We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Diana Matlak | Actress

I’m inspired by people who, despite their opposition to fate and the obstacles they encounter, do not give up. People who fight for their dreams impress me a lot. I believe that persistence in pursuing a goal is the basic trait in achieving success. Read more>>

Jose Angel Castro | Teacher and Artist

The real question is “What am I NOT inspired by?”! LOL. Creativity is a Universal truth. It is everywhere all the time, and so is it’s inspiration. I am lucky enough to see the world through that lens and can therefore be struck by almost anything for inspiration. My point of view as an artist allows me to see life in all its colorful detail. Though I love this way of seeing, I also recognize that at this stage of my life I have no choice in the matter. That is the duality that I think most artists live with. It can be both the benefit and the bane of our existence. It cannot be turned off or retreated from. The trick is in being able to filter all the information (good, bad, and ugly) I take in on a daily basis to make it manageable. Read more>>

Adam Vasquez | Electronic Music Producer/Remixer

I’m simply inspired by the need to give and the never ending art that I am surrounded by. Music, Life, emotions, experiences and people. There is art and beauty in everything down to the way we dress. The need to give is an inspiration because I’ve managed to learn that I am a vessel for music and a channel that can give back to someone in this world who might need the type of art I come up with. It feels almost selfish to not give into that and express myself. Read more>>

Ivan Capasso | Pizzaiolo

What inspires me the most is passion. I have been to numerous restaurants and food stands where you can taste the difference in the cuisine between a passionate chef, and those who cook without a care. I wake up every morning inspired by a dream to show my passion to the world through my food, and bring with me a tradition that is embedded in Italian history for centuries before me. Read more>>

India Donaldson | Private Chef/Caterer

I’m inspired by people out there taking what’s there’s. I believe if you can think it you can have it so if you think you want to do something do it, go for it reach for the stars and never give up. I have so many friends that have businesses they all inspire me. I’m inspired by my peers. I’m inspired when someone tells me they are proud of me or they see my vision or that they they believe in the things that I am doing. Read more>>

Uriah Gold | Singer/Songwriter

For me, Inspiration can come from lots of things like a color, a conversation, an object, or my own insecurities and experiences. Anytime I write a song I usually start off with a simple melody that will be the hook. From there its just about figuring out what I want the story to be and how I can relate to it. With my first song “Strawberry” the inspiration for the melody came from an a 90’s rap song titled “Ridin Low” that sampled the temptation’s song “My Girl”. I wanted the song to be simple and catchy since it was my first one, so I based the story around a guy who is nervous about being with a girl he likes. Read more>>

Jen Bunker | Owner, My Tree Clothing Co

There is a Buddhist teaching called Maitrī, pronounced My Tree. It can be translated as loving kindness, unconditional friendliness, benevolence, and good will. It is one of the four immeasurables that the Buddha taught as a heart practice that can cultivate an awakened heart/mind. It had such a profound affect on me that in 2004 I started a women’s group at our home in Long Beach. We read, listen to dharma talks, and sit. Our group still meets every Wednesday, although now on Zoom. Being a part of a community that is dedicated to learning about themselves with honesty and courage is inspiring. Read more>>

Tracy Blom | Author, Playwright, & Radio Host

A lot of my ideas come in dreams. It has been this way since I was a little girl. I would wake up, write down notes, staple them together and give them to my parents. Since then, not much has changed other than hiring illustrators and actually having my work professionally published. I can usually tell the book dreams from regular dreams in the way that they are presented; book dreams appear almost as if I’m watching a movie and includes things such as location, character names, plot lines, dialogue, and even time of year. Read more>>

Mayeva Prophete | MSW student

I am inspired by all the efforts my mom made and is still making for me. I am inspired by my own self, my mental health and resiliency. I was hospitalized back in august on a 24 hour hold. Now I am providing mental health services, about to start a new business and graduate soon, and I just reached 10k followers on Instagram! I just married the love of my life and I’m more aware of things now. I never ever thought I could be here today. So i guess, i am inspired by myself! Read more>>