We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Lauren Sowa | Actor & Producer

This might be a bit more of a work/work balance, but for those of us who are multi-hyphenates and wear multiple hats, or are balancing a day job with an artistic pursuit, I’ve found it very helpful to shift my thinking away from prioritizing the “money” job and instead prioritize your true pursuit. By putting your purpose first, front and center, you’re showing up as your best self there. Read more>>

Krem Miskevich | chef, owner of Good Pierogi

A day has 24 hours. I’ve been a cook for 11 years. For the first 9, I would spend anywhere from 10 to 14 hours out of the 24 in the kitchen. When I was a line cook, I would always come in earlier than my schedule called for. 30 minutes, 1 hour…. 4 hours. Depended on the job and if I was single or not. I love to work in general, and I love to work in the kitchen so I thought that’s my life. Read more>>

Jason Carberry | Co-Founder of Fine Moments

That you need poll your consumers to death about your new idea. When we created our current line of greeting cards many people said, that we should add color because that is what consumers want. Ironically, since launching we have had a lot of customers tell us how refreshing our line is, that it doesn’t look like everything else. Read more>>

Kaiwei | Electronic Musician, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Improviser

Practice makes perfect. How would one define “perfect” and how exactly does one “practice” for it? The first half of this common idiom is a word that, when heard, is most certainly associated with mundane hard work and tedious repetitions, while the second half is an abstract description of a state most of us would deem out of reach. Perfection is something we struggle to grasp, yet we blindly pursue and long for. Within the capitalistic institutions we most commonly find ourselves victims/supporters of, Read more>>

Christine Das | Wildlife Conservation Artist

When art “experts” keep advicing me: “You must never make art with sale & money in mind.” I am glad I was adviced against this mindset from the beginning of my career by my business mentor & treated my art as a business in order for me to be able to sustain myself and my art making. Read more>>

Scott Greenberg | Motivational Speaker

You really have to be an expert in three areas to succeed as a motivational speaker: a topic, presentation skills, & selling speeches. Being good at two can compensate for lacking in one, but you really need to excel at all three to make a living. Read more>>

Kayden Tokarski | Actor and activist

Several people I know think that getting an audition or callback is easy. Getting an audition is a gift and a callback is a celebration even if you do not book the role because you booked the room. Read more>>

Chelcie Small | Realtor & Consultant

Real Estate requires a lot of layered strategy. When people think of the industry, they immediately think of “the market”. But there are honestly a ton of niches. Every agent must understand the basics of real estate law, advertising and pricing. Some agents choose to specialize in particular neighborhoods, buyers or sellers, developments, or even investments. Read more>>

Sydney Skybetter | Choreographer & Professor

I’m a choreographer. It’s my job to think about how bodies moving across space and time creates meaning. A lot of folks, understandably, think choreographers only work on stages to create performances by dancers. Choreographers are, in fact, employed in all manner of ways across all sorts of sectors! I regularly work with dancerly folks hired by Google to make gestural human / computer interfaces, or digital agencies to work on immersive art design, Read more>>

Angie Myung | Co-founder of Poketo & Chief Creative

When we first started Poketo in 2003, we did everything by ourselves, even down to pick, pack, and shipping, so we were working non-stop, day and night. It wasn’t until we first hired an employee how different it seemed. After almost 20 years of running this business, we can now say that we have achieved a good work-life balance. Read more>>

Danielle Bear | Content Creator, Recipe Developer

Balance is one of those words that gets thrown out all the time. It’s something that I have always strived for in my life but it’s also ever-changing. As we grow and change, we fall in and out of balance. We must constantly evaluate what we are doing and how we are feeling. I tend to be someone who takes things to the extreme. This all-or-nothing mindset has positive and negative implications. I started devoting my focus to being healthy about 8 years ago. Read more>>

Connie Kronlokken | Writer

As a writer steeped in the real world, every experience is a story. Becoming aware of details, connecting them with what I know and making sentences and paragraphs of them is the writer’s craft. Like a Chinese poet, distilling down the multifarious world into memorable phrases, I feel the world needs our attention and the meaning we make of it. The world makes beautiful, fractal patterns in a froth of expansion. But it is also ordered and we have the privilege of watching. Read more>>

