Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and the role it’s played in their life and career.

Alice Rehemutula | Filmmaker

I absolutely see myself as a risk-taker. I mean I don’t wish to take risks all the time but you can’t avoid that in your life. Life is an adventure, not a destination. And on the adventure of life, you never know what’s going to happen next! Which often leads to you to risk, and uncertainty. And I find that exciting, it makes me feel alive. I will say taking a risk in my life and career played a key role for me. Read more>>

Haven Everly | Actress, Singer & Influencer

I have always been an avid believer in taking risks. When I was 16, I forged my parents’ signatures and went skydiving with a few family members/friends because I wanted nothing more than to feel like I can fly. Looking back, I am not proud of forging my parents signatures, but I don’t regret the amazing flying experience I had that day. Taking risks has always been one of my primary ingredients for personal growth. As a singer/actress/influencer, my career is based on taking risks. Read more>>

Raymond Gerard Braza | Filmmaker & Content Creator

When it comes to taking a risk, I always think about the negative outcome first before I think about the positives. Early on in my career, I wanted to create a create a horror film with little to no experience in hands on film production. I thought to myself, that if I ended up giving up on the project, I would let my parents down, and all the people who worked with me on the project. Although I would let everyone down, I would always think to myself that at least I tried and that’s all that matters and that’s what taking risks are. Read more>>

Clermont Dossous | DJ

Risk is necessary, risk is your best friend, and without taking any risk it’s impossible to move forward in life. Let me explain: EVERYTHING is risky. just driving up the street is risky, eating out is risk, but it is a calculated risk. You Educated yourself and take measure to minimize the damage in case something goes wrong. When we drive we put our seatbelt, we learn how to drive and overtime it becomes second nature. Read more>>

Maritza Orozco | Ritz & Associates, Keller Williams

I would say risk plays a big factor whether in life or career. The choices you make have risk that help you/push you to be the person you are determined to be. Career wise, for me would be my everyday sacrifices I choose to take such as family time, rejections, mindset. They set out to become risks that I repeatedly choose to take to try to achieve greatness. Read more>>

Kiersten Kelly | Singer, Songwriter & Diversity Model

Risk challenges ourselves to go beyond the comfort that we’ve settled into and leads us to grow. Being a creative is a risk in itself. There’s no how-to guide to success. When it comes to art and creativity, you cannot put out “safe” material. Every move you make can hurt or help your brand, and you just have to trust your gut. If it doesn’t work out the way you hoped, you try again and continue to take risks. The risks I take in my career have always been saying yes, even when I don’t have the experience. Read more>>

Tessa Markle | Filmmaker

The film industry is always risky. Whether you’re a big studio or an independent creative. Of course, making your own indie films is a little scarier of a risk if it’s your own money or that of investors that expect a return. But I didn’t get into this business thinking it was easy or risk free. I like to take calculated risks both in my life and in my career. I believe risk equals reward and living in the present, not worrying about the future, is the best way to be. But I do like to be prepared for various outcomes. Read more>>

Danny Heller | Fine Artist

Risk taking is something I’ve thought about a lot throughout my career and continually try to analyze. As an artist you could say that my whole career path has been one big risk. And I realized that early on: I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in fine art, however, I chose to focus on design, specifically theatre/stage design, thinking I would apply my artistic talents to the film industry. Having grown up in LA, film was a decidedly less “risky” career than trying to make it as a fine artist. Read more>>

Ashley Monzon | Fashion Ecommerce

All of our lives are risks, and I stand by the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. Growing up I’d say I really wasn’t a risk taker, I followed the rules, did as I was told, and didn’t really question anything. However, as I got older my loud mouth got me into different situations. At the age of 18 I applied to a school across the country without telling anyone, especially my parents, until I need support financially. At 19 I was accepted and moved to LA from Chicago which to date is by far the biggest risk I jave ever taken in my life. Read more>>

Adam Santana | Visual Artist

I think taking a risk is a very important step to learning. Without risk, you may never know what you are capable of. My passion for ART has been with me since a child. Growing up and not knowing where this will lead. You just have to go for it and see for yourself what will be down the road. As an artist, you take many risk. Your art work could be seen as offensive or something that is inspiring. You also may never know if anyone will even like your work. Over the years, I have taken many risk. Its has been well worth it. Read more>>

Azana Williams | Founder & Fashion Designer

Taking risks has been a constant part of my growth. Even getting started in the creative and highly critical world of luxury fashion was somewhat of a leap of faith. But I’d never take it back. I find myself repeatedly having to step out of my comfort zone and be a little courageous as the brand grows. While it may not always be easy, I’m sure many can agree that these are the most important moments. In building Azana Serene, I’ve been faced with many learning experiences that no book prepared me for. Read more>>

Corina Garcia | Dance Teacher

When I reflect about risk, it takes courage to seize an opportunity about something you are uncertain of whether the outcome is either negative or positive. I like to think at least someone is brave enough to take that risk for more growth in his or her life. Taking a chance has taken a huge impact on my life, especially creating coris_schoolofdance, from saying I am not sure this is a good idea to this is the best decision of my life. Read more>>