One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Latifah & Tami Al-Hazza | Femscape Sojourns Founders / Latifah: Travel Journalist

Women are the primary caretakers in most, if not every, country in the world. They routinely face insurmountable challenges, oftentimes alone, to working and raising their family. In many third world countries, females do not have a voice in society. Read more>>

Nancy Davidson | Executive Director, The Foundation for Living Beauty

The Foundation for Living Beauty exists to educate, uplift and empower women with cancer. When women are going through cancer treatment, their needs are significant, but as women, we put everyone and everything else before our own self care. Read more>>

Joshua McCall | Creator & Community Leader

My company BRIQ. known as the movement Being Real Is Quality. has two separate entities. First, BRIQ. Merch, which is my clothing brand, and sole investor behind all non-profit projects we do. Lastly, BRIQ. Community, which is the non-profit behind all Community Drives that my company Host. Read more>>

Sharon Rubinstein-Litwak | Mom & Executive Director of The Oscar Litwak Foundation

The Oscar Litwak Foundation was created in efforts to impact the lives of hospitalized children. From personal experience while taking care of my son while he spent time in the hospital setting, I learned that while the doctors and nurses do an incredible job at taking care of the medical needs of children, attention on a child’s emotional needs were lacking in the unfamiliar and scary hospital rooms. Read more>>

noemi cruciani | Singer-Songwriter & Designer

MUSES is a STORYTELLER that collects stories of contemporary Women from different parts of the World, bringing positive and empowering messages to the world, and sets them to MUSIC. Our purpose is to leave remarkable tracks of these stories for the future generations to be inspired by them. Read more>>

Alex di Suvero | Photographer/Director/DP

Initially as a young photographer based in Asia for 10 years, I believed my work was perhaps helpful to the world in a few ways. I travelled to the most remote corners of civilization in central asia and remote China, and published stories in magazines reporting back an awareness of ancient humanity. Read more>>

Jenny Garcia | Licensed Acupuncturist

One of the guiding values of my work is to have a positive social impact which can occur in the one on one healthcare I provide to my patients and also in the larger scale projects I coordinate and organize. In itself, the holistic healthcare I provide to patients through Traditional Chinese Medicine helps to relieve individual suffering, which can have larger impacts on families and communities. Read more>>

Miriam Epstein | Owner/Founder/Entrepreneur

As an educational company we view everything we do with boldness and sense of purpose to bring about change. While our students may not realize it while they are making daily progress within the immersion environment, the long-term impact for their social and intellectual development will be far-reaching. Read more>>

Jen Smith | Skateboard Store Manager

Our business helps the community and the world in a few ways. For one, we are an establishment and we have had our doors open for 28 years. At this point we have dads and moms who shopped with us as kids and young teenagers back in the 90’s bringing their kids into the shop to buy them their first skateboards. Read more>>

April Trettel | Photographer & Doula

I love this question, as being a helping profession is something that always been of value to me. Both aspects of my business, being a doula and being a photographer, are so important in helping the birthing people of our community. Read more>>

Jordan Grahm | Transformation Specialist

Social impact is one of the things that I think is the coolest about the work I do as a health and wellness professional. As a nutrition coach and transformation specialist, I help folks take control of their health and therefore of their lives.
When I was able to undergo my own transformation and lose over 200 pounds as well as make a complete 180 with my life trajectory, it felt so good that I knew I had to share the feeling with others. Read more>>

Celina Jacques | Artist, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

When I was very young my mom went to the hospital. I made her a glittery welcome home sign and cried my first tears of joy the night she returned. I was always an artist so you can imagine my awe when she had these ceramic figures for us to paint together in our kitchen. Read more>>

Emily Dowe | Emily Dowe | Cosmetic Facial Injector

Covid-19 inspired me to offer some of my services as concierge. I now offer Botox and chemical peel house calls. People love the comfort and convenience of these services from their homes. The same Covid safety precautions are in place as they would be in the office, only people don’t have to worry about getting in their cars and dealing with traffic and there are no waiting rooms. Read more>>

Rochelle Stern | Founder & Bladder Health Advocate

West Coast Mint was created to help people recover from and prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) as well as heal from Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Health experts say that 1 in 2 women will experience a UTI in their lifetime, and once you get a UTI you are more likely to get repeat infections. Men can also be affected by this common health issue. Read more>>

Josh C. Kline | 3X Startup Founder and Emmy-Winning Technologist

have|need is the first multiparty consumer barter platform for goods and services. We help people by empowering them to acquire goods and services by using their own goods and services. By creating barter loops of up to 5 people each, we create barter options for people that were not previously possible. Read more>>

