We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Allen Carter | Artist, Writer, and Promoter

Following trends: I believe that you have to love what you do in any type of creative field, whether it’s film, TV, or comics. Jumping on a bandwagon (zombies, vampires, dark superheroes, etc) to find success, if you don’t already have a passion for those genres or trends will sap your creative energy, and will begin to make what you love to do feel like a job all the time. Read more>>

Jamila Glass | Filmmaker & Dancer

One piece of advice that seemed to fill the air around me during my formative years was that a person should focus on one thing in order to find true success.  I remember while growing up and going through the process of figuring out what I would major in and what I would ultimately do in life that I was always bothered by this notion of being locked into one profession.  The mere idea of choosing nagged at me.  My parents did their best to expose me and my three sisters to as many interests as possible, and that awakened in me a curiosity that exists to this day.   I currently work in the fields of dance, marketing, and filmmaking.  All of my career interests inform one another and that curiosity allows room for infinite growth. My personal mantra is, “I am a better filmmaker because I am a dancer and I am a better dancer because I am a filmmaker.”  Giving myself the space to allow my interests to roam has been incredibly freeing. Read more>>

Jones Häkkinen | Animator & Director

That stress is a thing that you should try to avoid. I think you should run towards stressful situations, step outside your comfort zone and learn to connect with your happiness in the calm center of the hurricane of a stressful situation. But happiness and fulfillment play a key role in my advice. In order to be able to benefit from stress you need to feel a connection and a passion for the task at hand, or your mission at large. If you already hate what you are doing the stress will just wear you down. Read more>>

Mike Baldwin | Commercial Kitchen Design Consultant

Do not put all of your eggs in one basket. Read more>>

Esta Bernstein | Author, Equine Intuitive Counselor and Nutritional Consultant

That you have to have a “Job” to survive. Read more>>

Joseph Crapanzano | Executive Chef

That the customer is always right! Listen, I know food. I know cuisines, I know what pairs well together, what I do not know is plumbing. I do not like when a client or customer orders and then wants to dissect a dish with outrageous requests or asks questions like they work for Zagat. I do not go to a construction site and tell the workers how to build a house. Let people do what they excel at. When you dine , try new things, let a chef be creative and immerse yourself in. Read more>>