We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Sarahi Gonzalez | Founder/Artist of Your Smile Is A Vibe

I am a Latinx Abstract Artist born and raised in Highland Park, Los Angeles. I created Your Smile Is A Vibe because I had undergone an immense amount of trauma and wanted to bring the healing I found to others. My business is part of a greater purpose that I am still trying to wrap my head around. God hand-picked me to lead in such a way that people who have lost all hope will be able to open their eyes again to the depths of love that surround them in this world. I have been called to serve those around me and heal others through my art. The legacy that I wish to leave behind is one of love, hope, light, peace, healing and redemption. I want to create a ripple effect of kindness that will propel souls forward into eternal life. I want people to recognize Your Smile Is A Vibe as a safe space where they can be free of pain and look into a bright future filled with limitless dreams of wonder. I want to leave behind a legacy where people will choose love and joy instead of hate; where people will learn to love themselves and know their worth; where perspectives will change from a suffering mindset to a Kingdom mentality. Read more>>

Talia Moore | Co-Founder of Tummy Thyme, ICEA trained Childbirth Educator & DONA Certified Birth Doula

There is a quote that I try to apply in my personal and business life. It’s from Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist and actress who passed away in 2014. She said that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. As the co-founder of Tummy Thyme, as a birth doula and as a childbirth educator, my life is really centered around supporting parents and children. Parenthood, particularly in that first year, can be incredibly challenging and confronting. My hope is that whether it’s in the food we make, the workshops I run or the intimate moments during a birthing experience, that those that I am around feel heard, supported and empowered. Read more>>

Gayl Pinnock | Jewelry Designer

I’m so complex. I wish I could simplify this answer but, I want to be remembered as a dynamo of depth and expression. A multifaceted and layered vessel of prismatic energy. A conduit of Beauty and Magic. I have a gift for being able to extract the beauty and magic in otherwise unimpressive things and circumstances. Both in my art and in day to day life. I see beauty and magic in everything. NOTHING is ONLY as it seems on the surface, and everything can always be so much more with just the right pressure, belief and vision. I think that’s why my creative work fuels me the way that it does. The ability to take a few random things that perhaps on their own are nice to look at at best, and make them into something magical and marvelous. I think that its a testament to what I want my overall legacy to be. Read more>>

Erin Brown | Author And Activist

I think about this a lot. As the kinds of topics I write about, push people to think outside of their conditioning in uncomfortable ways. I hear often that I get “too hard” for people and they unfollow me only later to come back when they feel more “ready.” So that kind of gratification of, “people really like what I do!” can’t be the driving force. When I’m doing my job well, “liking me,” is not necessarily the response. Even though everything I push about is with so much love and hope that we unlearn all the ways we’ve been taught to embody oppressive ideas such that we all get to feel more safe and free. I hope to be remembered as someone with integrity, even when it there was a cost. That was driven by values over appreciation. And that the ways in which I pushed people to rethink their old ideas, they eventually found were a part of what freed them, too. Read more>>

Cassie Green | Family Photographer

What do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children? This is a topic that is so close to my heart. It feels like my life’s work, which I’m not sure I would have ever delved so deeply into had I never become a parent. The most important thing I have done as a parent for my children has been to study and practice emotional intelligence and self compassion. I have thought a lot about my past as a child and what effected me, what parts of my life have brought suffering into my adult life relationships, what parts have brought me ease? I have been very sensitive and perceptive from a young age. I pick up on subtle nuances of human interactions, the things that go unspoken. Children are like this too. They are observant, they ask questions that adults inhibit themselves from asking. They want to know why the world makes the rules it does, and they don’t adhere to them all yet. They are curious little sponges. We have to take to heart the weight of being a parent. I think it’s one of the most important jobs in the entire world. We are creating people. Read more>>

Yanel Mayorga | Photographer & Storyteller

This is a question I think about often. I think the answer to that is how I made people feel. I want them to feel empowered, connected, and beautiful. I think those are the three main things. I am constantly working on becoming the best human I can be and I want to be kind, compassionate, and good to others. If someone allows me into their energy, I want to focus on being the very best person I can be in their space. I have been doing a lot of growth and this year and if you would have asked me last year, I would have said, “I want my work to be the thing they remember.” But in reality, I would like to have them think about how I made them feel. And I hope that feeling is good. I hope it tapped into something deep and personal. My images will last a long time, I hope the feeling does too. Read more>>

Aneiszka | Model, Actress, Recording Artist

I am so grateful to be able to answer it. I think that when I think about the concept of legacy, it’s not really pertaining to the physical world. When I think about legacy, I think about the feeling, the emotion, or the freedom that it’s my ability to leave people with. And I think that’s why I got into entertainment in the first place. The ability to open people up to new world, ways of thought, or different perspectives, it’s absolutely invaluable to me. There’s a sense of freedom and greatness about it. And I think that’s what I want to leave people with, to be felt understood, to be heard, and to feel loved. I want people to remember that I am kind, I am strong, and I choose to care for others and myself through my art. And hopefully it reaches a lot of people, and it means something to them, and it opens up their heart to new depths and emotions. And that brings them love within themselves. Because that can change the world. Read more>>

David Perl | Dog Walker/Pet Sitter & Aspiring Dog Trainer

I want others who know me to remember feeling free, uplifted or inspired in some way. This relates to every aspect of life whether it is professional, family, friends, strangers or a “chance” encounter. There’s a quote that sits on my desk, written one hundred years ago from an amazing Rabbi, which says “Let the good in me connect with the good in others until all the world is transformed through the compelling power of love.” A lofty goal to attain but one I strive for daily. Read more>>