Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Samantha Klose | Wedding Photographer

I became a mother at a really young age and ever since the day I had my baby girl, I vowed to be the best example of a human as possible. Leading by example has not always been easy, as my road was not without plenty pot holes, but I tried my very best! I think I have shown my daughter how to love with her whole heart, be compassionate, empathic, giving, selfless, kind and a hard worker. I am a very proud Mother of a 19 year old beautiful soul, who is finding herself in this world. It makes the happiest knowing I have had the biggest role in that life of hers. Read more>>

Elaine Sir | Martial Artist, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Blogger and Podcaster

We can’t tell our children what to do since you lead by example and they learn through observation— and they calculate inconsistencies by the time they hit puberty, if not in that instant. One of my closest friends, Dr. Jennifer Jones, is a nationally renowned parenting expert. She tells us in her book Transformational Parenting that it is vital to create our lives based on what we love, by creating your life instead of letting life happen to you. In doing so, we alleviate any need of Ego and external validation. Read more>>

Jana Bunge | Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

“Once a parent…always a parent.” Oh so true! As a parent of adult children (and grandparent of 7) – I firmly believe that our job as parents is never ending, but blessed responsibility. I’ve learned over the years that as I stay true to myself – be a person of integrity in all areas/relationships of my life – this is the most important legacy to pass on to my children. It’s been said that children “are like sponges” in the water bucket of life. Whatever their surroundings are – those will be soaked up by the “sponge”. Children are sensitive to the tensions/emotions between parents and are influenced by the way their parents interact. Read more>>

Robbin Turner | Founder and Botanical Formulator

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent to impact my son is starting my own business. My husband and I always talk about entrepreneurship to our son. My husband is self employed. Starting my beauty brand reinforces our messaging and sets a clear example for him. Read more>>

Amy Smith | Visual Artist & Social Activist

My husband and I both decided that it would be best for us and our son to work towards our dreams fearlessly so he can see that anything is truly possible. It’s important for me that he knows creativity is rewarded and important. Read more>>

Nicole Foos | Jewelry Designer and Crafter & Healing Arts Practitioner

I think the most important thing I’ve done as a parent is to strive to listen to them from a non-judgemental standpoint and thereby let them work through issues to come to their best and most well-reasoned decisions of their own accord, and, more importantly, be who they are, not who they think I or my husband (and their father) wants them to be. I grew up in a very loving home but one with very high expectations (which for the most part served me well) and lots of judgment which I think made me very conscious of not being with my children. Read more>>

Johnny Romero | Guitar Player, Writer & Music Producer

I must begin this by saying that I definitely do not have all the answers, most especially when it comes to parenting. In fact, I believe that you can’t be a good, responsible, conscientious parent without understanding that the job of being a parent and raising a child is about as abstract and inexact as it gets in life. It all depends on the individual child you are raising and making the best of the circumstances in that child’s life. Therefore, I had to approach this question in very general terms. My goal here is to explain what has worked best for me and my family and I hope that you’ll be able to glean something that translates in your own life and with your own family. Read more>>

Diane Christiansen | Master Acting Coach & Studio Owner

I am often asked what my secret is to parenting. I have been very fortunate to have quite successful adult children who are both thriving, happy and productive people. I believe you have to discover your kids!! When my children were very young, I was happy when they knew what they liked and didn’t like. I listened and allowed them to be their own guide. of course we taught them right from wrong, manners and all of the basics…what we didn’t do, was dictate who they should be. We tuned into the clues. Read more>>

René Agee | Salon Owner

As parents of a two and a half year old girl, my husband and I quickly realized that the first two years of a child’s life is crucial to their development, future mental health, and general wellbeing. The brain is developing and it is at its most adaptable during these early years of life. So how we interact with our child can be critical for their healthy development. The most important thing I feel we have done as parents is try to instill the importance of not giving up and staying positive. We believe to set these values early on it will set the precedent on how they will handle future situations in life. Read more>>

Keith Eshelman | CEO

Yes, I am a father of two, a 7 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy. I am so proud to be bringing up around this business and the positivity it puts into the world. We have done many outings to parklands and I feel they are already connecting with natural land in a powerful way. Understanding the greater world and how it works puts life into better perspective, and I think it creates a sense of appreciation for everything we have. The natural world has some of the most beautiful design, and many don’t even pay attention to how beautifully it functions. Read more>>

Koko Tabibzadeh | President

I think the most important thing I have done as a parent is to be there for them. Once I became a mom, they became my first priority over anything else, be it traveling, going to parties, anything. I did have to work so unfortunately, I wasn’t a stay at home mom but it was simply because I had to work, but other than that they were and still are the most important part of my life. Read more>>