We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Scotlyn Kent

Mother Earth! As a potter I work with bits of earth everyday. I take balls of clay and transform them into functional items to be held by the human hands. I work with material dug from our lands mixed with water from our wells. I am continuously in awe of our planet, full of wonders, I have find inspiration in our waters, lands, skies, and inhabitants. Throughout my ceramic designs earth is represented in some form in almost every piece I create. Read more>>

Byron Eliazim | Actor & Digital Influencer | LGBTQ+ Advocate

I feel like we as human beings; are inspired by a lot of different things that we see in our everyday lives. Growing up I was inspired tremendously by Lady Gaga. Yes I know, super cliché, extra gay, all of the above. This is a person who probably heard the word ‘no’ more times than I can count and giving up was never an option. That to me is automatically inspiring. You’re telling me; all I have to do is be creative, be myself, be patient, and one day, I will get a yes? Sounds like a plan to me. Read more>>

Megan Clancy | Actress

I am part of Lights! Camera! Access (LCA) community online, and I feel really inspired when I see other actors, both with and without various disabilities, not giving up on their dream of being on network television. Some of them have been auditioning for many years, and I admire them for not giving up on their goal. That kind of perseverance really inspires me to keep my eye on the ball. That was what my father told me when I was a kid–“keep your eye on the ball.” I am also inspired to see so many more Deaf actors showing up on the big screen. This was something I did not see that often while growing up. Read more>>

Erianna Gowdy | Artist

My Dreams. Do me a favor, dive deep into your imagination really quick, and picture this; I’m standing outside studio doors, staring and admiring the fact that It’s actually mine; I mean, I know it’s mine by the name on the building; “Eg3 Designz Studio for the Arts”. I look to my right as I hear the basketball rim rattle, while sneakers are screeching along the concrete. I walk inside, to the sounds of C Major, lightly strumming from acoustic guitars. Hearing the sweet sounds of “Could you be Loved” by Bob Marley, I couldn’t help but smile. I walk into silence, which happens to be the Art Room; my favorite room. Read more>>

Zeynep Abes | Media Artist

I’ve always been inspired to preserve things I feel are being lost in our history and cultural identity. My art explores methods to use technology and media to archive things that will no longer exist with a focus on film and photography. After extensive work with creating narratives of my memories through archived photographs, films, and sound, I started to look for ways to tell stories in a more immersive manner. Read more>>

Izzy La Reina | Singer/Performer

I’m inspired by people that went through it all and instead of letting all the hardships of life break them, they used that to inspire others. That’s how I look at myself. I went through a lot of darkness, challenges , heartbreaks and brokenness pursuing my dream, I left my country and the comfort of home to discover a whole new world while pursuing a distant dream. A lot of hurtful things happened to me while I was doing that but I never looked at it as something bad, I always thought these were opportunities for me to become a stronger woman and one day inspire others to be strong and believe in themselves. Read more>>

Sam Jordan Dudeck | Screenwriter / Producer / Filmmaker

Life. It’s hard not to be inspired, in my opinion. There’s so much beauty in life – even in the struggles or the mundane. It’s something we’ll never truly understand, so that’s why rather than making art that tries to make sense of it – I find joy in simply reflecting it. Life is a concept that changes each and every moment for us, it can be so complex… yet so simple at the same time. To me, as an artist, I find inspiration in the fact that life is different for each and every one of us – but we’re all here. We’re all living. We all have a story, and that’s what keeps me writing mine. Read more>>

Cam Calloway | Artist

What am I inspired by? Honestly, there’s a lot of stuff that gets me in the creative flow. Everything around me and everything that happens within me is Inspiring. Anything from dreams, relationships, to nature makes me want to create. Just being a human being ya know? That in itself is fascinating. Lately I’ve been interested in understanding different perspectives aside from my own and it’s interesting. Especially when it comes to writing. Read more>>

Jae | Something like an Adult.

