So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Marek Bowers | Founder/CEO Rawlogy

I want to be remembered as a man who possessed grace and goodness. As a Dad who was generous with his love, his compassion, and his empathy. As a trusted friend who showed up, time and time again. And, as the founder of a business that facilitated positive changes in people, and helped them improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Read more>>

Jaylin White | Comedian, Actor, and Conversationalist

The obvious answer would be that I was FUNNY of course but truthfully I want my own people to look at me and be proud that a black man existed, thrived, and took up space in the manner in which I do. Representation matters. I want people to remember all of the good stuff about me but also the things that made me complex because those things have enabled be to be who I am. Being black, queer, having bipolar disorder, coming from poverty, and dysfunction weren’t limitations but the greatest setup to something even greater. Read more>>

Kalpana Ravulapati | Influencer & Entrepreneur

“Your smile is your logo, personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” ~ Jay Danzie My brand is dedicated to encouraging women to pursue their utmost desires and passions and to never give up on their dreams despite any obstacles. Be true to yourself because the beauty and power are yours! I learned from a very young age following the example of my parents who sacrificed and provided so much support for the family whether they had loads of money or not. They groomed me as the eldest of three siblings to lead by example, to give to others genuinely from the heart, and serve the community. As a child, I felt this was overwhelming and a high expectation placed on me that I didn’t want but as I matured through personal life experiences, it all clicked in a blink of eye everything my parents prepared me for one day, it all made sense. The most joy I feel is when I make a positive impact to inspire others, even if it’s one person, to me that’s success. Read more>>

Meghan Murphy | Photographer, Former Rower & Current Combat Sports Athlete

I navigate a mental illness that often weighs so heavily on my shoulders. It makes it difficult to do simple things let alone, the things I love and are passionate about. Including photography. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) last May 2020 and it was nothing like I expected. Moving back home two months early at would would have been some of the best days of college, really tore me up. Online school was not easy and neither has been transitioning into a life without classes every day, or plans for another year of formal education. I pride myself in being a very empathetic person and doing things for others and with others in mind. Yet, in all that giving, I didn’t share it within my own self. Since practicing this more, it’s translated in my art and photography journey. At UNH, my heart and soul was in athletics. I loved going to events hours early, being with the team on the field and capturing exceptional moments in sports. Since the pandemic and moving home to Cape Cod, MA, my resources to shoot sports became slim to none, and I felt very lost. Read more>>

Nicole Campbell | Producer

Instead of being remembered for what I accomplished, I want to be remembered for how I made others feel. I want to be known as the person who was kind to others and who went through life with a smile on her face. Read more>>

Ghazal Rahimi | Artist

The only meaningful legacy I can leave in this world is through what my art has the power to do. As an artist, the work I create, after leaving the studio, begins to find her audience and impact them. Artworks aren’t made/meant to last forever. They may get lost, damaged, and distorted in time. Some of them are actually meant to get broken and destroyed. But, the impact they can make (or have once made) on people, will continue to change their experiences, shape important questions in their minds, and shift their cultural concerns in time. This is the only legacy I care to leave in this world, to inspire curiosity and empathy toward change, and build a more truthful and just world. Read more>>

Tamra Brown | Comedian

I want people to remember a time I made them laugh. Maybe it’s a sketch I wrote or a TikTok or a tweet or maybe it’s the time they passed me on the street in my fancy fur coat, riding an eScooter. Read more>>

Tommy Christoffel | Poet/Singer/Mechanic

It’s funny to be asked this because I ask other people all the time. I just want to be remembered as I was. I hope you could talk to anybody I knew and they would tell you about a positive impact I had on them. Whoever I meet in this life, I try to be my best self for them. Read more>>

Alisha Small | Entrepreneur/Founder (Keyz Kloset, Living Fulfilled Company)

I would like to be known for my servant leadership. My purpose isn’t money or the material things that come with owing a business. Those are the tools I use to be able to fulfill my purpose. My purpose is serving others and helping them become the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives. Along my journey I’ve come to learn that what I have accomplished personally at 36 people go a life time trying to accomplish, and that’s being a good person with high morals, and integrity. So many people for many reasons don’t feel like they’re worthy of living their dreams and I want to be apart of changing this mindset. I will continue to boldly, confidently, and courageously take risk, and run towards my dreams. By doing this I can create more opportunities for myself so that I can give those same opportunities to others. Read more>>

Susan Grau | Intuitive Medium, Life Coach, Doctor of Divinity Specializing in Near Death Experiences and The Afterlife

