Over the years we have connected with so many incredible folks who are building amazing brands and enterprises and so we’ve asked them to tell us what they are most proud of.

Leana Shayefar | Founder & Creative Director

I am most proud of the fact that I started my business with such a tight budget only being able to bring in 1 style in 4 colors and with that 1 style and lots of hard leg work I was able to go from selling in 2 local studios in LA to over 100 in my first year in business. People always say work hard and it pays off and they are absolutely right. No business grows without alot of leg work and sacrifice but if you just keep plugging away at it, even with a tight budget you can grow a business. Read more>>

Patrick Bertagna | CEO

We help change lives and save lives. Our mission is to delivery the best in breed products that have a positive impact on the community at large. Whether its our Smart Wearable technology products such as our GPS SmartSoles designed for people who have a tendency to wander or our Smart NFC temperature reading face masks, we provide products and technology that empowers people to live a better, longer and healthier life. Read more>>

Brian Jensen | Digital Marketing Strategist

I’d say it’s the feedback we receive from clients. My mindset with Congruent Digital has always been to be the best, not the biggest, and our client retention rate and positive feedback we consistently receive from our clients attest to that. Read more>>

Shannon Scott | Co-Founder & President

We are really proud of the community we have been able to build who is supportive of each other and our world in general. We work with a variety of local makers, charity organizations, fellow small business owners and dreamers every day who inspire us to do more – every day. Read more>>

Jeanne Cheng | Newbie Restauranteur

What makes you most proud of the business you’ve built? What makes me most proud of the business I built is our product, the KyeRito, and everything it embodies. It’s extremely rewarding to create something that is totally original with a strong purpose, to enliven consciousness. I believe the food product itself does this. From the ingredients we use – local sustainably farmed, organic, or the best we can find, with full transparency of every ingredient. Read more>>

Carl Larsson | Managing Partner

I believe life is about serving and inspring other people. It’s a giving process. At Hästens we have the chance to change peoples life by providing them with the worlds best sleep. At our Hästens Sleep Spa:s in Los Angeles and New York we have created a relaxed environment for people to educate themselves about sleep and comfort. The best thing with this business is that the more generous you are, the more that comes back to you. It is a win win for everyone. Read more>>

Emma Mesrobian | Dancer, Choreographer & Dance Educator

When thinking about the word DANCE, the majority of people instinctively think INTIMIDATION. Yes, they do also think amazing, fun, and exciting, but to be associated with the skill of dance, their initial reaction is intimidation. I wanted to change that perspective and teach people that they can learn and attain dance for enjoyment. Dance is not a discipline that is to be only acquired at a professional level, but to be acquired to gain inner strength and confidence. I believe it is one of the best medicines in life. Read more>>

DeNika Turner-Stephens | Founder

Runway 4 Peace, Inc was built on passion with a purpose. Our organization created a unique opportunity to help children gain self-love and confidence through the creative art of modeling. I am most proud to have made a positive impact on the youth we serve in the community. Empowering kids to see the value in themselves and learning to accept and love themselves as they are, has been the most rewarding. Read more>>

Lisa Smith | In-Home Family & Teen Coach

What we do changes people’s lives. It repairs and rebuilds families. We have given thousands of families, parents and couples the communication and coping skills to have healthy relationships for the rest of their lives. We help them work through their own pain and challenges so they don’t pass on those things to the ones they love. Read more>>

Sheena Walker | Entrepreneur & Field Marketing Specialist

Vinyl Cosmetics is actually celebrating it’s three year anniversary as of today and that alone is something I’m extremely proud of! Over the past few years since launching the business there are many things that have made me proud from amazing collaborations, joining forces with our sister company Bete Noire, new packaging, growing our wholesale business, vending incredible events, and expanding our product assortment. But I think what has been most rewarding to me personally has been our incredible customers. Read more>>

Antoinette Balta, Esq., LLM | Executive Director & Co-Founder

I am proud that Veterans Legal Institute is an opportunity for low-income Veterans and their families to access justice in a meaningful way that can take them from homeless to hopeful. A no-cost, zealous legal advocate can remove barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment, ultimately giving the Veteran an empowering hand up. Access to justice isn’t a guaranteed right- often times, the most vulnerable populations go without services simply because they cannot afford an attorney. It is incredibly rewarding to build a people-oriented, passion-run nonprofit that effectively assists our great country. Read more>>

ELi Tully | Designer, Illustrator & Publisher

I am most proud of SWR Magnzine because it gives me the chance to help share great art and artists that wouldn’t have normally had the chance. Growing up I always dreamed of being approached by someone and having them tell me they believe in me and having them sponsor my journey as an artist. This magazine allows me to be that person for other artists of all levels and abilities and that’s why I’m proud of SWR. Read more>>

Doris Garrett | Separation Recovery Life Coach

I am most proud of how my business has changed many people lives, during a separation many emotions come to a person at once. When I work with my clients not only do we face these emotions but we overcome them and grow. So my clients can move on and enjoy life. Read more>>

Rick Nahmias | Founder & Executive Director

The pride that every one of our employees and volunteer leaders takes from embarking in our work is pretty incredible. No coaching necessary. They all have a passion and ability to articulate that excitement, which impresses me to no end. The fact it is so front and center with them all, and that it regenerates as their work evolves and grows, allowing them to describe their journey, gives the work a human element and authenticity that inspires me and makes me proud on a daily basis. Read more>>

Bobby Tetsch | CEO

What makes me most proud about the business I have built is the culture we have formed, and the relationships I have had the opportunity to see grow! Though profit and business growth are important, culture is of the upmost importance at Pacific Energy Network. High paid employees will quit a job if their morale is low. I pride myself and my executive team on the fact that we have created a culture of family, integrity, and discipline. Our employees come to work and feel respected and cared for just like they would if they were at home! Read more>>

Octavia Lindlahr | CEO, OTB Teacher & FLOW Instructor

Outside the Box was never going to be a “business”. It started with 11 moms in my living room. I need a little extra money and thought to myself “what do I know? what can I offer?”. My background in Neurobiology and experience with parents through being a doula, infant massage instructor and childbirth instructor put me in from of, and in touch with MNAY parents and their babies. I decided to MASH-up the two and create a “Brain Development” program for families. Through my experience with parents, I saw that they were great at “care-taking” for their children, but nobody was really “playing”. Read more>>