Patricia Cosulich | Social Innovator, Creative, and Playwright

My play, The Great Imitator, includes a blend of realism and imaginative departures from reality. So far readthrough audiences have loved “The Pathogen,” a personified Lyme spirochete with a satirical wit. This still amazes me because of how weird it sounds, even as the writer. Read more>>

Mike Acuna | President & Publisher

Second Home assists families through one of the most challenging decisions faced as they get older: who do I hire to help my loved one or where do I move my loved one when home is not an option anymore? Read more>>

Brenda Chi | Illustrator and business owner : BCHI LA

I can only hope that my artwork inspires other Asian Americans to raise their voice and be vulnerable. I think a lot of Asian Americans are used to internally dealing with our community issues, and it’s 2021; it’s time to let it out. It is our time to celebrate who we are, and we’re all “American enough” and “Asian enough”. Read more>>

Lina Cordero | Creative Director at Onlychild Design

We created a show in partnership with Adobe where we offer free design services to small businesses or entrepreneurs that have been affected by Covid-19. Right after the pandemic hit, I realize the need that many people and businesses had to reinvent themselves and pivot to stay relevant in a crazy economy, and a lot of these people had branding and design needs that they couldn’t afford. Read more>>

Francesca Bifulco | Visual Artist

As artists we tend to feel things very strongly and when we are confronted with circumstances like social issues, isolation, loss and pain, we dive right in as it’s our way to cope, to understand, to make sense of it or to subvert it. At some point the work is born into the world and starts a conversation with its audience and that very conversation is the important part. Read more>>

Nakeyta Moore | Independent Art Curator and Performance Artist

My work revolves around providing platforms for BIPOC visual and performance artists to express their journeys and speak their truths. I guess you could say, my work is about getting at the truth and uncovering histories of communities often suppressed and/or under represented. Read more>>

Marshal Peratla | (He/Him/His) Secretary of the Board, SCV LGBTQ Center

The SCV LGBTQ Center plans to be a resource hub for LGBTQ persons and their allies. We are currently networking with local businesses and organizations to help serve the city of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. We plan to house meeting rooms for organizations such as PFLAG, and QueerSCV. We also aim to allow the community to reserve rooms to hold AA meetings, meet up groups, and anything else the fits community needs. Read more>>

Patrina Haupt | CEO & Founder of Natural Hair Queen

Natural Hair Queen provides a community of African American women who wear their hair natural. Our goal is to speak openly and freely about our hair concerns and struggles. In addition, the goal of Natural Hair Queen is to help educate women on the importance of learning about the ingredients in hair care products, as most are harmful. Read more>>

Beth Killough | Leadership Coach, Psychotherapist, Cowgirl

Through my company, The Circle Up Experience, I train individuals and groups to listen, speak, feel, relate, and lead with through the Natural Leadership model based on our basic human nature and our essential human needs. Read more>>

Richard Turrentine | Chief Executive Officer

Our unique two sided socially focused streaming experience allows streamers to stream and connect with their favorite indie filmmakers and indie filmmakers to showcase their work. Read more>>

Hallie Harris | Business owner Pinxav Diaper Cream

My business Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream, ( pink salve ) ,was developed to help the community from its inception. The Pinxav formula was created in 1927 by my grandfather , Milford j Harris , while he was in Pharmacy School . He set out to help friends neighbors and his own son who suffered from rashes . Read more>>

Christopher Mack | Author and Motivational Speaker

Our work creates a space for individuals to explore what is holding them back from becoming their best version of themselves. We create a safe space for processing old wounds and traumas, thereby freeing individuals to become more authentic and free. This work restores dignity and self-confidence within their expression of life. Read more>>

Nora Harris | Yoga Teacher

I’ve created an accessible online space for community, which we are all so deeply lacking in this time. And through the practice of yoga, we create space to observe ourselves, notice our patterns, unravel them with intention, and promote healthy habits for body and mind. This is the practice that keeps us present, and this is how we persevere through challenging times. Read more>>

Sara Melson | Musician and Music Teacher

It is my great joy to ignite a passion for music in both kids and adults, most of whom are learning to play an instrument for the first time, who are finding their own voice, and experiencing the joy of creating in the musical realm. To share this unfolding with my students vicariously is thrilling. I also work on a sliding scale, so that no one is turned away. Read more>>

Jayla Asare | Brunch Connoisseur & Medical Professional

My main goal in life is to impact my community and the world at large in the most positive way I can. When I first started The Bougie Brunch Girl (my Instagram page and website), I did it to provide resources for people while also exploring restaurants for fun. Read more>>

