We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

David Malana | Co-Founder of Color the Water (Anti-Racist Surf Activist)

My favorite quote is ““I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” To me it means that even though I am not blessed with prodigious talent or resources, I still have a chance to impact the world if I live in my truth, resist the urge to quietly cower from my own greatness, and most importantly, trust in the power of teaching and planting seeds that grow in people that you connect, learning through mistakes and experience, and believing in the idea that community is the real royalty and that alone we can go fast, but together…we go far. Read more>>

Suzanna Griffith | Suzanna Griffith- Vocal and Artist Development Coach, Singer & Writer

‘Music has charms to soothe the savage breast’ from The Mourning Bride, a poem by William Congreve, 1697 I require music and singing in my life like air. It’s power, love, beauty. As a vocal coach, I take on many roles – a therapist, friend, confidante. I work with the “whole person” and dig into their dreams and what singing and music mean to them. Music has been used for healing for centuries. I believe that anyone can be moved by music, whether it’s a concerto or a Broadway musical. Read more>>

Holly Woolson | Artist & Writer

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” ― Georgia O’Keeffe When you work for yourself, there is always a pile of tasks that need doing and ideas bubbling up inside you that need to be brought into the world. The creative process in both realms is never ending. On top of that, our social world has been moving with lightning speed. Computers call for my attention throughout the day with dings and bells and impose countdowns and time limits within which I must respond. It is very easy to feel harried and overwhelmed, to lose sight of what really matters. This quote reminds me to slow down and pay attention. Even with the change in pace since the Pandemic began nearly a year ago, it is easy to get lost in checklists, to get carried along by what needs to get done, keep your head down, and forget to look up and see the world around you. This quote from the mother of modern art, validates the time that I take away from my desk or my easel. Read more>>

Daniel Johnson Jr | Bioinformatician & Entrepreneur

One of my favorite quotes is “You have the vision, trust your creativity. You have the ability, implement your knowledge. You have the time, take yourself serious.” These words stand out to me for a number of reasons, they motivate me to execute on my ideas because you never know what doors will open up as you continue to learn and grow throughout the process. They remind me that I have all that I need within myself to see it through as long as I trust myself and keep an open mind when challenges occur. I understand that mistakes are lessons and when you believe in yourself, others will begin to notice and the right ones will be drawn to you and be willing to assist you with whatever it is that you need. Read more>>

Eddie Jelinet | Artist

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein I believe that imagination is the wings of the mind. Anybody can teach you knowledge, but imagination cannot be taught. The more your imagination is unleashed, the more freedom you have to create. Read more>>

Maya Umemoto Gorman | Photographer & Dancer

My favorite affirmation is “If not now, then when.” A lot of times I am my best friend and my worst enemy. I’ll have ideas for potential work and find myself wanting to wait until I get new gear, or have learned new techniques, etc. There is always room in terms of wanting to grow and get better in your craft, however, this affirmation always reminds me to stay/create in the present. When you have an idea? Do it! Trust yourself and your ability to create what you envision. You are capable. Read more>>

Karla Amador | CEO & Co-Founder

My favorite quote is, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” attributed to Henry Ford. I think having a positive mindset is one of the most important things we should cultivate on our journey in life. I truly believe that what we think, feel, say, plus our actions, create our reality. If you think you can’t do something, how can it possibly manifest? Versus believing there is a way, even if you don’t exactly know how. I also like learning and practicing the Law of Attraction, which is the same concept. In order to be successful in life and business we need to adapt a “can do,” and “figure it out” mentality. Finally, one must take the steps into the unknown, with faith that what we desire can happen for us. Read more>>

Khadijah Fanaka | Creative – Producer

My favorite quote is, “create and inspire entertainment experiences that people love”. I put it on a shirt, because that truly is my career goal. I want my legacy in this business to be that I was apart of something timeless and classic. The inclusion of the word inspire sells it for me. I am inspired by so many creative visionaries from Mara Brock Akil, to Shonda Rhimes, Debbie Allen and Issa Rae. I have a wall of art in my home that showcases my favorite films and television experiences as a reminder to keep going. I want people to have my shit on their walls one day. Read more>>

Jonathan Andre Culliton | Writer/Director

I’m a storyteller, so there are actually probably dozens of quotes from writers I admire that I use as tenements for my writing. When I was a teenager, I first saw a documentary on one of my favorite bands, X, where Exene Cervenka talks about how you have to write even if it’s bad and write through that. It’s something a lot of people say but because I loved that band so much, I really heard it when she said it. And I loved the lyrics to their songs, I thought they were like poetry, so I valued that opinion. There’s also a quote from a character in “Nashville” who says “It just always amazed me, when you’re trying to create an image, the difference that a word makes. And the more specific you get with that image, the more universal it becomes.” That made so much sense to me. So I always try to write the experiences of my characters and their reactions to it as specific to them and the world I’ve put them in. Read more>>

