We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Anita Chow | Pastry Chef and Baking Teacher

I love eating desserts and other baked products very much, and I care about the taste of food a lot. When I create my own food products, not only that I want them to be tasty, I also like to be able to taste the true flavor of the ingredients. To achieve that, the quality of the ingredients is crucial. The tastiness and quality of my food products are always my top priority, and I believe the products speak for themselves. My returning customers always tell me how they can tell the difference when eating my products, and that’s why they keep coming back. I think that’s also what comes to people’s mind when they think of Anita Bakery. Read more>>

Vanessa Khan | Journalist and Digital TV Network CEO

Teamwork. That is the most important thing when running a network. Every person on that team has a part to play, and if those parts aren’t being played the whole thing can fall apart. We need to be a team and work together. Read more>>

Krystina Bailey Brawer | Actress & Author

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is determination. According to it’s Wikipedia definition, determination is “the firmness of purpose or the process of establishing something exactly by calculation,” and this is precisely how I built my brand. Eliminating doubt from the equation allows for success. And that is the type of mindset that is necessary when constructing an establishment from the ground up. Also, having a goal to reach will help with the execution of things. It’s sort of like “backwards planning,” which is a skill I learned when I was getting my BA in education. You create a goal, and then you create a plan to get you to that goal! Read more>>

Stan Sono | Music Producer/Songwriter

I would say the most important factor behind my success is a combination of perseverance and belief in myself. I think “success” means different things for different people based on what their goals are. For me, the meaning of success changes all the time as I reach new milestones in my career. Ultimately, if you aren’t self motivated and don’t believe in yourself, it will be hard to find success. It’s important for me to continue to work, grow, learn, and develop my skillset to continue climbing the ladder of success. Read more>>

DeMira Pierre | Content Producer & Network Executive

F.A.I.T.H… thats it. There are two important factors I attribute to my success the first is my faith in GOD and the second is faith in myself. That has been the secret sauce, with a dab of hard work. Faith in God has been the ultimate balance for me because I like to be in control at all times and prepare for all the possible outcomes in a scenario. When things go awry I can always go back to THE source and know that all things work together for my good… all things meaning the good, the bad, and the absolute worst will work in my favor. Spoiler Alert…with GOD I always win! Read more>>

Jonathan Strader | Restaurateur

The most important factor behind my success and the success of our brand is the years of planning and determination of working in the hospitality industry. We have been able to work in the same lane for such a long time that being able to launch a successful brand in the middle of the pandemic wasn’t just luck. The years of experience plays such a significant role in success because of the factors to create a restaurant concept. Read more>>

Shanice Thompson | CEO/Candle Curator

I started Miletree Candles in May 2020 after losing my job in hospitality and event planning. It was always a dream of mine to start a business after graduating from Suffolk University with a business degree and after losing my job and watching what the pandemic did to the industry pushed me to get things going. I have a passion for cooking and I’m always burning candles so I thought, let me combine my two passions together! I wanted to start a business influenced by my Caribbean heritage (my family is from Barbados), Read more>>


I think the most important factor behind my success is that I believe in me, I don’t give up , I work every day with purpose and faith. Read more>>

Phyllisa Lozano | Spiritual Healer

Beauty For Ashes My success is driven by my faith and sobriety I’m a recovering alcoholic beauty For Ashes is actually a scripture in the Bible Isaiah 61 I don’t believe in religion I’m a very spiritual person my spiritual journey. Just before I had gotten sober I was seeing butterflies white ones always flying around me always would make me smile the minute I got sober the butterflies were more visible also the angel numbers I kept seeing I would constantly find crow feathers in my path as I would walk my dog every evening and constantly seeing different types of animals spirit animals giving me messages every time I saw one I would look up the meaning the spiritual meaning it’s guidance from the universe and it would go with what I felt at the time. And from one minute to the next that’s when my business was created I started making my floral sage bundles. As I stand today I never would of thought I’d be where I am at today and it’s because of my faith and strength. Read more>>

Simona Gavioli | Art Critic & Curator

There are many factors that have contributed and still contribute to my professional fulfillment, but one of these is the basis of everything and it is passion. A crazy passion for art, a passion that excites, that burns body and soul. I have loved art in all its forms since I was a child, but there are times when this love becomes obsessive, a fixed thought that I cannot get out of my mind. When I feel this kind of overwhelming attraction to an idea, artist or situation, my stomach tightens and a magnetism driving me, then I know I’m on the right path. I believe there is a profound difference between admiration and passion. Admiration establishes a distance between the two subjects, passion instead an involvement. The courage to follow this involvement, even when it is risky, when it is not the easiest way, has always paid off. The passion behind any job makes others fall in love too. Read more>>

Alexander ᴬᴰ | i AM a CREATIVE : artist, designer, writer, photographer ??? film producer

S U C C E S S . . . how does one measure ? For some it’s money … fame … possessions. For me … it’s living my best life. I love what I do. I awake every day with inspiration, joy and purpose. Yes, some days may be etched in stress and challenges while my body is sometimes uncooperative in a state of exhaustion … but my energy and motivation is fueled when I engage in my morning meditation and assessing my gratitude inventory. Being consistant in this “everyday without failure” practice is the foundation for my achieving and maintaining success. Another important tool that factors into my success is a daily glance at my vision board. Read more>>

Sara Van Ells | Co-Owner, Hustle Trucks

Without a doubt the success of my brand is based on the fact that I am my own target audience. 90% of our customers are female-owned small businesses on the upswing—that’s me! It’s very humbling to be of service to the audience I’m a part of. Hustle Trucks isn’t some super sleek national brand (yet), we’re just starting out. I share a lot of the same ups and downs as the customers who rent the truck. I made a choice early on to be vulnerable and visible and to share my experiences as I have them while building this company, I believe it’s what endears us to our audience and it’s all true. Read more>>

Quisha Joacin | Marketing & Media Maven

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my GRIND! I am always grinding. No matter the day or time, I am always working on my brand. If I am on my phone scrolling through IG or Google, I am most likely conducting market research. I believe that when you eat, sleep, and drink your brand, that’s where the success lies. No one will care more about your brand than you do. That is you, birth child. So it needs TLC always! Read more>>

Annette Tamraz | Doctor of Physical Therapy

Since I was young I wanted to help people. I always liked interacting and connecting with people on a personal level, and as I grew older found that I was interested in helping them feel better. I came to this country as an immigrant with two young children and had to build my life and my career from nothing. I had to learn English, first of all, and then obtain a degree, not only with the goal of getting a job but to start my own business. I worked hard to overcome all the obstacles in my way, but with passion and determination I knew I could make my dreams come true.This led me to pursue a medical career and the dream of opening my own clinic. It was hard work to reach that goal and even harder to help my clinic grow and thrive. Read more>>