24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week. Junior investment bankers regularly work 80-90 hours a week. Many other high profile professions require the same level of commitment. Often those on the outside claim that working 80-90 hours a week is bad/wrong/terrible/silly/etc but we’ve spoken with so many folks who say working that much has been the best decision of their life – it allowed them to develop a deep and strong skill set far faster than would have been possible otherwise. In other words, by working 2x the hours, they were able to generate 5x or more the rewards. And depending on where you are in your career, investing heavily in your skills and competence can pay dividends for a long time.

Joey Bothwell | Actor, Writer, Producer & Self Care Specialist

Balance is everything for me. The yin and the yang. In my 20’s I would get up at 6am, eat two meals in my car, at some point during the day. Hustle from audition, to gig, to class, to meeting and then walk in my door at 11 pm and land face first into a pillow. I burnt myself out and ended up almost accidentally ending my life in a bicycle accident because I was racing so hard. I was forced to look at what balance actually was . I’m a firm believer that life teaches you what you need to learn in order to continue to grow. We’re like plants. If we’re not growing we’re dying, and if we’re not taking care of ourselves with the same amount of care and attention that we give to our business or careers, the foundation of those things deteriorates. In my 30’s my self care practice became my life line and my secret to my success. Read more>>

Ada Li | Food Content Creator & Wellness Enthusiast

Finding the right work-life balance between my brand, my full-time job, and my personal life has always been tough for me. This balance changed significantly over the past couple years, with a majority of my time focused on my full-time job when I first started, leaving less time to focus on my brand if I wanted more of a personal life. This year’s stay-at-home order actually gave me the time I needed to focus more on my brand and reassess my work-life balance. Part of it is due to the fact that (like many people) I’ve been having limited interactions with people outside of my household, so my personal life has been less busy. Another thing I realized is that my brand gives me a creative outlet for sharing my personal interests and skills in areas that my full-time job doesn’t allow. It took me awhile to figure out the right balance, but I’ve learned to not see my brand as work, but rather as a part of my personal life. Read more>>

Alexx Calise | Musician, Publicist, Writer & Industry Consultant

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how much you need balance in your life. When I was younger, I felt like I constantly needed to be busy, or that I always had to occupy my time with things related to my career. Everything had to be for “the greater good,” and I always felt guilty or like I was playing hooky if I watched a movie or did something that wasn’t musical. What I’ve learned over time is that you need to have a healthy mix of fun and play in your life in order to perform at full capacity. If you don’t have balance, everything in your life is going to suffer, and you certainly won’t be able to produce what you could had you just gave yourself a little time to enjoy life, and take a step back so that you can really approach everything with a clear head later. Read more>>

Noa Yekutieli | Visual Artist

Balance is a keyword for me in the past few years. Growing up in Israel-Palestine, balance wasn’t really an option and I didn’t feel it was something I was aiming to achieve, I was more in the ‘extreme’ agenda. Growing older, understanding more how extreme the world we live in really is, seeing where the extreme approach is leading us, made me seek for balance as a priority in my personal life, in order to be able to be more effective when having the opportunity to evoke change. If we have the option, I think not burning ourselves from both ends of the candle can allow us to provide the fire for a longer duration. Balance allows me to use both sides of my brain, use both my mind and my body, have the time that I need to both create and reflect, I would say that balance for me is an equal relation between input and output. Read more>>

Gareth Taylor | Director of Photography

What balance?… haha. It’s a constant and ever-evolving challenge. Over my 13 years in the entertainment industry, my life has changed drastically and with it the quest for balance has always been in flux. The biggest factor that has shifted my approach to it and made it more relevant than ever before was the birth of my son 5 years ago. That really threw my carefree lifestyle on its head and forced me to re-evaluate everything from priorities to my career goals. Before then I had never even had to think about the concept of work-life balance. I was just living and working and enjoying every moment in between. Becoming a parent threw all that out of whack and I had to learn to compartmentalize different aspects of my life. It took a long time and is still a work in progress to a certain degree, but I feel like I’m getting to a better place every year. Read more>>

Nikki Sienna Sanoria | Cinematographer & Content Creator

Having a work-life balance is very important especially for a young professional like me. At the very start of my career I was very focused on being perfect in what I do that resulted to me being burned out and eventually lost the passion that I had that time. Life is not all about working hard but working smart. Smart enough to take care of ourselves both mentally and Having a work-life balance is very important especially for a young professional like me. At the very start of my career, I was very focused on being perfect in what I do that resulted in me being burned out and eventually lost the passion that I had that time. Life is not all about working hard but working smart. Smart enough to take care of ourselves both mentally and emotionally without sacrificing our work. Read more>>

Tanny Diep | Master Microblading Artist & Educator

Work life balance is something I think we all strive for. This was the reason why I decided to change careers and start my own business, but it’s not something that comes straight away. When I used to work a 9-5 job, I would spend weekdays working and weekends enjoying life with family and friends. However, working 10-12 hours days, 5 days a week was actually quite draining for me. When I started my own business, I worked around the clock 6-7 days a week for the first year, but it didn’t feel like work because I was doing something that I loved. Now that my business is almost 2 years old and more steady, I have more flexibility with my scheduling. I don’t mind working a lot because growth motivates me, but I am the type of person that can work for weeks or months on end, and then take a long break. These days, I can make my own schedule and I like to break up my days into clusters of work with longer breaks in between. Read more>>

Katharina Magdalena | Actress & Producer

I go through phases. I would say that on a day to day basis I don’t have much of a work life balance. For me it’s more like week to week. One week I work non-stop (to the point of forgetting to eat unless there is an easy snack at home that I can just grab which means going shopping which also would not happen unless my husband does it during those times). During those times I am so immersed in my work and most likely it also comes with a deadline which adds that extra element of having to get it done. And then there are weeks where I home cook all the time, do yoga, meditate, spend a lot of time with my husband and friends, binge watch TV-shows and have boundless free time. During those weeks I recover. I would say that my cat is the one thing that keeps me grounded at all times. It doesn’t matter how busy I get I always make time to play and cuddle with her. Read more>>