Danielle Simone | Photographer, Painter & Illustrator

My favorite quote of all time is from a painter named Alice Neel, and it perfectly encompasses how I feel like my career as an artist came to fruition. “If you’re tenacious and interested, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish in this world.” When I was enrolled in Painting, Drawing and Photography programs initially at the Peck School of the Arts, I often looked back at this quote for endurance. For the longest time, I thought I’d finish my undergraduate and graduate degree in these programs and eventually teach in the visual arts at college level. I didn’t have someone paying for my education, so I was very strict during my years of study, and took on many photography and visual art projects on my own outside of my studies throughout the years to fund my classes and life as a student, and eventually those outside projects became what I ended up doing for my full-time job. I’m a true believer that if you are dedicated, curious and passionate about something, you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. Read more>>

Alex Hall | Director & Photographer

“I will not make anymore boring art.” It’s probably the only quote that has really resonated with me personally; so much that I have it tattooed on my forearm. It’s by conceptual artist John Baldessari and I think that it has such a simple, strong message. No artist wants to make “boring art” but what does that even mean? So many people have their own opinions on what makes art cool but I think the most important opinion is your own. If you can make something, whether it be a song or movie or painting, and YOU think that it’s cool then I think you’ve won the first and most important battle. If you don’t believe you’re doing something special neither will the audience. Read more>>

Shanay Morant | Musical Artist

I recently watched a documentary on netflix about a film based on an iconic female singer from the 20’s. Although to her this wasn’t a quote but it was definitely something she lived by. “If you don’t play by your own rules, then you lose.” That one statement affected me in a lot of different ways. I started to see life in a different perspective. Not being afraid to make the next day what I wanted it to be. Life became something I wanted to creatively explore and not just live. I became open and vulnerable. Doing so helped me a lot with my art. You guys will definitely get a taste of this with my new single “Cream & Suga” (with the amazing “Veetchy”) dropping in a few weeks. Until then keep listening to “Let Loose ft. Shanay Morant”. Read more>>

Sherri Harvey | Eco Storyteller, Photographer, Writer, Educator

The choices I make, as an educator, as a photographer and as a student of the world shapes every decision I make. I want my photos to testify to the very fact of BEING ALIVE. I had the good fortune to witness feral animals Kruger National Park via horseback safari in 2016 with a company called Wait A Little, and that trip changed me. The grace and ferocity of the South African landscape called forth a guttural, lifelong calling to tell the stories of the voiceless any way that I could. Seeing the shining tusks of elephants and the blunt horns of rhinos, talking with the docents and land managers of Kruger and witnessing the wide-open space they call home instilled in me a longing to give a voice to the voiceless. Since this trip, advocacy has become a priority. I live in service to the animals. I long for my next adventure. I await the opportunity of new lands and native people with which to view this blessed planet. Read more>>

Nieema Peyrefitte | Author and Entrepreneur

My favorite quote is a verse from the bible, “Be still and know that I am God:” Psalm 46:10. I find it very difficult to just “be still”, in a literal sense. As a wife, mom, oldest sibling, educator, and entrepreneur, I feel like I am always “on” and my brain becomes inundated with ideas, to-do lists, etc., and multi-tasking becomes like a bad juggling act! This verse always reminds me to slow down (literally) and align (spiritually) and refocus on the One who is in control. Read more>>

Lawrence Carroll | Business Publicist & Author

My favorite quote or affirmation is “Everything in life is temporary”, it’s my own version of “this too shall pass” and helps me look at all situations without feeling like they’re permanent or will last forever, whether they be good or bad. “Everything in life is temporary” allows me to pause for a bit, evaluate the situation I’m applying the affirmation to, weigh the pros and cons, determine solutions or plans of action for any problems, and think positively as I move forward knowing that change will inevitably happen. Read more>>

Rian Cult | Artist, Songwriter, Producer

“We create the reality that we want” is such a deep yet simple quote that I try to remember everyday. To me it simply means that all the power is in our hands and we have to choose what to do with it, if we want to be happy, we have to make it happen, if we want to be sad, we have to do it ourselves, and all the things around us are just an interpretation of how we choose to see the world. Of course there are things around us that happen and we can’t change them or we can’t fight them but we can always choose how we react to them and how we let them affect us on the long run. Read more>>

Miss Reds | Graffiti Artist

Absolutely, it’s a motto I live by and frequently say … “Graffiti has no gender”. Being that I am a woman in a male dominated scene, and I’ve been able to master the craft, I constantly get “compliments” like – “wow you’re pretty good for a girl”. How about let’s try, I’m good because I’m good.. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today to have my name and work recognized in the scene. Ones talent shouldn’t be based on gender. Read more>>