We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Dia Morgan | Songwriter & Pop Artist

I like to write about my real-life struggles and situations. In 2020, I had a lot of releases about a breakup I had with an alcoholic that I knew I should’ve seen the red flags of. In 2021, I’ll be releasing songs about the struggle to reach my fullest potential, as 2020 really had me sit and think about my frustrations with my career, my love life, and more. I’m excited, though, because since I do write from such a real place, my 2021 songs feel very humorous. Read more>>

Jess Atkinson | Photographer

Motherhood inspires me. I have always been drawn to nature, love and to human connections. Being in nature with my daughter sparks creativity within. Read more>>

Elana Horwich | Author | Meal and a Spiel | How to Be a Badass in the Kitchen

I am inspired by learning, teaching and storytelling. The first two go hand in hand. One cannot be an excellent teacher without also being the most committed and passionate student. More specifically, in terms of food and cooking, I am inspired by the home cooking of grandmothers across the globe. When I’ve travelled (specifically during the five years I lived in Italy), I sought out invitations into homes where I could not only taste the cuisine of home cooks and learn some of their culinary secrets, but where I could also hear their stories. I wanted to learn about their lives, who this recipe was adapted from, who it has been cooked for. I want to feel the emotion of life stories. The pain. The joy. The courage. It is this personal exchange that has permitted me to soak in these women’s spirit of cooking far more than a list of ingredients ever could. Read more>>

Kamara Robideau | Bassist & Producer

I find myself most often inspired by other creatives. It could come from other musicians, dancers, chefs, stand up comedians, or writers. Anyone that shows pure passion and determination in what they do will inspire me. Aside from humans, I also get inspiration from being alive, from nature, books, poems, dreams and so many other things I will probably never be able to recognize. Read more>>

Molly Jenson | Singer/Songwriter, Voice Over Actor & Artist

I am inspired by so many things. Movies, movie soundtracks, nature, other people’s music, fashion. I often get ideas while I’m walking, driving, or taking a shower. I think it’s because I’ve allowed my mind to take a break from really searching for something new and interesting to create. It’s like I have to stop trying for the muse to start speaking. I guess it’s just really a reminder that my job as an artist is to sit back, quiet my mind, and listen. Read more>>

Mynor Ivan Garcia Cordon | Owner Third Circle Visuals/ Camp Sol

I am truly inspired by nature and the desert. I started making visuals because I went to a festival in the desert we all know and love- Desert Daze. I think surrounding yourself with inspiration by being in inspirational settings can be life changing. Read more>>

Lucas Aaron | Musician, Singer-Songwriter & Recording Engineer

I am inspired by creation, the next moment of inspiration, the feeling of writing a new song. For me it can be streak of days on end or even a fleeting moment. The duration of the creative period makes no difference, only that it happened. It’s that spark and sense of excitement that drove me a kid in my bedroom not stop strumming away on the guitar until I had a new song. Read more>>

Kendall Potesta | Founder of Galles Shop, Songwriter, Songwriting Teacher

I find inspiration in experiencing new places, a well written song or sentence, a group of colors or textures (especially linen) that look perfect next to each other, and both happy and sad people. I keep a list in my phone. It’s titled “FAVES.” It’s mostly my favorite restaurants, movies, books, etc., but I have a section of “FAVORITE ANYTHING” and it’s things that struck something in me. For example, one is a quote from Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids. Another example is a photo of a corner in Santorini and how I felt when I was standing there. I think those moments of feeling captivated and present all combine to make you, you. I use those moments to inspire me whenever I’m creating. Read more>>