We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Vanessa Graddick | Comedian, Actor & Writer

This isn’t necessarily a piece of advice but I hear it all the time. “No Days Off.” I think that days off are needed to recharge, rest and reflex. You can only be the best version of yourself when you take time out for yourself. Then get back to work. Read more>>

Rick Wheeler | Owner, Lion & Lamb Coffee Roasters

Playing it safe. None of what we did was safe. We opened during a coffee shop during a pandemic lockdown, in an off the beaten path location that is hard to find, in a city overly saturated with coffee shops and very little money. I think that if you believe in yourself, and your business, you can make anything happen. Even if you fail, you can still learn, and that choice is your own. Read more>>

France Malvar | Natural Dye Artist & Owner of Lu France Interiors

There’s a couple but I guess if I had to pick one that encompasses them all, it’s “Do what you love.” This isn’t to say that there aren’t people out there who are or who have become successful after following this advice because I’m sure there are lots. I do think that this statement comes from a place of privilege and that much like everything else in life, there’s a season and time for following such advice. Read more>>

Youn Chang | CEO and Founder of OJOOK – Clean, sustainable, bamboo salt oral care

“Work on your weakness.” I used to fall into this conventional advice in my early days, focusing on what I need to improve and what I lack. However, I realize that my so called weaknesses are the flip side of my strengths. So now I try to focus on matching my strength to the tasks I can be most efficient, and getting help from others on the tasks that other strengths perform better. It’s win-win and self-compassionate. Read more>>

Robin Allen | Craft Pimento Cheese Maker

Perfection is the killer of excellence. Common sense would say that when you start an endeavor, you would plan, work out the details and obsess until the launch. My advice is: don’t let the quest for pre launch perfection, kill the excellence. Perfection holds us back, of course you want to put in the prelaunch work. But remember, adjustments along the way is what will keep you nimble and able to best serve both your mission and your customer. Read more>>

Andre´ Vernot | Professional Asian American Voiceover Actor

When you’re growing up, your parents, teachers, caretakers, etc. will always tell you, “Don’t talk to strangers”. Wonderful advice when given to children and minors. TERRIBLE advice for adults attempting to achieve high caliber goals. Upon moving to LA, I pushed myself to talk to three strangers a day – while being safe and smart about it – and make at least one meaningful connection on a personal level with someone. Read more>>

Courtney Coffey | Actor & Mindset Coach for Performing Artists

That in order to be successful, you need a consistent and “stable” job. I believe that stability doesn’t really exist–just the illusion of it. I think now more than ever people are realizing that if companies need to (no matter how loyal you’ve been to them), they will lay you off if its in the best interest of the company. “You can fail at what you hate, so you may as well go after what you love” (Jim Carrey). Read more>>

Kevin Camia | Stand Up Comedian as seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and on The Dress Up Gang (Hulu)

Early in my comedy career, I had a week long stand up gig at The Riviera in Las Vegas. Apparently I did so poorly, that the casino filed for bankruptcy and years later they demolished it. Two days into my 7 night stint, I get a call from the booking agent asking me if I have any other jokes I could be telling or else they would fire me. This hurt me because a) I didn’t think I was doing that bad especially for taking the bullet on each show and b) I only talked about things that came from an honest place – i.e. being Filipino and growing up in America. Read more>>

Reggie Johnson | Filmmaker & Musician

Follow your heart. The heart is deceptive. Listen to it, acknowledge it, while understanding whims can steer you off course. Read more>>