The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Allie Knull | Recruiter & HR Advisor | Industry Disruptor

Besides going into entrepreneurship, the most important decision that I made that I attribute to my success is to carve out time for those that mean the most to me. Being an entrepreneur can easily affect your attention every minute of every day, but when I started my journey it was due to my family. I was on my second maternity leave and without a job to go back to, it made sense to use my expertise to work “part-time” as a consultant first and then the President of a management team, to a Founder of a Tech startup. Each one of those roles forced me to manage my time with my spouse and kids because I was doing this, for them. I began to have blocked off time in my schedule that I rigidly enforced when it came to family time and spouse time. And for that, all my clients respected it. Read more>>


I believe the single most important decision I made was to believe in myself. In order to propel ones life forward with any actions taken one must first decide.
Deciding is half the battle and generally that battle is between heart and mind.
Am I good enough am I capable of doing this is an on going inner monologue?
it asks that you move past deep programming imbedded in the subconscious mind that consciously seeks to protect you from rejection of any kind identified as being trauma…which in truth is the SHADOW SELF. So yeah…I made a decision to be successful. To push past any limiting beliefs that suggest that I cannot which implies incapability. Read more>>

Patrick Santa Ana | Makeup artist Hairstylist

That if all my peers succeed we all succeed. There is enough jobs, clients, money and opportunities everywhere! Read more>>

Corby Furrow | Transformational Catalyst, Certified Executive Coach and Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques Trainer

The single most important decision contributing to my success was to work on me. We all carry belief systems that have been given to us, that have conditioned who we thought we should be, and we believe it. The truth is, the conditioning is not who we truly are. What we learn influences our relationships with money, with people, with health, with success and failure. Due to the events in my life, I thought I had to be a people pleaser and over giver. I thought that I had to do everything on my own and for everyone else at the costs of me, it stemmed from a fear of abandonment. Read more>>