Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Aileen Ramirez | Reiki Healer & Embodiment Coach

Unearthed is a one pit stop for healing. I began my healing and spiritual journey with yoga and reiki. 6 years later I have gathered other healing modalities that have been pivotal points on this journey. Read more>> 

Rebecca Pless | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve always admired small businesses and organizations, especially when I was younger. I never thought I would have a business of my own, I always thought I would work in a corporate atmosphere. Read more>>

Daniel Coles | Small Business Owner

My thought process for starting my own business came from a simple idea: Be my own boss and have a flexible work schedule. Read more>>

Kelley Raleigh | Brain Trainer & Intuition Coach

I actually never wanted to start my own business. I didn’t think it was for me. But when I began my journey using NeurOptimal, it was so clear that this was for everyone and I wanted to make sure everyone I knew got to try it. Read more>>

Aimee Grubenhoff | Reiki Master & Hairstylist/Barber

The thought process behind starting my own business stemmed from a few different places. With my Reiki and Energy healing business- Shadow in the light Healing- Read more>>

Amanda Adams and Nicole Mueller | Artists & Co-Hosts of Beyond the Studio Podcast

We felt like there were all of these topics surrounding the business of being an artist that were unnecessarily taboo, like personal finance, pricing their work, getting into shows, etc. Read more>>

Ana Pleasant | Social services/ domestic violence and youth services

My thought process behind starting my own business is essentially that I myself experience domestic violence and seeking for services was nearly close to impossible. Read more>>

CjJ Charles | Author, Educator & Entrepreneur

I have always been an entrepreneur. Since elementary school, I would find ways to earn money with little businesses. I decided to start this business to fill in a gap. Read more>>

Tony Peralta | Artist & Creative Director

The process with my business is it actually went from a hobby to a full scale business. When I started doing the Peralta Project in 2005, I was interested in screen printing and making art. Read more>>

Galina Holechek | Interior Designer + Stylist

In my early years as an interior designer I loved working underneath other incredible designers, and I’m fortunate to have worked and learned as much as I did from some major LA powerhouses in the industry. Read more>>

Dr. Ryan C. Warner | Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, & Consultant

Before founding RC Warner Consulting, I began to realize that most people spend a large percentage of their life at work. However, I found through my personal and professional experiences that many organizations struggle with fostering a culture of inclusion within their workplace. Read more>>

Myles. Johnson

I wanted something that would represent myself along with identifying my purpose here on earth. Everything about my fitness and beliefs are driven by my passion to help others in any aspect of life. Read more>>

Katie Garibaldi | Music Supervisor & Filmmaker

I started Owl At The Moon Creative because I wanted to empower myself to do what I love, and also offer services to other creatives who are doing what they love. Read more>>

Leor Ram | Clinical Psychotherapist and Consultant

I come from a family of entrepreneurs so, at some level, I think I always knew I’d end up opening my own practice. Throughout my life, as I navigated the healthcare industry as both a provider and a consumer, Read more>>

Huey Bradbury-Ngo | Designer/Pattern Maker/Sample Maker

After being in the fashion industry for a while, I find that the pattern makers and sample rooms available are very straightforward with what they do, which is good. Read more>>

Hanna Lafko | Small Business Owner & Eclectic Witchcraft Practioner

My shop started as a fleeting thought during summer of 2020. I’ve been practicing varying kinds of witchcraft since I was 13. Read more>>

Kyra Edwards | Esthetician

I’ve always had the idea of running my own business. I never really liked working a 9-5 job for multiple reasons. I received information on an eyelash extension class one day & just decided to take the “risk”. Read more>>

Josefine & Dominik Red White Adventures | Digital Nomads & Travel Bloggers

We originally started our blog as an online “scrapbook” for our travels. Since we were already moving between countries and traveling so much we figured it would be easier to store our memories online than carrying around a heavy book. Read more>>

LaTaicha Norris | Owner of Thick Chicks Boutique

When I started Thick Chicks Boutique my thought process was how can I dress thicker women or women that look like me, classy, sexy, and make them feel great, with affordable fashion all at the same time. Read more>>

Mignon Alexandria | I am the owner and chef of Champignon Eats

My thought process with starting Champignon Eats was mainly “How can I make a income doing what I love?” That’s how it all started. Read more>>

Daniel Odesanya and Cherie Chua | Caterers, charcuterie company owners

We both have very different professional backgrounds. Daniel worked in IT and PR, and Cherie is a former sales director. The idea of starting a charcuterie company might seem unrelated to what we did in our previous jobs. Read more>>

Samantha Miller | Baker/Owner

Samantha was on hiatus (unemployed) from her casting job, as the show she was working on got canceled. One night she wanted dessert (to eat her feelings of being unemployed), Read more>>

Tyra Vassallo | Artist & Entrepreneur

When we’ve been doing what we love from the heart for so long, eventually it calls to us to share it with the world. Read more>>

Miriam Gutierrez | Pencil and Ink Illustration, Muralist and Wood burning Artist

In March of 2021 I decided to make the leap and quit my 9-5 desk job of 8 years and become an artist full time. I didn’t just decide to up and leave one day though. Read more>>

Calix Leigh-Reign and LaShelle Cooper | COO and CEO, Joint Publishers

Cayelle Publishing was a product of joint passions. We both loved reading, writing, and the art of storytelling. We were both published authors and after deliberating we decided that book publishing was a passion we could not avoid. Read more>>

MARISSA SANCHEZ | Intentional Candle Maker & Herbalist

I originally was working as medical biller for a surgeon’s office and struggling deeply with my own mental health and anxiety issues. Read more>>

Talibah Bayles | Small Business Advocate & Financial Avenger

After working for the federal government for almost 15 years, I decided to pick up the family torch of entrepreneurship full time in May of 2018. It was (and still is) important to be personally fulfilled in life even if it means leaving comfort behind. Read more>>

Ryan Johnson | Founding Executive Artistic Director

My co-founder, Quynn Johnson, and I recognized a lack of support, representation, and space for African Diaspora percussive dance in academia and the performing arts continuum. Read more>>

Candace Stewart | Entrepreneur, Dancer/Choreographer, and Mother

My thought process behind starting my own business was trying create a space and or platform for young up and coming artist, clothing designers, musicians, Read more>>