A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Nick Martinez | Director

I believe anytime you say No it’s the hardest decision you have to make. Whether it’s No to a project, friend, or family member it is hard to set your boundaries and stick to them. It’s taken me a long time to figure out that it’s ok to say No and I still have doubts if it’s the right decision. Once you do say No, you realize it is not the end of the world and it forces others to respect your decision and time. Read more>>

Mohit Sengupta | Artist & Audio Engineer

Most people assume that there are only a few ways to survive and succeed in the music industry, but as I’ve networked and had more chances to reveal my skillset to the people in my industry, more and more doors open. An example of this is that although I consider myself an Artist and Audio Engineer first, my skillset of being a professional guitarist gets me a ton of opportunities to build up financials and network with the right people in my industry. Read more>>

Kylia Jackson | Digital Marketer & Web Designer

In the Digital Marketing Industry, many don’t realize the full scope of what digital marketing covers. The first thing that comes to mind is Social Media Marketing, but this is only one piece of the pie. Digital marketing covers any type of marketing done on an online platform including email, websites, YouTube, blogs, etc. Through my Digital Marketing Agency, Her Light Creative, I help women-led businesses create strategic brands & websites that position them to be found by their target audience. Read more>>

Priscilla Alvarez | Film maker, Director and writer

There are many aspects of the film industry that I’m still learning. But what I was totally unaware of- was the struggle and hustle it takes to produce a film. It does not matter if the film is ten minutes or a feature, it is always a grind. Another highlight of this industry is that if one as a creative is a writer, characters are constantly developing in the mind. Read more>>

Jessica Powell | Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

Surprisingly, the dog training industry is completely unregulated. There is no governing body that ensures dogs are handled and trained using the most up to date, low stress and ethical methods. Private organizations will have their own protocols of course, generally created subjectively from within. Behavior is a science just like medicine, but trainers don’t have to be licensed, obtain particular credentials or follow a code of practice in order to operate, like a veterinarian or surgeon would for example. Read more>>

Keisha M. Tarver | Founder / Editor-In-Chief

That it is work. From the outside looking in, the entertainment media space might look all fun and games. But, there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Now don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of fun and I love what I do. But, at the end of the day, things still need to get done. For example, when I’m out covering events, I’m there gathering content, taking photos and videos, as well as outlining the article in my Notes app. It’s always a good time. But, don’t forget there is work involved. Read more>>

Zane Vandevort | Songwriter, Performer, Producer & Record Label Owner

I’d love to quit my day job and get to be creative for a living. I see myself touring, writing, and recording music without worrying about paying the bills someday. There’s nothing I enjoy more than challenging myself and expressing how I feel through songs. It would be a dream to be a full time artist and focus on creating timeless pieces of work which will live on past my time on this planet. Read more>>

Jon Del Real | Photographer

I have this fear of being forgotten—in the end we will all be over the decades and centuries. But I wanna try to keep my name out there just a little longer. Legacy is very important to me and I want myself and my work to be remembered. The money will be nice if I get to it, but at the end of it all… I just want my name uttered long after I’m gone. I hope by the end of my career I can see the weight my name bears. That would be nice. Read more>>

Giovanni Cristoff | Actor

My goal is to have the career of Leonardo DiCaprio. He started out as a teen actor as I did. By the end of my career, I want to be one of the greats as my heroes, Al Pacino, Robert Dinero and Marlon Brando. Read more>>

Cici Wong | Handmade Business Owner & Musician

For a majority of my life, I’ve been torn between pursuing what I truly wanted to do and what I felt I had to do. I knew I always loved more artistic, creative, and hands-on activities (such as playing piano/making music, writing, and cooking) ever since I was a young child. Deep down inside, I knew I was meant to pursue a career related to these interests. However, I was constantly discouraged from pursuing these interests no further than as hobbies, and it slowly wore down on me. Read more>>

Jason Adler | Cinematographer

The end goal for me as a cinematographer is to be shooting narrative films. I love story more than anything else and the ideal place for me to produce visual stories is in the scripted narrative space. Up until this point, the bulk of my career has been short form (short films, commercials, music videos) and docs. I’ve loved every second of it, but the end goal is 100% to be shooting feature films. Read more>>

Retesh Gupta | Rapper | Actor

The most difficult decision I had to make was moving to LA for music without a plan or friends/family. I did not know what to expect or if I was making the right decision. I took a chance on myself to get closer to my dreams leaving my family and friends behind. Read more>>

Jay Hewitt | Ironman fighting brain cancer

The most difficult decision I have ever had to make came at my weakest moment. I was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and I needed to make two key decisions. 1) In terms of my spiritual health I needed to decide if I would continue down the path of my current faith tradition or if I would walk away disillusioned. I decided to remain true to my spiritual convictions despite my current state of confusion. This decision lead to me finding the clarity and strength to make the next difficult decision. Read more>>

Chase McCormick | White Rapper & Screenwriter

I want to own my own studio so that I can produce any and all of the creative projects I wish. Music is just the beginning for me. I love collaborating with other rappers, especially from Detroit, but I also want to finance my own films, documentaries, and tv shows. Film school at LMU has taught me that even amongst some of the most creative college students in the world, my ideas are unique and my teachers encourage my pursuit to do things differently. Read more>>