Love. I feel that love heals. The more love that people are filled with, the more love they are able to put back out into the world. Love is a beautiful energy that moves throughout and can start flowing with something as simple as a smile. We need love. We deserve love. Everyone. So I’m inspired by that need. In doing my part, I know that I’m assisting in the healing that needs to take place in our communities. Read more>>

Josh Forte | Music Artist Manager

I’m inspired by music. The emotions that it creates within me are unlike anything else…from sadness, to excitement, to hope. Music is something that accompanies me on a daily basis, through long drives, workouts, and work days. Specifically, I’ve gravitated towards the melodic bass genre (think Illenium) within electronic music. There’s something about the emotional rollercoaster this genre takes you on that really resonates with me – A beautiful vocal that builds and crescendos into an emphatic drop. Read more>>

Brandon Angulo | Artist & Apparel Business Owner

To me, So many different Artists and People in my life have inspired who I am to this day. For My Music, I think my Inspirations would be Gorillaz. The Gorillaz have been a part of my life ever since I was a Kid, (My first album was Demon Days). The Idea of seeing how music is today and wanting to make it better is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’d also think Kid Cudi is another one of my inspirations. His Idea of making relatable music for everyone to listen to and feel connected with is my goal for my music. My work ethic and determination are inspired by my parents who have sacrificed their lives for me. I want to repay them one day so why not be the best at what I do to show my gratitude towards them. Read more>>

Dr Gloria A Chance Chance | Imaginist, Soul Innovator – Psychologist– Founder CEO, Author, Media/Creative Executive and Technologist

I am inspired daily by the pursuit of the question — What is it like to be human today?– Attempting to understand how one perceives themselves in the world and their place in it. As a psychologist who focuses on the power of the imagination, I am inspired when I help people and organizations access the area of the brain where the imagination lives. The imagination is the step required before we unleash creativity. Our imaginations, allow us to see beyond the physical world and gives shape, size and color to thoughts and ideas that when executed on, can move us towards greater curiosity, exploration, and awe of possibilities of what could be. Read more>>

Eva Afaghani | Cake Designer & Baker

I love connecting food with a story! My desserts are inspired by nature and memories! Nature heavily affect the designs of my desserts. I treat each cake or dessert as if it’s personal affaire, lots of my desserts flavors are from places I’ve visited or things from my background and childhood a little bit between the East and West For example my baklava cheesecake is an homage for the San dunes in the Sahara desert I strive to provide my customers with an experience and dessert that I will be a part of a new memory that they can cherish for years to come Read more>>

Gem Ragz | Musician & designer

Nature definitely, for me traveling always gives fresh perspectives. Poetry, art architecture comedy shows the market, everything around me really Read more>>

Alexa Abraxas | Singer/Songwriter, Actress and Model.

I’m inspired by the genuinity and Intellectual depth of a person. So many people try to be something they’re not because they want to fit in so bad. So when I see people who are themselves and have a real story and past with with it’s just beautiful and inspiring. Read more>>

Dj Nothin Nice | CEO of WNNR-DB Orlando Florida (Nothin Nice Radio)

I am inspired by realizing every moment I have the ability to impact peoples live through my words of empowerment. Using my platform through radio on the audio and well as the visual side of of the entertainment business. Read more>>

QNA | Queer API Collective

We’re inspired by all of the queer Asian folks that are a part of our community. We try to be a platform that highlights all of the creative talent in our community, from DJs to artists to the dolls that are just straight up serving lewks! We celebrate and affirm our intersectional identities through art, nightlife, music, storytelling, and performance. Read more>>

Christian Pace | Real Estate Mogul & Business Consultant

I am most inspired by people – people inspire me on a daily basis. Looking out into the world you see so many differences, I think that this is what life is all about. You have to constantly stay inspired. While I am out I try to smile at everyone and bring peace, I notice while doing this I started to have deep conversations with those around me, learning about others life goals, trials, and experiences inspire me. One of my biggest inspirations is reading books and viewing art. These two hobbies of mine have inspired me and continue to inspire me to be able to read the words and stories of others or visually being able to appreciate the art someone has created. Read more>>

Else Vanzandwijk | Founder & Designer of le Depot Doré

I am inspired by beauty that surrounds us everyday. In the light and the dark. Hope, strength, grief, anger, love, will , courage. Authenticity & vulnerability. It inspires me to see people draw strength from the collection. . That something they wear supports/creates a feeling or a belief – unafraid to be yourself Read more>>

Natalie Gouché | Entrepreneur & CoFounder of The Gouché Foundation

We are constantly inspired by minority, inner-city youth who come from less than ideal situations yet push through their circumstances to pursue their dreams. While there are many obstacles in their way, they don’t let it stop them. Plainly put, resilience inspires us at The Gouché Foundation. We know there are students out there doing all they can and all they need is a little bit of support to help them reach their goals. Read more>>