We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Macy / Mycah Libicki / Carr | Your favorite baking duo. Business Owners and Creatives

When we started working together to create Stupid Good we both had the driving force of wanting to use our creative backgrounds, and put it into what we love most, SWEETS. Read more>>

Kiara Graves | Photographer, Creative Director, and Personal Banker

I pursued an artistic/creative career because I am always trying to apply a visual to my ideas. From a young age I would write poetry, color a lot, and always start my own clubs with my local neighborhood friends I grew up with. I create when I cannot seem to find the words to describe how I feel or what’s on my mind. Read more>>

Bingxuan Tan | Background Artist, Concept Artist & Illustrator

I had passion for drawing since a young age, I would read Japanese manga or watch animation all the time. However nobody in my family is artist, or knows anything about art, so I would always consider drawing is just a hobby for me. Read more>>

Joonghun Cho | Pianist

I decided to pursue a career as a pianist because, first of all, I love music. I have always been so fascinated by how music, particularly classical music, can show so many different styles, characteristics, emotions and effects depending on its periods of composition, composers, performers, instruments and others. Read more>>

Rosa Costanza | Screenwriter, Director, Producer

A lifelong love of artwork in all mediums, and my individual creativity, is the default that keeps me centered as well as what fuels my drive to produce my own ideas and those of other collaborators. Read more>>

Melody Shih | Motion Graphics Designer

Growing up, I remember the urge to be creative coming out in many ways. I always had colored pencils in my hand, and I loved to draw or write stories on blank paper. I have always enjoyed the creative and storytelling process. Read more>>

Emil Lundmark | Animator

Drawing has always been my favorite thing to do. There’s something so fulfilling about being able to tell stories without using words. Even as children, before we learn to read and write, we can communicate through images. Read more>>

Mark / Marcas Kang-O’Higgins / O’hUigínn | Artist, KOH Atelier Director

Everyone is artistic or creative. It gets trained out of us over time. I had always loved art but did the ‘sensible’ thing and went to university. I enjoyed learning but was not really happy. Read more>>

Gabe Fleck | Songwriter

The discovery of ability was birthed from pure boredom in all honesty. I loved learning the guitar which naturally led to a love of songwriting and then producing and making beats. Read more>>

Love Keyyz | 2X Charting Singer-songwriter & Pianist

Music is in my blood. Once I found a supportive team that would nurture that talent, I knew I was destined to be a performing artist. I discovered my love for music when I was a teenager. Read more>>

Anne Bedrick | Abstract Artist & Gallerist

I pursued a career in art because there is power in going beyond words. Non-verbal art forms often speak to the universal truth of human experience more directly than other forms of communication. Read more>>

Sarah Underwood | Songwriter & Vocalist

Well, in a way my career actually chose me. I was on track to pursue collegiate athletics when I sustained a traumatic brain injury, and needed a new outlet for all of my time and energy while in recovery. Read more>>

Kyuri Cho | Illustration, Animation background designer

There’s something in common in my favorite content: it is a happy ending! I’ve seen a lot of people take the word “reality” as a negative meaning. I hope people dream of a happy ending in that “reality”. Read more>>

Andrew Kadikian | Filmmaker & Editor

I’ve always been a creative person, and as such felt it difficult to apply myself to things that I didn’t find creative or inspiring. I knew from a very young age that my eventual career would have to be something creative but my interest in filmmaking specifically didn’t really develop until I started high school. Read more>>

Rigel Crux | Artist & Songwriter

My Father is my greatest influence as an creative artist because I remember when I was 6 years old, I used to watch him recite and listen to several artists such as Tupac , Eminem, and his all time favorite Jay z. Read more>>

Donghoe Kim | Character Animator

I believe that, through animation, I can make people happy. I think we all experience hard times throughout our lives, and I’ve definitely been through some things too. Read more>>

Farah Jeune | Multimedia Artist

I’ve always wanted to be a creative professional because art was the only thing that truly made me feel whole and alive, but I wasn’t always encouraged to pursue it as a career. Read more>>

Brayden Hade | Designer and Director at Cupcake Theater

Honestly I think it happened out of necessity. When I was in high school I remember the advice, “if you can do anything else, do it.” Well here I am many years later and I’ve found that I can only really excel in a creative career. Read more>>

Leonardo Foti | Screenwriter & Director

That’s a tough one. I’m a screenwriter and a film director, so much of my decision-making comes from the creative side of my brain and functions with words like “inspiration” and “desire.” Read more>>

Linda Weinrib | Actress, VO Actress, Stage and Screen

As a child I watched my Father’s career in acting and VO and knew that is what I wanted to do too. My Mom started me at the age of 3 take dance and piano classes, at the age of 5 I booked my first acting job on The Danny Kaye Show at the CBS Studios. Read more>>

Kamajhia | Actress

I’ve always been artistic since I was a kid. Growing up, I would draw and paint, perform in talent shows and plays, and played violin, but my love for Acting grew so much more. Read more>>

Tamera LaShawn | NeoSoul Singer & songwriter

I have been blessed with the gift of song and as of a few years ago I realized that I have also been blessed with the gift of writing. Having a gift like that my entire life, I felt compelled to share it with the world after already holding it in for so long. Music is healing and I want my music to be healing for others as it is for me. Read more>>

Valerio Zanoli | Film director and producer

I’ve been loving Cinema since I was a child growing up in Italy. I used to go to the movie theater every Sunday, by myself, and get lost in different worlds and adventures. It was an event I looked forward to and truly enjoyed. Read more>>

Leland Montgomery | Film Director

I don’t often ask myself why I decided to pursue an artistic career — I think that it was hardwired from a young age. Many filmmakers talk about making movies with camcorders and family video cameras, and I never think of myself as one of those people – Read more>>

David Lee | Musical Artist

At a young age, I found a love for music. I would either be singing a Jonas Brothers song or playing air guitar. Music was everything to me, still is. When I was 4 years old, my mom and I went to my local ‘Concert in the Park’ series. Read more>>

Tabi Reyes | Nail Artist

I’ve always been a creative person and knew from a really young age that I would want a creative career. When I was younger I wanted to do everything and anything creative. Read more>>

Jessica Wu | Animator and Visual Artist

I have always loved drawing since I was a kid. On paper, I created my own rules. I could create a world that I didn’t have to think about exams and grades. Whenever our family would go out for food, my parents always brought crayons and paper. Read more>>

Izzy Miz | Musician, Songwriter, Model, and Artist

I pursued a creative career because to me music, photography, art, writing, and other forms of creative expression are so much more than hobbies. They are what gives my life meaning. Read more>>

IZABELA Salimpour | Singer, Songwriter, Influencer, Dancer, Actress

Art has always been my greatest outlet and passion. I find my life dull without it. It has supported me through every life fluctuation and has acted as my true voice. Read more>>

DeAna Fai | Singer -Songwriter

I’ve always been fascinated by the way people express themselves. My church background exposed me to various ministries that allowed my spiritual gifts to be acknowledged by so many. Read more>>

Gheremi Clay | Performance Artist, Choreographer and Creator

I wouldn’t say I pursued art, because I know art pursued me. No matter what obstacle or bound deemed greater in the face of my livelihood, I truly believe my best form of expression is through art. Read more>>

Aaron Aguilar | Visual Development Artist & Illustrator

I pursued an artistic career because it is what has always given me a voice when I felt like I didnt have one. Growing up as a queer person in a very conservative area was difficult and I always turned to character artist as a ways to throw myself into characters and living a happily openly gay life. Read more>>