Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Om Rishikesh | Plant Based Ayurvedic Chef and Meditation Mentor

There are two things that make me happy: One is being present- I notice that when I am fully present in the moment I am able to appreciate the amazing gift of being alive. The second is helping others in finding Joy either in great food that leaves them energized and happy or teaching people meditation techniques to bring them back to center and gratitude- I find that gratitude is the key to happiness, Read more>>

Kelsey Frey | Freelance Writer, Pinterest Manager, Designer, Photographer

When I was in college, I wrote in my journal that all I wanted to do in my life and career was “a variety of things.” I still feel this way, and, although it makes my life a little more difficult at times because I constantly feel like I’m ‘starting over,’ I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I get bored easily, and I need to have lots of different projects on my plate to keep me engaged and excited about my work. Read more>>

Sriram Thiruvengadam | Director & Writer

There is nothing that gives me happiness, because happiness is abundantly available within. My happiness doesn’t have any conditions, so I just live from moment to moment pouring happiness into everything that I do. It was my unlimited desires that put conditions on my happiness. So logically, if I got rid of them with a certain care and effort, I’d be left with only happiness. Read more>>

Alyssa Park | Content Creator

When thinking about what makes me happy, it would be impossible to select or name just one thing. I am the absolute happiest when I get to combine all of my passions into one experience. I have the amazing opportunity of traveling around the country (and even internationally) capturing photos and videos of dancers. Growing up as a competitive dancer and an aspiring filmmaker, this fuels my inner child while allowing for new adventures and a chance to connect with the friends I have made all around the country. I get to see the world through various lenses and come away from each trip and event feeling inspired and ready for the next. Read more>>

Gavin Valladares | Drummer and Mixed Media Artist

I get the most personal reward when I am able to do something I love in a way that makes other people happy. There’s little to nothing that compares to looking out into the crowd from behind the drum kit and seeing your friends’ faces all smiling back at you. If I am not able to positively affect other people with what I am doing, I wouldn’t want to keep doing it. Read more>>

Diana Cuautle | Photographer

The fact that I woke up this morning, that YOU woke up too. Whenever I see humanity observing gratitude – that’s when I’m the most grounded. It brings about a certain grace that can take you places that other emotions won’t. Read more>>

Vanessa Yeager | Surfer, Teacher, and Surf Coach

Surfing makes me happy! Surfing makes me happy because it allows me to disconnect from it all, be present and in tune with mother nature. I feel like that aspect of life has been lost in today’s society with technology. It is so nice to get back to nature and it really is a blessing to be able to move and flow with the ocean. I feel it is good for your soul. I am a surf coach and to teach people how to flow and be present is what brings me joy. There is a moment in teaching surfing where the student gets it, they catch that first wave, they look back at me with a huge smile and in that moment I can see and feel their excitement. I live for this! That to me is good vibes. Read more>>

Mattey Spicer | stylist

in my career, seeing clients happy makes me happy. in something as personal as wardrobe styling it is impossible to fake positivity if you just aren’t feeling it. i really look at every project as a collaboration. when i see clients get genuinely excited about what they’re wearing or the images they’re seeing as a result of my work i feel as though we share moments of appreciation together & that’s very valuable & intimate. it creates a shared confidence that is authentic. Read more>>

Will Phillips | Hand Percussionist/Business Owner

Having such a rad family while balancing my music career makes me incredibly happy. Being a full time percussionist is definitely no easy task, however being able to show my family it’s okay to follow your dreams is priceless to me. When my career and family life are both grooving along is when I am happiest in life! Read more>>