Gregory K Brannon II | Videographer/Editor

My social impact and community service revolve around using film to facilitate real-world social change by bringing unheard stories to life. About two years ago, I started working on a documentary that deals with the history of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). Because SCD is the most common genetic disorder among African Americans, I see this documentary as contributing to larger debates about race and health care in America. Read more>>

Casha Doemland | Prop Stylist/Set Designer, Writer & Creator of Allies of Mother Earth

Allies of Mother Earth is a local organization dedicated to showing some much-needed love to the planet via hosting cleanups around the city of Los Angeles, fostering a community around eco-conscious living, and creating a platform to share eco-tips and tricks, news, and interviews. Read more>>

Lisa Santine | Self Empowerment Coach, Intuitive, and Astrologer as well as Architect and Interior Designer

I have always felt energy. When the energy of the collective in in a lower vibrational state, it send out signals to all of us. I have suffered some difficult traumas in my life. It was thought the changing of my mindset that I was able to shift and transmute my suffering into something positive. Read more>>

Rob Rowe Rowe | Account Executive in Real Estate Finance

We provide real estate financing to people who fall outside of conventional lending criteria for a variety of reasons: Self employment with too many write offs, a complex financial picture that banks might not under stand, undocumented immigration status, recent credit challenges, or being a foreign national or resident alien. Read more>>

Betsy LeFae | Award-Winning Psychic & Intuition Teacher

Imagine if everyone in the world trusted their inner voice or intuition… If this were so we all agree that the world’s politics and economy would look wildly different, families and children would have so much more, and our environment would be in an entirely different (healthy) place! If I can help just one more person learn that TRUST COMES FROM WITHIN, then I’ve done my job! Read more>>

Victoire Loup | Food critic, culinary consultant and cookbook author

During the Covid-19 lockdown I found myself in France, stuck in a house with nothing to do except read novels and bake sourdough bread. All my clients and restaurant projects (I was on the verge of opening a kebab restaurant with Michelin-starred chef Ludo Lefebvre) were on hold, and there was nothing I could do to help them from afar. Read more>>

Eva Zolotova | Personal trainer & Nutritionist

As a personal trainer, I teach people how to live a healthier and happier life. I educate my students about nutrition. How to make the right food choices and how to overcome destructive food addictions. With my exercise program, I show my clients their potential. Read more>>

Brittany Murlas | Founder/CEO

Of children’s books published each year, just 31% have female central characters, and in the last 5 years only 13% feature a person of color. Millennial parents desperately want to diversify their bookshelves, but Amazon makes it hard to discover diverse, off-the-beaten-track titles. When asked to explain the lack of diverse books available, book publishers cite “low demand.” Read more>>

Kirschen Katz | Celebrity Yoga Instructor

Social Impact: How does your business help the community or the world. This is yoga: I walk through my clients door and sense her agitation, thoughts are swirling, energy is off, bad night of sleep. We head to our mats and start with a few rounds of pranayama (breath work) and by round ten, calmness takes over and her body softens. Read more>>

Hari Simran Khalsa | Ayurvedic practitioner, health coach and yoga & meditation teacher.

The services I provide through my business (HariSimran Ayurveda) offer the community holistic healthcare which includes Ayurvedic coaching and counseling, yoga and meditation as well as pre and postpartum care. I have been seeing clients of all ages and from all different backgrounds for over 10 years. Read more>>

Elaine Cartas | Business & Career Coach For Women of All Colors

My business, Elaine Lou, LLC, is a Business and Career Coaching Business for women of all colors. In the past 3 years, my team and I have served 250+ clients to empower them to receive multi-six figure salaries to building empires that range from getting their first clients to multi-six to 7-figures! Not only are my clients helping women of color to create a business, but to also create legacies that will last for generations. Read more>>

Jill Magoffin | Certified Doula, Newborn Specialist and New Parent Educator

My position as a Birth /Postpartum Doula and Newborn Specialist supports families that are entering into the world of parenthood. Parenting can be very overwhelming, especially with social media and the false sense of perfection it can portray. I work closely with new families to help ensure they feel empowered and comfortable in their new journeys! Read more>>

Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter | Founder and CEO The Art Box Academy

The Art Box Academy is truly dedicated to ensuring children develop Life Essential Skills through their Art Lesson Bundles and Art and Activity Boxes. To navigate in today’s world, children must build Creative Resilience, must develop and strengthen Critical Thinking, must develop Complex Problem Skill Sets and must build develop a strong sense of Self-Esteem. Read more>>