We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Jeremy Mowery | Stop Motion Animator

Hi, Jeremy Mowery here. I’m very happy to be apart of the shoutout interviews and this question really excites me. I am inspired by a lot of things – art, nature, and people are probably the biggest categories. There is so much inspiring art out there and always something new to discover. I am inspired by what other stop motion animators are doing today. There are many films that have inspired me over the years as well. A few examples for me include the Wallace and Gromit shorts, Ray Harryhausen films, 2001: Read more>>

Alison Corteen | Contemporary Artist

It may seem like a cliché, but I really am inspired by my surroundings. Walking around, certain sights just give me flashes of inspiration and I end up with many ideas for sketches and paintings. I am constantly amazed by the world we live in and I am inspired by the wonders around us. I am excited by the extreme landscapes that surround me in Southern California. Read more>>

Justin Sanchez | Songwriter & Musician

My inspiration for writing music comes from the monotony of life. I think this is, ironically, unique for everyone from an outside perspective because people have various takes on how they want to live. I think a lot of what I do and problems I face on a daily basis are pretty mundane and as a songwriter, the lyrics are like a microscope for the listener to peer into a certain problem or situation I faced. From there, I would hope the person listening can take that theme or subject and put it through their filters and life experiences and connect to it somehow. Read more>>

Angel Vu | Founder of Blow Me Candle Co.

I am inspired by creation — specifically when people make things with their hands. I have a huge desire to create when I see others doing so. They are usually things like making pasta or bread from scratch, playing an instrument, shooting in black and white film, throwing pottery, watercolor painting & things of that nature. Read more>>

RAHA DABIRI | Storyboard Artist/Revisionist

I’m inspired by other artists whose work makes me feel things! Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favorite masters, his work is so charming and loose. I study his boards from his films and I feel like they influence my style. I’m very inspired by filmmakers like Brad Bird, Genndy Tartakovsky, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino. I love the style of films they direct and produce. Ratatouille and Iron Giant are two of my favorite animated films, Primal is one of the best shows, I love the visual storytelling, and the art style. I also love the show Steven Universe, I really get inspired by the soft, pastel, dreamy backgrounds in the show. Read more>>

Morgan Newson | Photographer

Inspiration can come from many different sources. My inspiration to continue flourishing in my small business “Ka’Bree’s Photography” is based on my relationship with Christ, family, friends, and community. My goal as a photographer is to capture someone’s beauty, allowing them to embrace all their features. While being a Christian and finding who I am in God, I’ve learned to embrace what we many see as our flaws. I believe that we are all each uniquely made in Christ. Read more>>

Carter Quick | Florist

ately I have been pulling inspiration from film, and paintings. I spent many years working in editorial photography and was burnt out after a decade of work. I really thought I would never pick up a camera again. Over the past several months I have been building these minature sets in my bedroom and making my own floral photoshoots. As a florist, I think I had this fixed idea of what my clients/audience wanted to see from me so I kept it rather safe and traditional. I’m listening to my gut now. I’m taking trips to art galleries again and finding comfort in the artists that have walked a few laps around this earth before me. Read more>>