Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. What’s tough about all of these vocations is that there is no clocking in and clocking out. So what should one do – work all day? Never work? Work 9-5? Finding work life balance when you work for yourself isn’t easy, but it is important.

Julie Sando | Playful Leader of Autistically Inclined

Let’s be real. Work-Life Balance is a struggle. I think when you love what you do, it is easy to want to work more and more. And in the autism world, with 1 out of 54 children being diagnosed, there is always work to do. I see how overwhelmed families in the autism community are. They are sleep deprived for years, they are always on guard, they deal with a lot of challenging situations, and they are on a life-long mission to help their kids in any way they can. We are always sharing strategies about balance with our clients. Read more>>

Anet Abnous | Artist, Designer and Founder of Anet’s Collection, Art Inspired Luxury Accessory Company

Work, life balance can be different for everyone and every situation. You need to set your priorities and decide the things you can give up completely or put limitation in order to have a happy life. Read More>>

Maya Myles | Artist & Photographer

Having a work life balance is extremely important in order to prevent burnouts, but since the start of Covid-19, my work life balance has been non existent. I currently have a full time job as a Public Communications Officer, this job is my main source of income as I continue to work towards building my brand. Since having the privilege to work at home, I find myself working outside of my designated hours. This leaves me with little to no time to further develop my shirt designs or paintings, and my inconsistent schedule makes it difficult to reach out to family/friends. Read more>>

Christina Garvin | Founder & Publicist

It’s changed drastically. At the beginning of my career I didn’t understand balance. For the first 10 years or so, I worked on average 80 + hours a week, day and night. I believed that the more I worked, the more people would take me seriously and in turn I would earn their respect. It took an emotional and physical toll on me, so much so that I went and quit my job on the spot with no backup plan.  I knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to truly be happy and healthy and it was the best decision I ever made. Read more>>

Nathaniel Upshaw | Filmmaker

During my early to mid twenties I was obsessed with work to the point of I didn’t want to be around you if you weren’t obsessed with it as well. Doing this lead to small, but great friendships, however, I neglected my family almost entirely. Now that I’m older, I realize that you can still be obsessed with working and you can also allocate time to spend with your family as long as you’re main focus is them and not work. In doing so, you and your loved ones will truly cherish every minute that you spend with them. Read more>>

Claudine Cooper | Fitness Trainer

As a wife, mother & trainer, I’m constantly asking myself this question: can I truly care for others if I don’t take time to care for myself? And the answer is a resounding NO. I unapologetically carve out time to hang with my friends or take myself out to eat or even just quietly sit in the car with my cellphone. Read more>>

Jenny J Nam | Pianist For All Genre, Composer, Songwriter & Music Instructor

Making your work and personal life in balance is crucial to maintaining your health inside and outside. I mean, physically and mentally. Self-employed life can be confusing – there’s no strict boundary between your work life and personal life. For example, my home is my office : I produce music, teach, and do a lot of administrative work at home. At the same time, this is the place where I sleep in (oh, cooking too! I cook a lot for daily meals). Read  more>>

Beth Gatza | Professional Artist & Art Faculty

Nobody goes into motherhood thinking, “This is going to be a BREEZE!”. In fact, you have so many people trying to convince you that your life will never be the same that you almost start to believe them. On top of that uplifting advice, you are forced to stop doing the things you love because your body morphs into a completely unrecognizable form and you can do nothing else but sit on a couch surrounded in a throne of pillows. Read more>>

Paul Carter | Podcaster & Creative

My understanding of balance taken different over the course of my life. But now, I understand balance as as the things I can use to manifest joy and fulfillment. There are an endless number of elements that contribute to my understanding of balance. My political values are important because they ground me in what I believe is just and right. My career in education outside of my podcast grounds me with a sense of how I’m creating opportunities for Black and Latinx folks from my community. Read more>>

Risa Williams | Licensed Psychotherapist (LMFT) & Time Management Coach

A few years ago, I was working a full-time job, two part-time jobs on the side, while commuting two hours a day and raising my kids. I was rushing from teaching to work, to seeing clients, to picking up kids, to making meals and running errands… it felt like an endless hamster wheel. And whenever I did have a little downtime, my brain would just start listing all the stuff I had to do in the future, instead of… relaxing. After paring jobs down, and learning how to prioritize things better, I discovered that balance was everything. Read more>>

Alexandra Wright | Actor & Coach

I have always had a difficult time with work life balance, and it is something that I am actively working on improving. When you love what you do, it begins to influence the way you view the world. You start finding inspiration everywhere, ideas everywhere, and that feeling is contagious. Before you know it, it’s late at night and you’re still grinding away. Sometimes you never know when inspiration strikes, and often times we feel like we need to jump on that inspiration as soon as is strikes or it’s going to disappear and never come back. Read more>>

Nicole Green | Owner

In May of 2019 I quit my corporate job to focus on my business full time. That has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far. That allowed me to make my own schedule and gave me more time to make sure my work life balance was what I need it to be. For me a great balance is not over working myself and draining myself mentally and physically. You have to take time to do things you enjoy or do nothing at all and give your mind/body a break! Read more>>

Robyn Winder | Owner & Creator

Balance is KEY to everything in life, and especially when it comes to work! I’ve never really realized how important it is until a recent situation that I had experienced. I initially started my mini fairy garden business from home, taking orders and shipping my gardens out as well as local pick ups, Last year 2019 I received a business proposal to have a storefront shop selling my mini fairy gardens and accessories. After some thought I decided it would be a great idea and went for it! Read more>>