We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Timmy L’Heureux | Actor

I disagree with the idea that you constantly have to be creating social media in order to book a job. I’ve always respected actors like Edward Norton who aren’t always in the spot light. He doesn’t seem starved for attention and needing to self validate through social media or news outlets. Norton, from what I understand, does a project because he believes in it and has that passion or desire to be a part of the project not because he’s afraid of losing out on the spotlight. Read more>>

Bel Kertesz | Singer, Writer & CEO

One piece of Conventional advice that I disagree with, is that there is a clear cut road to achieving your dreams. There is No such thing. For example, It’s great if you go to school, it’s an amazing tool and facet but it’s not for everybody and it doesn’t equal success. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to achieve that “thing”. Rather than knocking on a closed door, we now have the capabilities to create our own lane, and create a way to get there that hasn’t been done before. Read more>>

Ari Loeb | Stuntman & Movement Specialist

“No matter what, keep at it.” I believe that is a loaded piece of advice. There are many stages to success, and there’s no telling if you’ll flourish in the later parts of the process. Some people grow out of it – whatever they’re passionate about. Some people find that they don’t like the game, or the people playing it. But most commonly, people take discouragement too willingly. You will consistently be advised against doing things, and often times hard work won’t feel like it’s worth the effort. When hard work starts to feel like shifting concrete, it might be time to try something else. Read more>>

Cassidy Davis | Actor & Producer

One piece of advice that I used to get a lot at the beginning of my acting career was, “If you’re good at anything else, other than being an actor, do that instead.” I very much disagree with this advice. I was told this in high school by an actress I very much admired, and it made me doubt whether I wanted to pursue this dream after all. Because I was, and am, good at things other than being an actor. So I spent many years wondering if I should do that instead… if I should choose the safe choice. Read more>>

Christy Lee | Home Chef & Content Creator

One advice that no one should ever take into consideration is the word “amateur” because even Bill Gates started as an amateur before learning the steps into becoming a billionaire. You can do anything if you just START and be persistent with your goal. No one is born with a Ph.d attached to their name. Read more>>

Sherard Sharpe | Celebrity Television Host

There are many pieces of advice people have given to me over the years that I absolutely do not agree with. 1) Good things comes to those who wait. This is terrible advice for many reasons, the main reason is because why you are waiting, the go-getters are getting! 2) The 2nd piece of garbage advice that I totally disagreed with is, that every one should be working for someone. Not everyone is cut out to be someone else’s employee. I for one know I am a chief, not an Indian. Read more>>

The Lion Heart | Artist & Independent Record Label Owner

One piece of conventional advice that you must never fall for, and that I passionately disagree with; is the idea that one must “compromise” the integrity of their vision in order to achieve mainstream success. My father gave me a wisdom key some years ago, long before I ever imagined starting a business of my own (him and my mother being very successful business owners themselves). He told me, “never sale your livelihood.” Meaning, when situations are trying and you have nothing left, do not allow yourself to become desperate enough to compromise the very thing that could deliver you out of your situation. Read more>>