We had the good fortune of connecting with Desert of Talking Shadows and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Desert of Talking Shadows, is there a quote or affirmation that’s meaningful to you?
We’ve got two quotes in the band that we really live by, the first is “Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent fails to work hard” – Tim Notke and “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” – Thomas Reid. To us, there are millions of other people, musicians, and bands, that are 10 times more talented than our band. But when we play and work at our craft, each time we step in that rehearsal space, or get on a stage, or go into the studio to record, the goal is always to work harder and work smarter than those millions of other people and to get better EVERY single day at what WE do. Whether it be songwriting, or the performance aspect, or making records, if we make the goal, and work HARD at that goal, it’s something that can be easily achieved because millions of those other people might be immensely talented, but they don’t have the same work ethic, business sense, or flat out hunger and drive to take their music to where we want to take our music. The second quote goes hand in hand for us, because if you think of great bands like Led Zeppelin or The Beatles for example, there was never a “weak” link. Those bands are some of the greatest of all time, and that’s because each member of the band was significantly proficient in most, if not all areas of the musicianship and songwriting required of them within their projects. For our band, we don’t want a single member to stand out or shine above the rest, we want each of us to contribute in a way that makes each member valuable to the goal and task at hand of making great music, putting on unreal live shows, and making prolific long lasting records for decades to come. We work tirelessly to take each of our separate weakness and turn them into strengths, so that when we come together as a group, we can become an unstoppable force in this industry for years to come.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
The thing that sets us apart from others is that we really do think of our art as “art” in the sense that, we like to take our time and make the best possible music and songs that we can, rather than just giving half effort and letting people down. We’re not that type of band, we always go full throttle and every time we do something, we go all in otherwise there’d be no reason to do it. And another thing, is we like to have dynamics and variety in our catalog and our setlists. A lot of bands can be pretty good at one thing and have one sound, but we like to strive to be great at many things and styles within our own sound and expand on some ideas that other bands wouldn’t really try to explore. Currently, we are most excited and proud about our debut album “Foreshadowing” to be released in the near future! It’s been a tough road but we wouldn’t want it any other way. If the journey was too easy it wouldn’t be worth it. We’re ready to work hard at what’s next and everything we want to accomplish in our career going forward.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
The Tribune Speakeasy in Fullerton, CA – Great place to drink (excellent bar tending) and they’ve got great food too. Great environment as well. Mel’s Drive In on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA – We go there a lot after shows, open 24 hours, and they’ve got the best milkshakes in town. We really don’t each much after shows, but the milkshakes are just THAT amazing and so that is usually what attracts us there right when we leave the venue. Raisin’ Cane’s Chicken and In’ N’ Out in La Habra, CA -We hang out and eat at both those places pretty often and would recommend them to someone coming to our city La Habra for the first time. Huntington Beach, CA – A lot of people from other states don’t have beaches, so we’d probably recommend them a place like Huntington to hang out and play guitar in the sand and go swimming.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
We’d like to shoutout our parents, each of our parents from each member in the band have been so overwhelmingly supportive of us as people as well as our music. We all come from different backgrounds, but I think one thing we all have in common is that our parents all really give a shit about us and support us to no lengths end and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.

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