They say it’s not about where we start but about our ability to learn along the way, for it’s the lessons we learn (or fail to learn) that change the slope of our trajectory in life and in business. We asked some of the most reflective folks we know to think back and share with us what they feel has been the most important lesson they’ve learned on their journey.

Ilene Squires LaCourt | Photographer

The most important lesson I’ve learned along my journey is that a plan is simply just a suggestion for the future. The more I can follow my plan, the more confident I feel. However, the more I diverge from the plan, the more success I find. A life plan of any sort is nothing but a recipe, a good starting place for any business owner. But don’t be afraid to take risks and diverge from your plan – many times it’s off the beaten path that we find the most success! Read more>>

Rana Ghiassi | Filmmaker

To be myself–and no not the cliché version of ‘be yourself, others are taken’, but really being unapologetically me. The times in my life when my family or friends validation didn’t matter or the scary heavy hovering thought of “what’s this person gonna think or what if no one likes what I’m putting out” didn’t stop me from putting the work out in ALL CAPS, and thereby I was 100 percent Rana about it, are the times I got the most validation, praise, and ironically acceptance. Read more>>

Hayden Wheatley | Entrepreneur & Business Founder

The most important lesson along the way has been reinforcing the value of being able to figure things out. Starting a business or doing anything great is thousands of tiny decisions made with care and effort to get to the next place in the journey and overcome the obstacles and blocks along the way. Every single thing from getting a domain name, forming the business entity, finding suppliers, marketing and sales, customer service, and every single other part of the journey are things to be figured out like a puzzle. Read more>>

Nicole Austin | Founder

The most important lesson I have learned on my journey is to wait on God in all that I do. Whenever I have gone ahead of God and tried to do things on my own, I end up making major mistakes. In my opinion, Pfhrayer, faith, patience, and perseverance are all major aspects in a successful journey. I truly believe it is vital that, as a business owner, I do my part through continued research and professional development. Remaining informed, organized, and flexible is a great way to establish order and maintain a level of preparation that will help you handle any obstacles that may cross your path. Keep God first and do your part. The rest will fall into place. Read more>>

Sonya Macari | Actor, Voice Over Artist & Book Narrator

I have learned MANY lessons throughout my journey as an actor here in LA… it’s hasn’t been a smooth road at all, believe me. As an actor you have no control, virtually, that’s just the way it is, however if you surrender to what you can control and that is putting your best work out there whenever possible and try letting go of wanting the job which is tricky, naturally every actor desperately wants that job. I also believe that If you don’t get a decent amount of rejection as an actor then what are you drawing in from ? You know? Read more>>

Jenn Feldman | Founder

The most important lesson I have learned in my journey of Interior Design, is that at we never stop learning! Just when I think I’ve figured out that perfect client approach, found the perfect fabric or unlocked that perfect process that makes something come together … that curve ball comes flying again! I think change and reinvention is the foundation to both the success and flow of creativity when you’re an entrepreneur in a creative field ; but now more than ever I think the ability to embrace the unknown, understand the changing needs to be flexible and practice patience is so important for us to both survive and thrive. Read more>>

Esha Tewari | Actor, Film Producer, Entrepreneur & Yoga Instructor

DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. LEARN ALONG THE WAY The most important thing that I have learned along my journey is that whatever the situation you face in life- good or bad- Don’t stop, keep moving and learn along the way. There are good & bad times in life. We enjoy the good times but many times in life when things don’t move in the direction we want them to, we feel disappointed but the key is to not stop at that point and keep moving. This is what keeps me going and motivated to do my part of the job all the time. Read more>>

Kelly Lamor Wilson | Actor

Always trust your gut. You always know what’s right for you, regardless of whether it may be the popular opinion or not. There’s an instinctive voice within that gives you that stomach-tightening, heart pounding, gentle nudge we humans often experience. Many times, that instinct may nudge you toward a decision that doesn’t seem right from the outside perspective; society has deemed the status quo as “normal”, the best option for everyone, and the safe and comfortable choice. Read more>>

Letitia Pilelis | Bookstore Owner

For me, the most important lesson isn’t something I learned along the way, but rather, it’s what I’ve known (almost instinctively) all of my life. Harry Browne (a libertarian writer and investment analyst) knew it and felt that it was the most important gift he could give his nine-year-old daughter. So, on Christmas Day, back in 1966, he wrote her this letter: It’s Christmas, and I have the usual problem of deciding what to give you. I know you might enjoy many things – books, games, clothes. But I’m very selfish. Read more>>