd | Photographer & Small business owner

The reason I decided to start my business Muse came from a number of reasons. When Covid 19 reached us in the UK I was unable to work as a Photographer and I realised how reliant my work was as a face to face service. I am quite a creative person and I have always had a love for design, branding and packaging and I decided I wanted to start a separate business so I started brainstorming. I came up with a set of rules for my business. Rule 1: That it was product based. Rule2: That it could fit in large letter postage. Rule 3: That it could go onto a £10 gift guide in a magazine! Read more>>

Renee Morrison | Skincare Creator

My son. He acquired eczema from me and his dad. His skin flared up at the least little thing. The medications were overload and not effective as proposed. Hence, my thought process came about as to go natural, which birthed HeartMade Skincare. Read more>>

James Akers | Neon Bender, Artist, Production Manager

When moving to New York pre pandemic, I realized that I could turn bending neon, (one of my favorite things to do) into a job that paid more than I had ever been paid. I also noticed how large the NYC market is and how there seemed to be room for more neon benders and designers. After working for many people in the industry, I noticed how a one person neon business can take over your life. I also saw in other companies how division of labor makes everyone’s job simpler and lets people focus on becoming excellent at what they do. I loved making neon for people, but knew that I would only want to start a company if I had help I could trust. Read more>>

Jordan Rock | Creative Community Marketing Specialist

I noticed there was not a lot of representation of people who looked like me and that the general market lacked creativity. Everything that I saw in marketing and advertising in my field was overly polished into an image that wasn’t real and that’s why most of these brands are not seeing success in connecting to their consumer because they aren’t representing them in the media. Read more>>

Anna Warfield | Artist

I was about 3 weeks into my first 9 to 5 right out of college when I realized the structure, its time demands, and rigidity wouldn’t allow me to be the artist I had always intended to be. Shocked and saddened at my reality, I began asking how other artists had made their careers work. I listened to podcasts, read articles, and posed the question to my network. I found that most artists had to identify and choose when it was right to, “take the leap” and fully commit to their artistic careers by leaving stability behind. A frightening prospect that, at that moment in time, I was not ready for. Read more>>

Rebekah Wineburg | Winemaker

I had been working as a winemaker for 15 years before I founded Post & Vine Wines, making wine for others and helping them fulfill their dreams. I decided to start my own wine label, Post & Vine Wines, because I wanted to have the freedom to explore vineyards and varieties that interested me. Post & Vine Wines has allowed me to stretch my creative muscles and highlight heritage vineyards that are home to lesser known grape varieties like Carignane. Being a business owner has taught me so much more than I expected it would – from label design and marketing, to understanding of the financial and administrative aspects of running a winery. But the most fulfilling part has been the connections I have made along the way with my customers. As a Winemaker/Owner, my wine is an extension of my aesthetic and seeing that resonate with others is incredibly gratifying. Read more>>

Blanca Estela Amaya | Founder and Owner of Amaya Counseling

After working in community mental health for over 10 years I noticed that there were many gaps to provide quality and unique mental health services based on an individual’s needs. I wanted to provide mental health services on my own terms by providing quality, unique, holistic, and whole person based individual psycho therapy. I wanted to have the freedom to provide evidence based individual psycho therapy or alternative healing practices based on the individual’s needs. I knew that the only way to provide these services was by starting my own private practice. Read more>>

Orlando Garcia Jr | O From A Different Concept

I’ve always been a big fan of photography so when my wife bought me my first camera I started taking pics for other brands and it’ kinda made me wish I had my own brand. However I didn’t have a name for the brand and that ended up happening by mistake. Read more>>

Jr & Jayland | Entrepreneurs

Jr: I wanted to start a business because I saw my mom working on her business. She has a regular job but started her own business so I was like, that is cool. I also like to have and make my own money. My mom said it was important for me to learn how to become an entrepreneur just in case college is not for me. She said it is important that as a young man I learn early how to think outside the box. Jayland: When I came over Jr’s house one day we started talking about it. I told Jr I wanted to be apart of the business.We said we should make the best lemonade in the Galaxy and that’s how we came up with the name. Jr: That’s why it’s JJ’s because of our names Jr and Jayland. Read more>>

Lady J | Manufacture

I was a songwriter in the music industry when I decided I wanted a career change after 10 years in the business. At the time I had friends such as Erica Mena and Natalie Nunn on reality television shows and I started to research and learn about the cosmetic industry and decided to open up my own factory. I thought it would be amazing for these girls to have their own brand and push their own products. My business, Lady J Manufacturing started to bloom from there. Read more>>

Lauren Kinsie | Personal trainer and nutrition coach

It may sound cliché or cheesy, but I was tired of working for others and supporting their brands while being stuck in the background. I had many experiences working at gyms. Some good and some not so good. I always wanted to start my own brand and business but I always thought it would take time and I had to create a long 5 year plan before I could execute it. Once COVID hit and I was forced to be creative with what I did at home, I got a bit of a kick in the butt to get my website started and start taking more straps to creating my own business. I wanted to create a way for people to stay active at home while still having fun. Read more>>

Hayley Antonian | Founder/President, Scenario Communications

The thought process behind starting my own business was one of shaping my own destiny and doing so with people and partners I admire, like and respect – Steven Wilson, Ron Hofmann and Brian Lee. I wanted to be able to create something from the bottom up – to work with clients I was passionate about, to employ a staff I was proud of, to build community and culture, and to come to work every day excited and eager to work, learn and grow. I also wanted to be able to effect change quickly, avoiding unnecessary red tape. Read more>>