◦ Though I am unsure as to where my future will take me, one thing is certain. I want to be an inspiration for change and growth in this world. By the time I leave this planet, I want to have inspired as many people as Spirit allows. I want others to see their self-worth and to live life knowing that they are not alone. My hope is that my services in conjunction with my own difficult life journey continues to reach people on a soul level for years to come, and that they may come to understand one of the most important truths. This lifetime, although changeable, is not interchangeable. We must appreciate the moments because this is not a dress rehearsal. I hope to help others see the truth of what lies before us in the afterlife and that this vibration, this world, is only a block of time in our eternal journey. The afterlife does exist, and our loved ones are only a heartbeat away. Through my own near death experience and my mediumistic abilities, I hope to help those stricken with grief realize that life continues on after we leave this planet. ◦ Life after life is real, and truly wonderful. Read more>>

Dionne Character | Essence Bestselling Author, Columnist and Entertainment Writer.

As a creative writer, author and columnist, I want my legacy to be filled with words. Spoken words. Empowered words. Unsaid words. Raw and Real words. Words of love and hope. Words of encouragement and excitement for life, as tomorrow is not promised. I want my legacy to be filled with words one line at a time, reminding those who have nothing to say to scream aloud, letting their words be heard. I would love readers to remember every article, interview, short-story and poem that I wrote was written from my heart to theirs. I want my friends and family to always know that I was unafraid to say the things people were unable to express as I was able to tap into my creative power. Most of all, I want readers to know that my life’s voice as a writer and artists was meant for change whether through a song and/or written books. I want every student who created in my creative writing classes to remember the “freedom” of voice I allowed them to experience. I want to be remembered as someone who changed the literary world being her authentic self as I’ve always known the power of words. Read more>>

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT | Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor

I’ve worked hard to advocate for better pelvic health for all. Postpartum women, transgender folks, BIPOC mothers and beyond have all benefit from our community outreach and in-office services. Better pelvic health starts with access to basic education. Pelvic problems rarely resolve if on the pelvis is addressed. A total body approach to care is needed to help people fully recover from chronic pain or incontinence. Care for these pelvic health services goes way beyond teaching them how to do Kegels. In fact, Kegels make most pelvic health conditions worse. I’m on a mission to educate and provide top level services so folks can get the care they deserve. Read more>>

LaShae Hawkins | Network CEO & Producer

This is a common question that I think about all the time. My main legacy I will like to leave is a legacy of inspiration. I want people to remember me by being an inspiration to their life. Being a light in a dark room is what I strive to be. I have a heart for people, especially the ones who struggle more than others. I would liked to be remembered by bringing someone else purpose and gift out of them. Showing other’s my courage is one of my main reasons of living. People need to know that NO matter what they’ve been thru they can use that hurdle as a stepping stone, but also first hand training into what they were always purposed to do or be. I would liked to be remembered by my smile and how it lights up the room. Secondly my goofy yet witty personality. I want someone to say, “When she came around me anything I was dealing with she made me feel I can conquer it, but also felt like everything was going to be okay. Read more>>

Jordan Olguin | Actor, Musician, Performer

In one word, I want my legacy to be light. In a world full of darkness, hate, oppression, I want to shine my light and see the lights of those around me shine. I can only hope that the ripple effects of my work in this world reach generations to come. In March of 2020, I embarked on a mental health journey of healing my trauma head on. It has opened up a world I never before thought existed, and it also proved to be the hardest journey of my life. I want the fruits of my work to ripple throughout the world. One of my spiritual guides, so to speak, reminds me that although it seems selfish, this inner work is the work that changes the world. We never truly know how far our light can reach until we stand and shine. I want people to remember that I never gave up. I want to serve as an inspiration to any and all who feel that they can’t; I want them to know that they absolutely can! There are days for me that are so dark and hard, just living seems impossible. But I continue to wake up every morning and each day I do is a blessing to continue to work hard and shine my light. Read more>>

Jordan Benton | Music Producer & Brand Owner

I envision my legacy as one to be remembered. I want people to remember me by many positive aspects and experiences but most importantly authenticity. With my experiences, able to empower others to empower their own legacies.. Remembered for timeless classics artistically. Remembered for making a rare difference historically. and Remembered for spreading knowledge culturally. Read more>>

Krystal Langford | Owner of T-Shirt and Genes, Bartender

I want my legacy to be the stories I told. I want those stories to be uplifting, enlightening, encouraging, and inspire others to share their stories because we all have a story and our stories matter. Everything is a story. The food we eat, the movies we watch, the things we buy, the people we see are all attached to stories. Life is a collection of stories. Read more>>