Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Clay Steakley | Writer, musician, and actor

My entire concept of work/life balance has changed dramatically over the years. Early on in my career, whether it was in acting or music or writing, I of course said yes to every opportunity. I was the kind of person who was terrified of having even one schedule conflict on a project because I wanted to please everyone and be what I thought was the model artist. The shift to establishing boundaries was gradual, but the big catalyst was when I lived in Washington, DC and did regional theatre there. I was working on a project and a cousin I was very close to passed away. Read more>>

Henry Jones | Owner & Photographer

My work life balance has changed tremendously since I’ve started my business. I work a ‘9-5 job’ and run my business pretty much anytime after I am done with my FT job. When I first started I would take jobs during the week and most weekends. Between both jobs it used to be me working weeks none stop and being up late editing, planning social media content and whatever business tasks were needed. Now I make sure I have the correct work life balance so I get to enjoy my family and be available to my friends as well. I also outsourced some of my business tasks and planned extended time off from photography. Read more>>

Megan Raff | Co-Owner of Dare 2 Dream Farms

Work-life balance is an extraordinary feat for farmers, akin to winning a 100-yard dash in a potato sack, blindfolded, with a hand tied behind you. Plants and animals don’t take days off. U.S. and foreign policies, and trade wars set consumer expectations for the value of food that is barely above or well below the cost to produce it. Climate change and years of drought have created difficulty in several states. Expectations have risen for humane standards of farming practices yet most consumers still balk at the higher cost of farming with care. Read more>>

Dr. Veronica Eyo | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The way that I balance my life and my responsibilities has shifted as I’ve become a mother and have grown my therapy practice. In my work as a therapist, I often talk about how we are not able to do everything. The saying I often say is, “we can have it all but we can’t have it at the same time.” It is something that I remind myself often when I feel like I have dropped the ball in an area in my life. The reality is that this balance is an illusion. Some areas of my life will be thriving and maybe others not so much and that is okay. My priorities shift throughout the day, throughout the week, throughout a season in life, etc and I’ve developed more of a tolerance in being able to do that and accomplish all my tasks and responsibilities. Read more>>

Bre Carroll | Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

This is a fun question; I am still exploring this one, almost daily. My idea of time, in and of itself has evolved throughout the years. For starters, it is something I value. My time and others. A question I consistently pose is, “how am I spending and filling in my time?” That goes for work and personal matters. The balance I now strive towards has been influenced by spending too much time on one side of the spectrum and not feeling centered. I am now able to identify an imbalance in my life when things do not feel fluid. I truly believe that work and personal life deserve attention, and when both are cared for, the other one enhances. Read more>>

Judith Gigliotti | Fine Arts Photographer

My” career” has had many different lives. Firstly, I raised 7 children( now all grown). I was a professional potter when I was in my 20’s and when I started my family my profession turned back into a hobby. My sister and I started a floorcloth business called OFF THE WALL . We ran that business out of my garage( again with kids running all around) our pick ups and drop offs and homework help was my priority. Later on I had pottery studio with a partner. Read more>>

Laura Barrett Larkins | Actress & CMO/Founder – LeBL Creative Consulting

When I was younger, I really subscribed to the idea that I had to be “booked and busy” and that any downtime I allowed myself was a missed opportunity. I read so many articles about how millionaires and billionaires all wake up at 5 am, never sleep, and just snack on almonds all day. But as I’ve gotten older and my business has grown, I’ve learned that we all need breaks. My brain is not functioning at a high level when I don’t get enough sleep or a few days off to relax and get inspired by the world around me. Read more>>