Samantha Harris | Emmy-winning TV Host | Certified Health Coach | Bestselling Author

In my 20s and 30s, I worked so diligently and hard to create my career on television. Nothing got in the way. I met my husband but still held-off starting a family for a few years after we married. Balance didn’t exist. My jobs demanded my time 24/7 all year long. I didn’t understand the importance of balancing self-care, time for family and career until our first daughter came along. Even then, work demands stole my ability to control my schedule. Workouts always found a spot in my day, as not only a need for staying fit but for my mental health. Read more>>

Robert Zapata | Coffee Roaster, Vintage Clothing and Antique Dealer

If you asked me 10 years ago what was most important to me I would’ve answered family, friends and my passions which were at the time helping others and creating. Oddly enough, I spent most of my time working, studying, or doing other things that weren’t on my list. I believe there should be a balance between work and family. For me that balance is working with my family. I tend to obsess over work leaving me no time to spend with my family or friends and absolutely no time to help others. Read more>>

Sha’Rese Davis | Petite Curve Model, Creative Director, PR

Im still figuring this out! I went from living a whole entrepreneurial life for a little over a year. It was great! Had it’s ups and downs but I was more consistent with everything! I was getting things done! I had a routine and all Now I have way more on my plate, I’m back to work to bring in more funds to do more and I am trying. But what I’ve learned is that I know myself and my duties. So I bring in help, I separate my business from my passion and prioritize. Read more>>

WHY NOT MONDAY | interior furniture design studio

Monday? Why not? Originated from our passion and love for interior design and product design, we turned the passion and love into our real jobs. We were motivated by a desire of producing great designs and worked tirelessly day and night. From an outsider’s point of view, the 24/7-style work schedules of independent studios may seem crazy or unhealthy. But how do you distinguish between work and life when you got an inspiration for a boutique project after attending a fashion show with friends on a Tuesday, or even when you got a contract after taking a client for a super delicious brunch on a Saturday morning? Just like that, every day feels like a weekday just the same way it feels like the weekend. Read more>>

Alejandra Marqués | Productivity & Balance Mentor | Best-Selling Author

Some people think that having work-life balance is impossible. I don’t blame them, it seems hard to achieve. But the truth is that we can absolutely have it when we learn how to own our time. In the past, I was doing all the things, studying for 2 degrees (business management and law) at the same time, while working in a notary office, in a law firm, and in my family’s restaurant, while learning my 6th language and spending time with my loved ones. Read more>>

Krista Banaag | Creator, kaybcollective

Work-life balance has played such an integral role from me moving away from the standard 9-5 to freelancing. I’ve been working since the age of 16, and I’ve held anywhere from 1-3 jobs at a time since then. I’ve particularly worked within the startup space as of the last 6 years, and as most know, hours can be super demanding and the workload can be overwhelming with such small teams. My last full-time job, I found myself averaging 12-16 hour work days with 1 day off a week. Read more>>

Maddie Wiener | Comedian

I am incredibly lucky that I have come up with a group of comedians who have become my closest friends. I started comedy when I was sixteen, and quickly found it to be the best community I had ever been a part of. It is the most at home I’ve ever felt, and seven years later my best friends are still the people I met doing open mics in North Carolina in high school. When I started doing comedy it wasn’t ‘work’, it was something I did for fun with my friends. Read more>>

Akeishein | Muscian, Thespian, & Social Justice Warrior

I’ve been in the social justice space for over 5 years now. As an aritist, this has impacted the way I create tremendously. NIna Simone once said, ” An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” & I couldn’t agree more. With so many changes, heaviness, tragedy, and so forth, of the world, it can take a huge mental toll on you. For me, working a 9-5 submerged in daily breaking news, while upholding my duty to reflect that through art is a conituous journey of manuevering. Which is why balance for me is vital. Read more>>

Brigitte Tolson | Medical Esthetician & Founder of Green Chemistry

I used to feel guilty when my time wasn’t being used toward a professional goal, but I’ve grown to realize that truly enjoying your free time allows you to recharge so you can be more effective at achieving your goals. My husband has helped me with this, as he and I are in the same industry but we both love to travel and enjoy events in the city. I make a point to take one day just to myself a week, Read more>>