Ben Lee

I think COVID has taught all about the importance of prioritizing health over everything. Since COVID, I’ve left the agency that I founded almost 10 years to focus on a coaching business that will be more compatible with the lifestyle that I want. I now sleep 8hrs/night, practice intermittent fasting, workout daily, and even practice power down hours where I limit the use of my phone and technology. Something that is impossible to do when running a 150 person agency! Read more>>

Nikki Norenberg | Self-Discovery Coach & Yoga Instructor

Balance is such an interesting thing to reflect on because it is always changing and being redefined. When I worked in the corporate world, balance looked like filling up every spare minute out of the office with things that brought me joy. In doing so, it quickly allowed me to realize in contrast, how unhappy the corporate world made me and I was constantly yearning for more out-of-work time and activity. I remember thinking to myself “I just want to experience and explore more life than I am able to right now. This does not feel balanced, it feels trapped”. I knew that balance to me was not meant to be defined as ‘survive the day & enjoy nights and weekends’. I knew that balance was meant to be interweaved within every single waking day, with some Wednesdays feeling like Saturdays, and most days including work, play, self-care & exploration. As an entrepreneur, balance is a necessity. Read more>>

Maya Shalev | Founder & Entrepreneur

When I started my business I had little kids. They were my priority. They still are but at a certain point I felt that if I wanted the business to really grow I must to put more time and concentration into it. I also believed that its important that my kids see mommy working hard. I learned that the quality of the time I spend with them is more important than the quantity. I started by going to a wework open space for a few hours a day… that turned into a full time job very quickly. Pre covid19 I would get home around 5 and have the afternoon to spend with my kids. Putting my phone and work aside was challenging. One afternoon my little boy looked at me and said- “if you are going to be on your phone, you can just go back to your office…” That really hit me in the head… Since then I try my best to put the phone aside for a few hours. Read more>>

Khadijah Nimrod | Founder & Chief Experience Curator

I’ve always thought of the term “work-life balance” as this seemingly distant, yet highly sought-after mark, that I once I achieved it, life would be smooth sailing from there. I’ve always thought that if I could just start doing more of this, less of that and move a few of these areas around, that I would be able to master the work-life balance “formula”. Then I realized, there is no one-size-fits-all formula…it just doesn’t exist. When I reflect on my past perspectives of work-life balance, I’ve always envisioned being able to work hard and play hard both the same. There was really no balance. I would work hard until I burned out and then I would completely shut down to the point of not wanting to do anything…at all. Previously working in corporate America, the work-life balance looked completely different from what it does now. Read more>>

Sandy Duarte | Actor & Producer

Balance, to me, is one of the key ingredients to success in life. You cannot be “successful” (whatever that word “success” means to you) without having it. To be busy and working in your chosen field and have poor health (for example), is not true success. Being a workaholic and making money, yet not having time to look up at the sky and take those moments in, is not the mark of true success. So Balance to me is success. As the years have gone by, I have seen the direct correlation of how important it is to take the time to be in nature, in your own stillness, in order to create room for the beautiful work and all-encompassing focus it requires. And with time, I have found what rituals work for me. I never start and end my day with only one speed/focus – I make it a priority to nourish the spirit and mind in between the demands of career, because they need each other and they feed each other. Read more>>

Christin Ciaccio Briggs | Artist

I’ve really come to view my work in seasons, rather days or weeks. There may be a 3 month stretch where I cannot spend quality time in my art studio because it may be an especially busy time for my family. For example, it may be baseball season for my kids, we may have household projects I have to manage, or in recent years, I’ve had to travel frequently to help with caregiving for my aging parents. It used to drive me crazy that I could not find find a rhythm for all of these aspects of my life. But I learned that when I try to juggle all the balls at once it does not work, and I become very stressed and agitated, and that is not the kind of person I want to be for my family. Rather than feeling guilty or frustrated about these pauses in my studio work, I’ve learned to shift my focus. If I cannot physically be in my studio producing new paintings, I may take those few months to update my website, and work digitally on my fabric collections. Read more>>

Chrysti Chaney | VP of Operations

This is something I have had to work really hard on over the last year and a half.  When we expanded in August 2018, we saw rapid growth, far greater than I anticipated. This shop is my passion, and I poured everything I had into the expansion; doing all of the planning, and much of the physical labor myself.  In the end I loved it, it was everything I dreamed of, but I had no time to recover because our awesome community in Pasadena loved it as much as we did. We had to scale up big time, and I learned a lot.  But that learning curve was exhausting and I had to take some time off and do some soul searching about the direction we wanted to go. It has been a process and hard work to separate my passion for great coffee from my life outside the business.  I think it is so easy when you’re running a small business to get in too deep. Read more>>

Monica Gordon | Wholesale Fashion Showroom Owner

I think a balanced life as always been a priority especially as a small business owner. I purchased my business in 2008 while the country was going through a recession. I was a single mother. I knew that if I just focused only on business my family and self quality of life would decline and vice verse. I made sure to really be honest with myself on what was achievable and possible giving any time constraints. I really wanted to be a role model for my kids so they can see what a balanced life looks like. There is a give and take. An ebb and flow to everything really. One day you could be putting a lot of hours in at work and the next day you have to take your kids to a hockey tournament. And the next day after that, you could be taking a much needed self care day. We try the best we can, put in the necessary work, and remember to take a step back when needed. I believe that applies to all components: family, self, and work. Read more>>