What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Kristina McInnis | Blogger & Influencer

Balance will look different from person to person, but I’ve always believed that building a personal brand is all about creating something sustainable and fitting to my lifestyle and values. After all, you should have your business work for you, not the other way around, right? Feeling good physically/emotionally + enjoying myself is important, so I try to make sure I have fun and take care of myself while building a business and life that I love. Read more>>

Samanta Tello | Artist

Balance seems like one of the words that often pop in my head and one of the concepts I strive to bring to my life and my family’s daily life. Although by now, I feel that it’s a myth. At least to obtain it every day. Some days I am a good mom, somedays I am a good artist, a good wife, a good pet owner, a health-minded person, someone who cares about other people and the environment… some days I feel I am none of that. But indeed, it’s more than challenging for me to get all of them simultaneously, although it’s worth aiming to try. Read more>>

Jada Cato | Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Director, Designer

My work life balance is a work in progress. I am now so aware of the importance of taking care of my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I have tools now that I didn’t have when I was 18. Now, I’m learning to integrate those tools. Stopping myself when I want to work through illness or exhaustion. Allowing myself space to rest. Realizing that my success doesn’t come from climbing any ladder, but from taking care of me and this body that I was given. My work life balance definitely improved when I stopped seeing success as some trophy or an award, though a Grammy or two wouldn’t hurt! I work really hard on avoiding living up to the expectations others’ put over my life, and that’s given me permission to do what I want to do and live a more authentic life. Read more>>

Natalie Garcia | Poet and Writer

My work life balance has not always been a priority to me especially in my 20’s. Back then I was more focused on developing my career and working hard to create a successful path for myself. I was constantly working and never taking breaks because that is how I was raise. My mentality was if I don’t work constantly, I won’t be successful. However, as I’ve grown in my career, I have realized how important work life balance is not just for your health, but for your creative mindset. Read more>>

Daniel Bateman | Musician, Frog

The funny thing is about work/life balance when you have a real job and an artistic career that you’re doing simultaneously, like most of the people who have any sort of artistic ‘career’, is that your work/life balance consists of you balancing not getting fired from the thing that gets you paid and having any energy or time left for the thing you find meaningful. This works when you’re young, have a job that is easy or part-time, or don’t have a serious partner, but when you get older and have children and a mortgage etc., it becomes something that completely destroys your well-being. Read more>>

Jacq Becker | New children’s artist -‘Mama B & Uncle T’

Becoming a mom has definitely shifted everything! It’s made me more focused on what’s important and time management has been key. I find that I work better when I know exactly what hours I need to be productive, otherwise I’ll inevitably procrastinate. Becoming a mom has also shifted my mindset on what work means. If I’m spending time away from my baby it better be because I love it! Showing passion for what you do is definitely something I want to model for my son. Read more>>