“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Mu Real | Artist

I rap my reality that’s why I’m Mu real My EP is titled Perception is Reality.. why? because that’s the truth we live in today. Everyday we create false reality’s, excuses, and imaginative scenarios that we trick ourselves into believing. Our perception becomes our reality. We use drugs, sex, violence, and different things to shape our realities but only for the time being. Sometimes altering your perception of things can be good. On my tape I discuss how. Read more>>

Katriina Cotten | Actor, Model, & TV Personality

The principles in life that I follow are: always keep developing no matter what, work and practice on your craft, do what you enjoy and what you have a passion for, but most of all, always live in the moment – you only have one life to live and the only person who can live it, is YOU! I grew up with a single mother who consistently told me that whatever I put my mind to, I could achieve it and oh, was she right! I push myself beyond my comfortable boundaries and take risks in everything I do; Read more>>

Junwen Yu | Animation Director

I think the value that matter the most to me is to keep doing what you love. It might be hard, because what you love might not be a good way to make a living. But the more you enjoy what you do, the more passion you will have for that. You will meet a lot trouble. If you hate what you do, you will feel miserable and give up. Most part of making animation is tedious and repetitive. Read more>>

Alexander McDaniel | Writer/Director

A value/principle that matters to me the most is showing kindness to people and treating them how I want to be treated. I know this sounds like a common cliché but it has so many layers when it comes to filmmaking. On my sets, I try to make the environment healthy and fun for everybody. I put the matters of my crew and cast way before the product I want to make. I check up on everybody and make sure no one feels exhausted or uncomfortable. Not only does this benefit my personal well being but it also benefits the relationships and connections I make with other people. Read more>>