One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Michael MacLeod | Actor/Producer/Writer

There are a lot of people that inspire me. Through massive injustice and polarised societies, it never fails to impress me that there are ordinary people who rise above and beyond in the way they conduct themselves both personally and professionally. This is what inspires me. That is not to say that ignoring your own feelings to act “correctly” is admirable, but that – in prioritising what you feel is morally right and what you feel will make a difference to those around you – you will likely feel fulfilled by your actions. Read more>>

Nicole Monay | Brand Design Agency

My inspiration comes from helping others elevate. When I started my business, being creative was a way to dive in deep to express the brand my client was trying to bring into the world, but it also allowed me to share and give advice when starting a business. As we all know, starting a business can be a struggle, and I love helping where I can. I feel inspired by being able to help so many businesses become household names and brands. Read more>>

Hanna Denison | Multi-disciplinary creative, Folk Herbalist, Gem Essence Practitioner

I am inspired by the continuous generosity and enchantment of the natural world and so grateful for the wisdom it delivers around this complex human experience. If you are looking for truth, trust or solace, go outside. The deeper we connect and relate to our natural environment the clearer we can be on what balance is and feels like. Nothing in nature happens quickly. There is a natural current and flow to this planet and when we align to this rhythm our lives become more effortless and we can let the beauty unfold, just like a Rose blooms. Read more>>

Glaucia Stanganelli | Creator of Beautiful Things & Experiences

Mainly my inspirations come from subtle realms, during meditation, walks, and dreams. That’s when I feel that super creative energy coming through, a connection with something bigger than myself. And I do have to cultivate a practice to be connected, centered and fully inspired. For me that means nourishing my soul with kundalini yoga daily, contact with nature, walks or swimming in the ocean or lake. Read more>>

Julie Klink | Artist/Animator & Video Producer

Nature is my biggest source of inspiration. Often times ideas that I imagine wind up looking like some kind of organic form. There is something deeply felt within me when I am fully in the present moment appreciating nature. Patterns of nature are fascinating especially when comparing macro to micro. In other words a coral looks similar to an aerial view of a river branching and ripples in water look like a satellite view of a desert. I am also inspired by stories and how we can connect with each other through our stories. Storytelling motivates me to animate and turn my art into video. Read more>>

MaKenzie Godso | Upcycled Designer

I feel like it’s so cliche, but I’m inspired by everything! I’m an attentive watcher- I’m always taking in my surroundings, from people passing by to the way the world moves around me. Something as simple as the way someone’s outfit moves can spark an idea for me in my own work. And then of course runway shows, vintage editorials and street style photographs always captivate me. I try to sit down once a week and comb through Pinterest to keep the revolving images in my head fresh and new. Read more>>