There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Julieth Restrepo | Actress & Producer

Definitely being persistent, not giving up and doing everything from a place of love. Read more>>

Jacqueline Rabôt | Founder and CEO of Rabôt

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle has been my most important habit. Taking a step back and focusing on my well-being are instrumental to my business’ success. My business is a reflection of me, and if I’m not happy and healthy, Rabôt won’t be either. Read more>>

Clark Moore | Actor & Producer

I think one of the main things has been understanding myself . Figuring out how I can find ways to motivate and push myself to move forward. The mental game of it all. What I have found doesn’t just apply to me but applies to almost anyone regardless of the way one might process it in the brain, Read more>>

Rose Kinsey | Baker & Chocolate Covered Dipped Artist

The habits that helped me succeed was being consistent with the production of my business, that I feel is number one when you’re dealing with customers . Other habits include providing assurance of the quality of the products , time management, Read more>>

CeeJay Joseph | SAG-AFTRA Performer

I feel one of the most important habits that has helped me succeed has been consistency. With consistency, it helps build the self-discipline muscle. As I maintained consistency in pursuing my dream, it fueled the persistency to continue my journey in the entertainment business, particularly acting. Read more>>

Panagiotis Margetis | Actor

Consistency I believe is an important habit that I strive to maintain. Sometimes things seem to be flowing my way, I am in the right mood to work or do the things “needed” towards achieving my goals. These are the easy days. When, for whatever reason, Read more>>

Sonny Behan | Artist

I learnt really early on that you have to approach art in the same way you would approach any career; you need to put in the work every day. I think too many young creatives wait for ‘inspiration’ to hit before they start creating. Read more>>

Alana Jacobs | Executive Chef | Owner of The Table Gathered

Always striving to do and be better than what I did yesterday. I try not to get complacent, and after every event, every client I ask for feedback, I review my own performance to see where I can improve. Read more>>

Pharaoh Nefertem | I heal people with plants and planets.

Before the rise of my own consciousness success to me was, materialistic items. I would have said that the habits such as hard work, or hustling, or taking action all the time was what helped me succeed; but my view of success and of myself was distorted based upon what society wanted of me. Read more>>

Toni Patillo | Founder, Broker-Owner of Toni Patillo & Associates

My habits include a daily ritual of personal development activities such as 10/10 Gratitude exercise (acknowledgment of 10 things I’m grateful for and 10 things I want to attract in my life), meditation, visualization, journaling, chanting, reciting of decrees and affirmations, consciously keeping a positive mindset and Yoga. Read more>>

Gillian Segal | Founder and Principal Designer, Gillian Segal Design

resilience – as an entrepreneur and in many things in life – we make mistakes, we have failures and we have setbacks. Always making the choice to learn from these is something I know has contributed to any success I have had. Giving up just isn’t an option for me, even though there have been times I have felt like it. Read more>>

William A Brownlee Sr | Overseer of Emmanuel Christian Center & CEO and Founder of Divine Enterprises

Staying consistent has helped me succeed in every aspect of life, consistency leads to completion and success. Read more>>

Blair Yiran Bai | Film Editor

Be proactive, push things harder, fight hard for good opportunities. Think positive and never give up. Read more>>

Willy Will Yanez | Music Producer, Composer, Musician

In no particular order: Hard work and perseverance. Tunnel vision on my own journey and not focusing on “what everyone else is doing.” Believing in myself, even when others didn’t. Intent on focusing on my own sound so I can be known for that, even if it took longer. Read more>>

Peter Zongting Li | Music Composer & Sound Designer

I am never afraid of change. I grew up in a small town where people had a very fixed lifestyle. Through the years I studied and explored in the different parts of the world, I realized that there are so many different but also meaningful ways of living. Read more>>