We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Keandra Doss | Founder

“Fake it until you make it”, This is such trash advice, and doesn’t serve anyone, especially as a business owner. I love that we’re in a time where so many people are encouraged to create businesses and the leverage the online space to do so. Unfortunately, that means more people are consumed with the appearance of success rather than creating something of substance that has real impact or results. It’s okay to not know it all, ask for help, and do it imperfectly. Read more>>

Victoria Lora | Photographer & VFX Producer

I know this may be controversial… but the phrase “less is more” doesn’t jive with me! I’m not a huge risk taker in my everyday life, so I constantly have to remind myself that I can always add more. For example, when I’m styling a model I think it’s really important never to hold back on accessories. I started bringing jewelry with me on every photoshoot just in case we need something more to enhance the look. An extra necklace or bracelet can be the one thing that pulls an outfit together. This philosophy actually made me want to shoot jewelry exclusively, which is where I want my brand to start heading! Read more>>

Nicole Wensel | Actress, Filmmaker & Founder

“Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.” As much as I love productivity & value a strong work ethic, I disagree with this well-intentioned statement when it comes at the cost of self-care and wellness. I definitely used to live this way in my early days in the film industry – a sentiment inherited from the patriarchal ways of thinking dominating the industry. And ultimately, while the illusion of hyper-productivity reigned, it held a lot of negative consequences for myself and others. When used as an excuse to push workers past the point of burn-out, sacrificing well-being in service of a bottom line, this way of thinking can breed toxicity in the workplace. I think the solution is simply to better plan sustainable action, balanced with time and space allotted for wellness. Read more>>

Christopher Lin | Photographer & Educator

In creative industries, we often hear the word “passion” used in conventional pieces of advice. “Follow your passion” or “Find your passion” has often led to empty bank accounts and failed businesses. Many times, these photographers were passionate about the results and the glamorous aspects of the job. Whether it was the compliments they received on social media for an impressive image or the rush they felt when they were interacting with clients and having their creativity appreciated. What they probably weren’t passionate about was the not-so-fun aspects of operating a successful business, such as the marketing, the accounting, the legal work. They probably weren’t passionate about continuous training, trying (and failing at) new techniques, and learning new skills. The ones who continually experiment and push themselves are the ones who seem to have longevity in many creative industries. Read more>>

Kendra Mays | Interior Designer & Event Planning Specialist

I disagree with YOLO (You Only Live Once). In my opinion, you only die once but you have the opportunity to LIVE every single day. It’s about creating your life and how you choose to live every single day and receiving grace from God to be granted a fresh 24 hour slate in a day to actually live. Read more>>