We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Mick Garcia | Actor & Writer

Definitely being on the stage. Because firstly before stepping on stage, I must walk on an immersive process; which envolves research that pushes my limits, questioning myself, finding sense on the character’s behavior, with the unique goal to develop a true story. Personally I enjoy more performing live in a theater than the cinema or the TV, but I have to admit that each one has his own charm. Live performances in a theater for me are like a ritual that I celebrate with the audience, it’s unique, because each show happens only once and the theater is my temple. Read more>>

iismaill | | Artist

Being able to openly and freely express my creativity. That’s what truly makes me happy, and I say this because a creative space is where I feel free to display my emotions in any way that I see fit. Regardless of whether the content is funny or music-related or anything else, I feel happy simply being able to create it. Read more>>

Dean and Laura Larson | Collaborative Artists

We have been married to each other for 34 years. What makes us happy is spending time together. Whether it is at home or traveling abroad, we really enjoy each other’s company. Each day when our work is done, we truly enjoy sitting out on our little balcony overlooking Los Angeles, having a glass of fine wine, and talking about how the day was for each of us. One thing that brings us together is the fact that we are both Artists. We have been creating art for most of our individual lives. Dean has spent his life in the field of Photography. Laura has spent her life creating sculpture and mixed media installations. For the past 5 years or so we have been working collaboratively on photographic images that combine Dean’s digitally manipulated landscapes with Laura’s sculptural images. We love the challenge of melding our two individual visions into one final piece of work. We both are concerned with animal extinction and have felt the need to make some kind of comment on it. Read more>>

Sarah DeRemer | Photographer

I love getting to spend my days creating awesome images of dogs, especially when I’m able to give people photos of their family members that they’ll cherish forever. It makes me happy to capture moments that will be remembered. Dogs are incredibly important members of the family, and I love getting to focus all my work around them! It also makes me happy that I’ve been able to design a great work life balance for myself while keeping work fun, which I think is incredibly important especially if you’re a working creative. Read more>>

Kendra Richards | Pro Makeup Artist & Founder of Heir Atelier

I cutout and framed a quote that I found once that helps express the idea for me. “You have not lived a perfect day even though you earned your money unless you have done something for someone else who will never be able to repay you” Being able to do something for someone, big or small, that makes me deeply happy. Read more>>

Khaki Martin | Natural Voice, Breathwork, & Energy Guide

Singing makes me happy. It’s so simple! However, through the trials and tribulations of life as one stumbles into adulthood, I managed to forget this for about a decade, for most of my twenties. I only recently woke up again to just how deeply singing gives me joy and brings me back home to my physical and spiritual bodies. Singing makes me happy for numerous reasons – neurobiological reasons and spiritual ones. Scientifically, singing is SO good for us – it activates and tones the vagus nerve, which slows our brainwaves and grounds us in the parasympathetic nervous system (our “rest and digest” state), lowering cortisol levels and releasing endorphins through the oxygenation of the blood. Spiritually? Because singing connects me to my purpose, to others, and reminds me of the power of my authentic self-expression. And it’s really freaking fun. Read more>>

Shanna Waddell | Artist

My garden and walks to the beach make me happy. These spaces keep me present and allow me to play and relax. Read more>>

Tae Peoples | Career Specialist & Resume Writer

Creating a life that was not given is what makes me happy. You often can not control the life you were given, but you sure you can alter the life that will come. I get a sense of joy knowing that I currently have the power to control what I want my future and future legacy to look like. It’s very similar to an author picking up a pen and notebook to write chapter one and it later turns into their best-seller novel.I apply that same rule to me. Everyday I am creating new chapters of my life whether it’s improving my spiritual health, interacting with clients, or conversing with like-minded people. Knowing that all sacrifices and disapprovals are temporary, but will one day pay off is what makes me happy. Read more>>

Lije Morgan | Animator, Illustrator, and Game Designer

Something that makes me happier than almost anything else is sharing my art with the world. While I love to create things for myself, one of the main reasons I got into art in the first place is because of the impact it can have on others. There is something incredibly special about sharing a piece and hearing about how it’s touched others. Even the simple act of sharing an animation or illustration online is so rewarding when you can know that you put a smile on someone’s face that day. That being said, I think there’s definitely a fine line between being too attached to the outside perception of one’s art vs. wanting to share it with the world, and that’s a hard line to walk when sharing it on social media. I’ll often find myself caring too much about if what I’m posting is going to positively impact someone’s day or not, and will be forced to remind myself that I should not make for the sole purpose of sharing. Read more>>