We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Jose Guns Alves | Professional Film, Television & Stage Actor

Always have a Plan B. Have a backup plan in case things don’t work out the way you hope. Read more>>

Laura Cohen | International Artist

Earlier in my artistic life I struggled with finding my uniqueness and my own “style” until I realized that we are all affected by the art we’ve seen and experienced throughout our lives and these moments stay within us. We all “copy” from others but no two artists can ever be the same. It’s okay to take your time and let your style change to get there. Read more>>

Jessica Graham | Sex, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach, Author, Filmmaker, Actor & Meditation Teacher

As an artist and entrepreneur, I’ve heard the word “hustle” so many times. I’ve also heard that you have to “want it” more than anything else. That you need to be willing to sacrifice everything else to reach your goals. I think this is really limiting and sets people up for burnout. This philosophy also creates an attachment to outcome, which can blind us to many possibilities. Our addiction to busyness and hustle connects our worth and value to our productivity. This is not the path to a happy and fulfilling life. We must be willing to find our inherent worthiness outside of our accomplishments and what we do in the world. I don’t use the word hustle or the word busy when talking about my life. None of what is happening on the outside matters if I don’t have inner peace and fulfillment. I believe in rest and self-care as the number one ingredient for success. Read more>>